Tell FootLocker experience on to win 10% Discount

Visit to take Foot Locker customer satisfaction survey and get 10% discount on your next purchase at Foot Locker.

Have you recently visited a Foot Locker EU Store? If your answer is yes, then Foot Locker is curious to know how was your experience and what do you think about their products or services. Your candid feedback and suggestions can help them improve and serve you better next time. So, go to and answer a few simple questions related to your shopping experience at the store. Upon completing the survey, you’ll get a validation code, which can be used to get 10% off your next purchase in one of Foot Locker stores.

Tell FootLocker experience on to win 10% Discount


  • Only one validation code can be redeemed per purchase
  • To be eligible for the 10% discount offer, the minimum amount of purchase on the transaction that led to the survey should be €50 (£35)

How to participate in Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Visit the survey page: Continue reading Online Secure Cloud Storage of your Photos

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Qdoba listens in guest satisfaction survey Sweeps @

Get validation code to redeem at Qdoba by submitting your honest opinion and suggestions in “Qdoba listens customer satisfaction survey” at

Various regional recipes have their unique test and distinct art of making, which makes them special. Few fine cuisine restaurants never fail to offer authentic taste of each regional dish. Qdoba is one the finest cuisine where you can satisfy your taste buds with delicious Mexican dishes. To improve their current cuisine services and to offer delightful Mexican experience to customers, Qdoba is welcoming their customers into the Qdoba listens customer satisfaction survey. Qdoba listens in guest satisfaction survey Sweeps

About Qdoba Mexican restaurant:

Qdoba is a culinary chain of Mexican-style eateries in the United States and Canada. It offers various traditional Mexican cuisines to their customer with standard customer services in their era. They offer Burritos, Tacos, Taco salad, Tortilla soup, Gumbo, Quesadillas, Nachos, and more Mexican dishes. Continue reading – Simplify Home buying process

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Are you overcharged for premium SMS (text message) services? Then file claim in T-mobile refund program on for get your refund. 

Six months before, T-mobile announced that the company would be cracking down on so-called ‘premium’ SMS services provided by third parties. These service provided SMS alerts on topics of interest like horoscopes, sports scores and weather, which are completely unnecessary in the modern day, and unwanted. That’s why, T-mobile has applied refund program to proactively reach out to former and current T-mobile consumers who may have incurred illegal charges for third party premium SMS (text message) services and give them a chance to request a refund for any unauthorized charges. If you paid for illegal premium text message services on your T-mobile account that you did not sign up for, then you are eligible to take the advantage of this voluntary program. Your refund amount is based on the amount of illegal Premium Text Message charges.

T-Mobile Premium SMS refund Program

Premium SMS services are text messaging program offered by third-party companies. These services included monthly payment to service that send SMS of sports scores, weather information, horoscopes or jokes. Some charges for these text messaging services were supposedly unlawful by consumers. Premium SMS service is active on consumer account when they responded to a short code or entered their phone number at a company’s website. T-mobile has stopped the Premium SMS Text Message services at the end of 2013, although many customers charged for these services until February 2014. So that covering up mistake, t-mobile has announced the Premium Services Refund Program that runs from July to September.

Who’s eligible?

All current and former T-mobile customers who overcharged of premium text message service can take a part in the T-mobile premium service refund program.

Note: If you charged for charitable contributions, campaign donations, and inmates’ collect calls are, then you are not eligible to apply.

Continue reading

Best Websites to Save Money Online and Live in Low Budget

If you are always trying to find different ways to save money wherever you can, then take a look at top websites that can help you save real money online.

With rising prices and stagnant salaries, balancing the family budget has become difficult, no matter what our income is. So, it’s always a good idea to save little money wherever you can. The internet is like a boon for us when it comes to saving money. It helps you get the most from your money by allowing you to explore latest deals, cash-back offers, find discounted used products, compare prices, earn money, etc. The next time you get online, just make sure that you visit these following money saving websites to save your hard-earned money and live in low budget.

websites to save money

10 Incredible Websites to Save Money Online

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most famous GPT website serving $10,000,000 members. The website lets you to earn virtual money called Swag Bucks for performing various activities such as watching videos, shopping online, participating in market research, completing tasks, participating in polls & surveys, and playing games. Once you earn enough Bucks, you can exchange them for real money via PayPal or redeem for gift cards to the world’s online and offline retailers. Continue reading

Free Jamba Juice Giveaway on 6th August 9 to 11 a.m.

Get your healthy start for absolutely free on this Wednesday! On 6th August, Jamba juice offers Free Juice Giveaway for introducing freshly squeezed juices with new flavors, tastes and full of health across the nation! So, just refresh your morning!

In today’s eat-on-the-run lifestyle, juicing is the perfect way to get a radiant, energetic life, and really finest health. Juicing helps you get all the goodness of the product like minerals, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, etc. in a condensed form. For ex., you can’t consume a pound of carrots at a single meal even though it is major source of calcium and protein, but Juicing concentrates these ten carrots into a single glass of easy to drink juice. Also by combining 2 or 3 items together, it becomes the tastier one also easily digestible. Make sure that bottled juice has been pasteurized, so less beneficial compared to the fresh one. But frankly speaking, many of us have no time for all these hassles in this running life. Wait, try Jamba Juice, it is the leading retailer of freshly squeezed juice and smoothies. And on 6th August, it hosts Free Juice Giveaway nationwide as a big sampling event to let customers know about its new juice platform with more flavors and more tastes. So don’t miss your fresh ’n’ free sip of health on this Wednesday!

Free Jamba Juice Giveaway

On this Wednesday, 6th August, 2014; Free Juice Giveaway from Jamba Juice will be held between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. During it, consumers will get free samples of its recently-launched made-to-order juices blended with full foods. For free juice, consumers have to visit any of the participating Jamba locations across the nation. You may glad to know that Jamba has recently cited availability of the product in more than 500 of its stores. Continue reading A Platform for Citizen Participant in Government

Join, it helps connect public with government to contribute towards good governance by allowing citizens to share valuable ideas and views on important government issues or to work as volunteer on the ground.

Narendra Modi was thrice elected as chief minister of Gujarat, and on 16th May, 2014, he was elected as India’s new prime minister. In this year’s elections, social media and the Internet technology played a big role also you can call it India’s most digitally connected election. All credit goes to Shri Narendra Modi…he has advocated e-governance in the working of his government. He is the first Indian leader, who started election selfie trend and addresses public gatherings by virtual 3D rallies. By facilitating from SWAGAT and ICT initiatives of Gujarat CM’s office to online voting system, he has broken new grounds for taking technology in his working and thereby represents the BJP as a progressive and technocratic party that can lead India into the 21st century. Modi firmly believes that website is significant medium of direct communication between the government and public. Recently on the completion of his 60 days of the new government, the PM launched a website MyGov to help citizens contribute in governance by sharing opinions and views on major govt. issues. Know in details how he tries to build Great Governance with citizen partnership? Platform to connect citizens with government

Narendra Modi, himself, is an avid tweeter with two accounts – @narendramodi, a personal one with 4.8 million followers and @PMOIndia for prime minister with 1.61 million followers in less than a month ever since he became PM. Even about 90% of his ministry is already on social networking and asked to have a quite strong following and engagement level on Twitter and Facebook. He uses social media to deliver his words instantly to the people. Now with, he makes use of technology to connect with citizens to contribute in governance. Continue reading Review: Get Paid to View ads and doing Micro Tasks

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Joining new site is not recommended at all, but you can trust Fusebux, as payment proofs are available on their website. No need to invest any money to get started, only do simple and free registration. Even here are no restrictions for registration; as any people across the world can join as a member for free. It is easy to get started on; you have to register first for your FREE account. Afterwards, just do your log-in and click on ‘View Advertisements’…that’s it. One thing for sure is that only one account per computer is allowed to view advertisements. Continue reading