Check Indian Train Ticket PNR, Availability & Possibilities estimates your PNRs in seconds based on historical trends, and also helps you decide whether to book train ticket or not if the train is in waitlist.

Traveling through train is a preferable mode of transportation for middle and rich classes in India as they can buy tickets as per their budget and there are lots of train routes that touch almost every part of India. But what’s the major problem that many people have to face is that one has to book their train tickets in advance, otherwise they may not get the tickets at last moment of traveling due to lack of seat availability. So next time whenever you plan to book a train ticket, first visit as it is a train PNR predictor with great accuracy, where you can search trains, predict ticket confirmation chances, and subscribe for notifications.

Indian railway ticket booking helps you to predict the chances of getting confirmed train tickets in Indian Railway. is the leading train PNR predictor, which is backed by an exclusive and efficient algorithm for predicting your PNR. Furthermore at Confirmtkt, you can compare all the ticket confirmation chances for the trains on a single screen and decide on the travel alternatives. Continue reading Review: Get Paid to Listen and review Music

Earning money while listening and reviewing music sounds odd…but it has become possible through Musicxray. Here, music fans can get paid listen to new music from hot new artists and music artists can test their new tracks before release them to the public.

We all love music and enjoy it, on the way, at home, office, or anywhere for entertainment, to pass time, and even for therapeutic reasons. Music is a part of our everyday life that gives spirit to the universe, wing to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and fun to life and to everything. It is perfect way for people to express their feelings as well as make their imagination fly higher and bring joy to everything. Listening to Music makes you happier and reduces stress levels. But now music can earn you money too…For all music devotees, making money while listening to a couple of songs sounds too good to be true, but a fun website called helps you do exactly that. Here, you can get paid to listen to and review music of your favorite genres. As on this platform, both unknown and well-known artists put their music album and pay musicxray to get their new tracks tested out before they release them to the public. Music lovers can listen to all this new tracks and review it. This music service rewards you for listening to new music before it is officially released. So it’s a great platform for both one who love to music and starting new career in music industry.

A beautiful lady listening to Music and earning money

Musicxray is a best online platform for musicians to streamline, organize, and optimize their work and know more about talent, skill, and market appeal. Music Xray’s Fan Targeting campaigns guarantees potential fans that converts in to direct fans when they hear compelling music. After that artists learn which of their songs convert new fans rapidly and cost-effectively. It helps musician do three things- get deals, get fans and get better. Here, industry professionals discover high potential music & talent as well as opportunity –appropriate music & talent more quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately. Music fans do one thing only- discover latest music and talent targeted to their taste. Today’s music-business environment needs an artist to be more upbeat than ever. The site does the work of discovering the new talent, and helps to keep the music submissions organized, and under control. Continue reading

How to Earn with PTC Websites online?

Make strategy using various tips listed below and earn digital bucks faster to get rewards and gift cards from various legit Paid-To-Click websites.

A connecting thread between virtual world of internet and human being is “simple keyboard or mouse click!” People have discovered a new way to earn money from every click they perform on internet by inspiring a natural instinct of humans to find out one or other idea to earn money. Currently, many PTC websites are available on internet, which pays you for your activities. PTC sites are nothing but Paid-To-Click sites. You can earn money with each click on PTC website’s advertisement that ranges from $0.001 to $0.02 per click. People may not know how to earn money with various tricks on legit PTC websites. Check out various tips to earn money online through PTC sites and about various legit online earning sites.

Pay to click sites

How to make money with PTC sites?

(a) Usually, PTC sites offer you $0.02 for clicking on each advertisement. So, if you continue clicking on various advertisements for full one hour; you can only earn $1.20. One tip to get more earnings from PTC sites is passive method of referring. Send referrals to your 1000 friends and get directly $10 daily per one click on advertisement done by your friends.

(b) One another thing you should understand is that PTC sites actually do not want you to see ads completely; instead they need you to click on advertisements. If you have registered at various PTC sites, then open them in different tabs and click on ads of various site. It will reduce your time and increase your earnings.

(c) Moreover, if you are addicted to do shopping online, then do it from PTC site’s search engine. Whenever you will do shopping via PTC search engine, you will get rewarded in the form of digital money for each dollar you spend. So, this is one of the other important tips to earn more money. Don’t forget to make use of this online shopping feature of PTC sites.

(d) Don’t get attracted towards site who claims to offer $1 per click as they are most likely to be FAKE. Participating into the daily surveys that earns you 2-3 cent a day is one of the good options to earn more from PTC sites. Plus, whenever you register on any PTC site, find out each and every method that helps you to earn more money. Here are some of the legit PTC sites that will help you to earn more bucks. A newly launched site is only few months old, but it is highly paying site that pay you for your each click you make on their site. Referrals is key method to earn more bucks as golden membership gives double for your referrals compared to standard one. You have to pay $80 per year for golden membership. is highly recommended PTC site that help their users to earn money by clicking on ads, viewing videos, doing referrals, etc. You can earn up to $20 per day by doing various activities on Probux. It is free and legit PTC site to register. First time accessing earns you $1 by just clicking on first 3 referrals. You will get detailed information in email about earnings to make your strategy. 90 percent income you earn at 88bux will be passive. So, give more and more referrals to earn more. is owned by the same admin who operates It is a newly launched site, where you can earn with the same strategy that you apply on 88bux. By promoting site, you can earn from $0.75 to $7. It is best to promote this site and become a founding member for some more benefits in future also. offers you online earning by PTC method. You can also do online shopping and hundreds of referrals to lift up your earnings. It is totally free site to register. Videos, radio, games and surveys are main features to earn more money. is a legit PTC site that welcomes their first time users by giving chance to earn 200 zoombucks by just completing registration and activation process. Do shopping, share via social media, and complete daily tasks to earn more. Get paid for viewing Advertises

Fill up your pockets with just a little effort! Join Resbux for free and start earning money online just by viewing advertisements. Let’s review for Scam and legitimate.

None of us likes to see advertises every day without getting anything in return. But now internet is flooded with many Paid To Click sites, which gives an easy way to make money online that too without any investment. The list of PTC sites is big, but only few are genuine and paying their members, so it wholly depends on you to choose the right one. Almost all the PTC sites are free, and is one of them. At, you simply get paid for viewing advertises, so register now and start earning money! What’s the key to earn more cash on this PTC site is that you have to daily spend a few minutes in clicking ads in order to increase your earnings. scam or legit

Resbux is a free worldwide service that lets advertisers to present their advertisements on this site to reach potential customers, as well as to give members a profitable and sustainable earning opportunity. Resbux acts as a middleman between advertisers and consumers. Advertisers can share their ads socially around the web, while members get rewarded for viewing and sharing advertisements.

How it works?

Visit and register on the site to get started. Here, there are three ways offered to make money online. Continue reading

Top Useful Websites for Computer Science and Engineering Students

Make your visit at top self-learning websites to learn Computer Science and Engineering at your own pace…whenever you want!

Self-learning changes the way of education. Study from the comfort of your home, at your convenient time, and without travel cost … these are common benefits of Self-learning, but it is more than that. Self-learning programs allow learning without having a teacher present, at learner’s own pace. This forces students to become an independent thinker, also makes them learn to take responsibilities. Here are given some intrinsic rewards like students get good feeling inside that comes from a job well done. Best of all, students are able to tackle problems on their own that is real education. One thing for sure is that self-learning is unlimited, but not unstructured. On the internet, you will find so many websites that offer well-organized, systematic and certified self-study programs for subjects like art, science, maths, business, and more. You will also get excellent resources for learning computer science and engineering. Actually, here you can say that formal education is not enough for subjects like Computer Science and Engineering, which are highly based on technology that is continuously advancing. To get the best results, they also offer most advanced materials including lecture videos, PDF handouts, audio, web content, slides, notes, exams and software demos. As it is hard to pick up the best one, we have enlisted top and very useful websites that help students learn computer science and engineering at their own pace, also with touch of modern technology.

e-learning of Computer Science and Engineering

VideoLectures.NET (Computer Science)

Let’s start with the best and award-winning option, VideoLectures.NET. However being very proficient, it is free and open access educational video lectures store. Video lectures are always great for learning; but here what’s the best is that lectures are given by well-known scholars and scientists at the most important and famous events like conferences, summer schools, workshops and science promotional events from many fields of Science. Continue reading Check Price, Alternatives and ingredients of any medicine

Search and make online order of medicines at and check out price, compositions, and substitute generic drug details with one click.

Want to buy clothes? – visit online shopping sites; want to do bank work? – visit official online bank’s site; want to plan your vacation trip? – visit various travel trip planner sites; and want to get medicine’s price details, composition and substitute information as per your prescription? Visit “”. First time in India online Medicine search engine has been started that will give you all details regarding any medicine you want to know. is easy to search site where you can search generic medicines as well as order them to deliver in time period of 2 days. Go through the detailed review about Healthkartplus given below to order medicines. is a site to search and order drugs online

About is all-in-one search engine and hub to order medicines at one click. You can create your account for free to place your order of medicine. Healthkartplus offer simple method to do search for any medicine. Once you enter name of any medicine, they will show you related drug and salt names in result. You can also find out various medicines’ reaction with different ingredients. You can order as many medicines you want at by login to your account. Continue reading

Top Websites to Learn about Laws

Are you facing a legal issue or want to get an answer to your legal question? Then, check out here the list of top websites to learn about laws.

Law school is expensive, plus you have to spend so much time visiting it regularly. What makes it really difficult is the copious amount of details you have to absorb like case studies, legal jargon, briefings, etc. Instead, it’s better to learn about laws online as there are many best websites listed here that can help you know details about a particular legal issue. These websites focus on law-related information and materials for people of all ages, so one can get answer of any legal topic from the comfort of their home or office. Moreover, these websites give you specific information about subjects like how to hire an attorney, understanding unique laws and links to legal resources. If you are not sure which area of law is right for you, then search option is provided for you.

Top Websites to Learn about Laws

Best websites to learn about laws

Intute Law

It becomes very tough to find useful materials with millions of resources available on the Internet. That’s where Intute helps you. This free online service helps you to discover web resources for your studies and research. Here, you are able to easily access high quality resources on the web. Subject specialists at UK universities have evaluated and categorized all the given resources. The Law section under “Web resources” gives annotated links to global legal information resources. The main headings listed are General Law, European Union Law, Individual Jurisdictions, International Law, Law by Subject Area and United Kingdom Law. Although Intute is still accessible on the Web, Intute closed in July 2011 and no longer being updated or checked because of the withdrawal of funding by JISC (the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher Education Funding Council in the UK). Continue reading Earn Money Online for Viewing Ads

Want to earn money online with or without investment? So, be ready to earn real cash at just by clicking on or viewing ads and purchasing referrals.

Currently, we all are dealing with economic problems, so it becomes necessary for everyone to find out such a way to earn extra money. If you are spending too much time online for enjoyment instead of searching a good opportunity to boost income, then you are totally going wrong way. As there are number of opportunities to make your financial condition better by earning extra cash without much investment in this difficult time. PTC is a paid to click opportunity, where you can get paid to view advertisement each day from sponsors. List of PTC websites is very long, but all of them are not trusted and registered. That’s why, people think twice while getting this type of earning opportunity. No need to be worried now, because PTCircle.comcomes to you. It is the best in the PTC world to earn money on clicking ads. It’s good and reliable site for those, who want to earn online, but do not know how? No more requirements, you just need to get registered at and start viewing ads.

Paid to click image

Just click, view and enjoy ads to earn money from PTCircle, which is seen as one of the “elite” PTC sites. It is just six months old, but it has attracted thousands of users in very short time. In addition, it is recognized as the highest paying PTC of the minute. It’s true and 100% legit that earns you $0.80 daily for advertising or watching ads. is better than other PTC sites because the rate is quite good. It offers around 0.07$ for watching per ad. It permits only one account Per IP address and per household that means everybody can get a chance to earn money through PTCircle. Continue reading Review: Try Surveys and Offers to Earn Money

Earn extra cash at, here you get paid to watch videos, take surveys, complete offers, join referral programs, and check-in.

Day by day, people get addicted to spend their most of the time on internet. It may be work-related in 60-70% cases, but totally waste of time in the rest portion. Time is money, so don’t waste it. Now, you can value even your spare time on internet, yes…it is possible!!! Many websites are out there on the internet that offers you chance to earn money for reading emails, taking surveys, completing cash offers, referring your friends, and more. It means a few minutes of your time will reward you with good cash!!! No need of particular skill or knowledge, you have to just make search for the best, reliable, and useful site. is really great for the first start. It merge two ends; at one side, there are companies that prefer to pay thousands of dollars to users who try their products and services for free instead of other types of marketing; on the other side, people who are interested in or need extra cash can make money in free time. Being a mediator, CashCrate just passes that money with full safety. It is very simple and free to use, so get started earning easily at home!

earn extra money

When it comes to such earning site, trust is the most important aspect need to be considered. CashCrate is one of the oldest and most trusted sites with more than 2 million members. It paid its users a sum of $3,910,841 since it first started in 2006. Every month, Cashcrate sends out thousands of dollars in payments and for proof, it asks people who get a payment from Cashcrate to post a picture proving they got paid, so other users know for sure that Cashcrate is legit. Payment Wall is also offered to check out real payments posted by real users. You can also visit the forums if you want to talk with other CashCrate members regarding their experience. This proves that Cashcrate cares for members at all sides. Continue reading

Login to, View Ads and Earn just by viewing ads

Spend 10 minutes a day in viewing ads and earn $20+ with, a paid-to-click website giving people the chance to earn money from home.

One of the easiest ways to earn some extra cash online is paid to click (PTC) programs. Internet is flooded with PTC websites, and is one among them. Here, members earn a small amount of money just by viewing ads. Catch hold of this free online income opportunity that provides their members a chance to earn daily, risk-free! On, the amount of money you earn is based on your membership level, type and quantity of ads you view, the number of referrals you have and the number of ads those referrals view.

probux review for scam or bot

Probux is a free worldwide service that lets advertisers to increase their sales and traffic, reach potential customers by showing their ads to the website, which then distribute them to their members. Members view ads which last between 5-30 seconds on average, sometimes longer, and get paid for them. Generally, payment for viewing these ads is very low – often a few cents per ad only, but provide extra payment to their members for referring friends and family to become members too. Probux website also has an Earnings Calculator, so that you can know precisely how many referrals and what strategy you should use to achieve your monthly goal. So, what are you waiting for? Join, login to your account and start earning money online right now! Continue reading