Get Financial Federal Aid for Education

Whether you need financial help to pay for college or career school, Federal Student Aid ( can assist you with getting the money you require.

A part of the U.S. Department of Education – Federal Student Aid (FSA) gives financial aid in the form of grants, loans, and work-study funds to students attending college or career school. Federal Student Aid is responsible for developing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and processing just about 22 million FAFSA submissions every year, the basic qualifying form used for all federal student aid distribution programs, plus for various states, regional, and private student aid programs. Moreover, Federal Student Aid is also responsible for directly managing or overseeing an outstanding federal student loan portfolio, and managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

Federal student aid

The office of Federal Student Aid gives over $150 billion in grants, loans and work-study funds to over 15 million students paying for college or career school. Furthermore, their 1,200 employees help to make college education achievable for every dedicated mind. Besides assistance from the U.S. Department of Education, the federal government provides many financial aid programs including tax benefits for education, an Education Award for community service with AmeriCorps, Educational and Training Vouchers for current and previous foster care youth, support for serving in the military or for being the spouse or child of a veteran, and scholarships and loan repayment through the Department of Health and Human Services’ Indian Health Service, National Institutes of Health, and National Health Service Corps. Continue reading

411.Ca: Local Search Engine of Canada for Business and People Search

No need to access Canadian phone directory to search contact details of business and people, visit 411.Ca, where you can search Canadian people and business.

Sometimes in life, we all miss our old friends, relative, colleagues with whom we have spent time and enjoyed lot and now they are not in touch with us. Maybe, you have also tried several online or offline ways to reconnect with them. If you and your friends, family, relatives live in Canada, then you can search the contact detail of them online at 411.Ca. Not only people, here you can also search business too just by entering business name, city or category. This site makes it easier than ever to search friends and family, browse celebrities, business, by simply discovering a name, address, email, phone or username. It is number one platform to search Canadian people online as well as add business detail for easy search.

Find business and people online

411. Ca has established in 1999 to assist Canadians discover people and local business. Every year, more than 20 million visitors discovered a person or business online. With its savvy search box, candid reviews and reverse look-up features, it has become fastest and easiest way to search neighborhood. It is one of the fastest growing online communities in Canada. It is completely online company, stand with 150 employees and 20,000 advertisers. . Along with search engine, it welcomes business owner to advertise their product and add business online. Continue reading A Social Network to Share and give meal Ideas

Mybusymeal is a real-life social network for professionals, which connects entrepreneurs and professionals and lets them to share ideas, experience and projects over a meal.

Food and business are two inseparable words. Meal is considered as the perfect time to achieve business projects. Many entrepreneurs and businessmen choose to have lunch or dinner together for exchanging business ideas and projects. There is a social network named designed to connect entrepreneurs and professionals to share ideas over a meal. It helps you take your business from the virtual to the reality.

Mybusymeal for professionals

MyBusyMeal, a real social network for professionals, is founded by two French brothers: Fabien and Sébastien Carraro in January, 2014. It is the first and the only professional social dining network. It has neat, easy and user-friendly web interface without any advertisement. This service can be used on PCs, tablets and even on smartphones. The site is available in five different languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. It features a built-in geolocation system. Continue reading

How to Make IRS Tax Payments Online & Access Pay History?

Making an IRS tax payment online is very easy and fast at IRS offers different electronic payment options, so follow whichever is most convenient for you.

Rent, Tuition, Taxes, Insurance, Utilities… there are many bills to pay, which becomes hard to remember due to hectic schedule. Figuring out expected tax to pay is the hard part. Once you find out income tax return at the end of the year, you may view a balance owed to the IRS. In this scenario, you should know how to make IRS payments. In case you don’t make payments to the federal government or at least arrange to pay, then your money will be taken by IRS in some way. It is necessary for you to pay the IRS what you owe in order to stay away from garnishing your paychecks or holding your refunds in the future. IRS provides a range of payment options for paying federal taxes and user fees, and some options are free too. The entire process of making IRS Tax payments online at is secure and convenient. You can also access Payment History, in which see your full history for My Account for easy confirmation and reference.

pay taxes online

Different ways to pay IRS tax for Individuals and Businesses:

Debit or credit card

Pay with your card through a payment processing company. The IRS uses standard service providers and business/commercial card networks, and your details are only used to process your payment. In this section, you get the list of service providers, their contact details, and convenience fees. You have to give a processing fee (which may be tax deductible) to payment processor. All service providers will charge different fees. For example, (Link2GovCorporation) – $2.79 debit card flat fee and 2.35% credit card fee. Call 888-729-1040 for Payment and 888-658-5465 for Service. (Official Payments Corporation) – $3.95 card flat fee and 2.35% credit card fee. Call 888-872-9829 for Payment, 877-754-4420 for Live Operator and 877-754-4413 for Service. Continue reading

Walmart Savings Catcher: Guaranteed Save on Your shopping

No need to access the stores ads or search for stores for best price products, because Wal-Mart has come to the market with new online Savings Catcher tool, where you can compare the price of your purchased Wal-Mart products and receive difference if it is lower.

These days, many people save hundreds of pounds a year on everything just by comparing prices or doing online shopping. On the other hand, many consumers prefer gift cards, flyers, discount offers, etc. to save maximum money on shopping. However, both ways are too much time consuming, because for it they have to collect price data of specific goods or services from different retail or online stores. But now you don’t need to do the comparison-shopping to get benefits of low-price guarantee, because Wal-Mart comes with savings catcher tool wherein you can compare prices of brand-name food items and household products that you have purchased for Wal-Mart stores with other rival stores like Harris Teeter, Kmart, CVS, Dollar Tree, Target and Walgreens, among others. If the rival store is offering products at lower price than you just paid, then you will get the difference from Wal-Mart. It is one of the best and easiest ways to save money on shopping.

walmart saving catcher

Walmart saving catcher: Check for the lowest price guaranty of WalMart

Wal-Mart Savings Catcher is a new online tool, which helps shoppers save money and time in their quest to save on everyday items. To use this online tool, you have to buy all eligible items from Walmart store near you and compare the prices of those same items with local competitors. If the prices of items are found lower, the difference will be credited to your account which can be used immediately or accumulated over time. Wal-Mart is the first traditional retailer to offer this type of savings plan, and if it will become successful, then other retailers may follow it. Wal-Mart does not offer this program only for consumers saving, but also for increasing their selling; because to get benefits of guaranteed savings, customers must buy products from Wal-Mart stores. As a result, selling ratio will automatically increase. Continue reading

How to Hold USPS Mail on Vacation?

Do not worry about your important mails while you go on vacation as you can hold your mail’s delivery for 30 days by using “hold mails” service at

Mail service was considered earlier as major way of transferring vital papers, documents with safety and security. The emerging world of electronic methods of transferring important documents has taken over mail service. But still mail service is primary way to send hardcopies of agreements or loan papers or other vital documents of bank and government departments. So, when you have to go on long business or vacation trip, make sure that your important mailed documents don’t go to any random person. To resolve this problem, United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a service to hold your mails while you go on vacation. If you are not aware of “mail hold on” facility of USPS, then go through the article to find out all the details about how to hold your USPS mail delivery.

line of mail boxes

USPS allows you to hold your mails for minimum 3 days, but not more than 30 days. USPS mail service gives you option to hold your all mails at regional office, and you can collect them once you come back from your trip. It is reliable and easy method to make sure that your mails don’t come to you in misplaced or scratched condition from your mail box when you come back to your home. There are mainly two methods to hold your mail by applying in person or online. Continue reading – Foreign products brought to you by travellers

International stuff at low prices sounds odd, but possible at, wherein you can now purchase those stuffs and products that are not available in your own country at the lowest prices.

Craze of international stuffs is more than domestic stuffs, but everyone can’t fulfill this desire because of high price. How you feel when we say you purchase international stuff at low prices? First, you may not believe in it, but it’s 100% true. is the first international crowd-shopping platform where you can purchase those products and stuffs that are not available in your own country. No need to worry about stuff price, because everything available at very affordable price. It connects travelers, buyers and latest crazes from around the world. As well, you don’t need to worry about too much delivery cost and risk of breakage because your purchase is brought to you by WorldCraze travelers.

enjoying shopping at worldcraze

No matter, whether you live in India, United States, Moscow or San Francisco, because here anyone can do shopping through all over the world. At this online platform, you can buy brand new product in shop of your choice and obtain a bonus on delivery. It connects buyers in touch with people, who are planning or preparing to go on trip and agreed to pay for conveyors. It’s a really good place to purchase overseas products with security. Now, you don’t need to wait for ordering cheese, jeans and latest Smartphone, because WorldCraze delivers products on time. Continue reading

Join American Standard’s Flush for Good Campaign to donate Sanitary Toilet

Donate toilet may sound odd…but American standard is donating a sanitary toilet pan to increase awareness of how plumbers protect the health of the world. Also, you can join Flush for Good Campaign to donate more Sanitary Toilet to BRAC USA and WaterAid.

Cleaning a toilet is a task that often gets postponed, but keeping toilet clean is essential for health. Toilet must be kept clean and gem-free with no scope for bacterial/microbe growth. Flush for Good is the powerful champion of American Standard, which is intended to increase awareness of the global water hygiene calamity and to stimulate action that protects the health of all people throughout well-engineered plumbing solutions. It is a new sanitary toilet pan, especially created to solve health emergency where plumbing infrastructure doesn’t exist., herein, you can join American Standard’s Flush for good campaign just by purchasing American standard champion toilet. For every champion toilet sell in the US and Canada, American Standard donates one sanitary toilet pan to BRAC USA and WaterAid. So now, you can also help them to donate maximum number of toilets to unit, and save many lives.

American standard is donating a sanitary toilet pan to increase awareness of how plumbers protect the health of the world

American Standard Flushes for Good Campaign to donate Sanitary Toilet

In the last 80 year, plumbing technology has extended unbelievably; today 83% of people surveyed that plumbing system in their home is vital to their family’s health and safety. American standard started a campaign to raise awareness of the plumber’s essential contribution to public safety and health before 80 years ago. We enjoy the service of plumbers and pipefitters, product developers and engineers, it’s easy for us to simply flush and forget. Sanitary Toilet is really best option to simply flush and forget.

Do you know? Every day, more than 2000 children die around the world due to dirty water and lack of proper sanitation. In 2013, American standard have donated one of their specially designed sanitary toilet pans for distribution in a developing country. These pans help save thousands of lives. A small plastic sanitary toilet pan is intended to be connected to a simple latrine pit offers a tight seal to exclude flies and avoid dangerous cross-contamination. These sanitary toilet pans are very affordable, easy to use and maintain. And now, American standard is inviting people to buy its champion toilet and donate maximum number of Sanitary Toilet to BRAC USA and WaterAid. Continue reading

DORMCHAT for college students – Chat with students within 1 mile

College students living in dorm room can chat with other students within 1 mile by signing up for DormChat app for free. For most students, living in a college dorm room is completely new experience.

Students find themselves surrounded by people whom they have never met before in their life, including one who is going to share a room with them. So, they may feel uncomfortable. Now, the students can connect with strangers within 1-mile radius using DormChat app and find out what’s going on around them. Any student can take advantage of DormChat app for free of cost.

Dormchat app

DormChat app
is created and designed by a Penn State alumnus for students. The app is free and easy to use. It has user-friendly web interface. It lets you to chat with other registered DormChat users and stay in touch with them. There are Unlimited Chatrooms for you to chat. You can participate in ongoing conversations or start a new one. This local chatroom automatically adjusts to your new location when you move. The best thing is that it never reveals your location. Continue reading Learn to Invest Safely in Stock Market

Invest risk-free in Stock Market with It helps you learn and practice how to trade in real stocks using the fake money. What’s more, Wallstreetsurvivor courses, tutorial, and videos are available for complete finance guidance.

Saving is always better than spending money… but smart people think more practically, and put their money in work for them by investing money in the stock market. It is quite profitable…but risky. People get attracted with a long list of benefits for investing in stocks, however the only problem is they are not ready or you can say they can’t tackle unexpected financial risk. If so, would be your great place to start. It offers risk-free investments using fake cash, so you can learn how to invest without stress of actual financial risks. With best stock market simulator, it allows users to invest (fake) cash into real companies. By doing so, Wall Street Survivor makes you practice how to trade in stock investments without fear of losing real money. After all, Practice makes work perfect! Additionally, you are provided with wide range of investing and financial courses that cover all important topics of stock investing on Even, it offers so many instructional articles and videos to ease your understanding. So put your fear aside, just start learning with and ready to make your first trade!

Learn to Invest using fake money

Initially, Wall Street Survivor was a stock market game and soon became the biggest fantasy stock market simulator in the world. From its hundreds of thousands users, it came to know that users did not come to play but came to learn. Considering all complications of investing and poor financial education, Wall Street Survivor started the school of investing. Wall Street Survivor is designed in a new way to “spread financial literacy,” making stock investment world accessible to all. Continue reading