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Visit to take part in a new national lottery draw game – Monopoly Millionaires’ Club, which gives players three different ways to become a millionaire.

The new $5 draw game, called Monopoly Millionaires Club lottery game is the first game to join the high-stakes and wealthy rewards of multi-state lottery gaming with the fun and entertainment of a national television game show. The TV show will have players chosen from an audience – players who have made a full Monopoly-themed Property Set and registered the webcode available on their Monopoly Millionaires Club lottery game ticket online at and shortly through a smartphone app. When compared to any other game in lottery history, this lottery game seems to create more simultaneous millionaires by pooling prize money and spreading the wealth. The tickets started going on sale over the weekend, and the first drawing took place on Oct. 24 and the continued draws will be held at 10:15 p.m. on Fridays. Take a Chance to win Million with Monopoly Millionaires' Club

The ‘Monopoly Millionaires’ Club game offers three ways to become a millionaire with each ticket – win the Top Prize of up to $25 million by matching all the numbers in the weekly drawing, or become one of the various randomly chosen $1 million winners when another player wins the Top Prize, or win a trip to Las Vegas and get a chance to become a millionaire on the nationally-televised game show.

How to get lottery tickets and play?

You can buy lottery tickets online or from your local retailer. To get started the game play, you have to select five numbers from 1 to 52 or mark the Quick Pick (QP) box. Once you select the five numbers, a Monopoly Property Number (PN) from 1 to 28 will be randomly generated by the terminal and cannot be selected on the playslip. There are four play areas A to D, and you are able to play up to four times on each playslip. Each panel or play costs $5 and will generate a separate ticket. Go through your playslip carefully to ensure you have correctly marked the numbers you want before showing it to the retailer. Once you take printout of the ticket, you cannot cancel it. Note that, your proof of purchase is ticket and not the play slip. Continue reading is a Source for disassembly information

Learn how to take apart old electronics with the help of step-by-step photo-driven disassembly at

Tinkering and taking apart unwanted old electronics is the passion of many people since childhood. They disassemble electronic items just to reach the internal components or to see how they work. If you are a tinkerer, then is your ultimate destination for disassembly information. TakeItApart lets you to take things apart and learn about inner workings, without picking up a screwdriver.


TakeItApart was founded in 2013 by a group of friends: Daniel Justa, Timothy Garvin, Timothy Miller, Nathan McCorkle and Christopher Tomkins-Tinch with an aim to support engineering education. The site is user-friendly and free to use. It offers photo-driven disassembly guides so that you can easily learn how things work and which internal components can be replaced for repair or saved for new projects. Continue reading Create Juice by Mixing Fruits to get desired Nutrients

Want to make healthy juices, but can’t afford all ingredients that are essential to make juice in your shopping cart? Then, visit and create healthy juice by mixing your affordable and favorite ingredients to get desired nutrients.

Body needs all vitamins and minerals to live a healthy and happy life. One can get all essential vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Juicing is one of the best and easiest ways to get all the essential vitamins or minerals found in fruits and vegetables, extracting into a delicious and drinkable form. It is healthy way to improve your health and the nutritional content of your diet immediately, maintain your health, lose weight, and keep fit. It lets you get a lot of nutrition in to your diet without consuming plenty of fruits and veggies. Juices, smoothies and raw foods seems to be most recent trend in the matter of adhering to a good diet – and it makes sense, there are endless possibilities in terms of ingredients you can utilize and delicious recipes you can make. Simply Smarter Juicing is really best online tool to create juice by mixing fruits to get desired nutrients. Here, you can make your own juice recipes with your favorite ingredients as well as get details about each recipes nutritional value. So make your recipe list long and share it with your friends and family member to make healthy world. Create Juice by Mixing Fruits to get desired Nutrients

Continue reading Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Join micro-task site named Clickworker at to receive additional income by performing short tasks like writing, web researching, categorization, translating, etc.

In today’s economy, prices of every day goods are rising but no change in our income. So to tackle the regular expenses and satisfy our family needs, we need to look for external resources to earn extra income. As internet plays a huge role in our daily lives, making money online is the best and easiest way to earn a little extra cash. There are various ways to make money online according to your skills and interests. You can easily earn some extra dollars from by completing simple tasks from the comfort of your own home. Review is the paid crowdsourcing website that lets you to earn money by performing various micro jobs. It is the best platform for anyone who can write well and has above-average knowledge in different fields. Currently, the site has 500,000 Clickworkers from 136 countries. As a Clickworker, you can work independently according to your own schedule and earn money from any PC with an Internet connection. Continue reading Review: PTC site to Earn Money for Viewing & referring Ads

Want to make your financial condition stronger? Just follow new PTC website, Goldenclix that earns you thousand of dollars online just by viewing & referring Ads.

In this time, when prices are constantly rising…enough money is a myth. That’s why everyone takes interest to make money online. People spend huge amount of time to discover ways to do so, yet often make very little progress. Looking for a best way to earn money online from home? Nothing is better than Paid to click program that does not make you rich instantly but earns you some extra cash just by viewing & referring Ads and make your financial condition better. Today, many people are connected with PTC site just because of their simplicity. List of PTC website is very long, but Goldenclix is really good PTC website among all which earns money more than one year. It offers several ways to earn money including clicking PTC ads, view videos and offers from the offerwall like virool, play the grid game, sign up offers, completing tasks, and post ads online; you can use any way to make your financial condition stronger. It is one of the easiest ways to make money online without requiring extra effort and skills. All you have to do is click a few ads or read a few mails. Here, advertiser can make their brand products more popular and attract more customers by posting advertisements online. Review: PTC site to Earn Money for Viewing & referring Ads

Goldenclix is working as PTC program since January 13, 2013. Golden Group company is an owner of the website that also runs two other PTC website including balkanikaclix and silverclix. If you are looking for easy ways to earn money online, then you have come to the right place. You just need to join these trusted PTC online earning sites where all you have to do is to click on ads. Moreover, it offers referral program that earns you click commissions and ad purchase commissions from the members they have referred to the site. There is no registration fees people from all over the world can join no investment is necessary to earn money. The minimum to cash out is $5 that you can fill through SolidTrustPay, Payza, Liberty Reserve, and Paypal. In addition, you will win 0.0125 % of your referral earnings. On every click you made on the site, you will get also points that you can convert in to purchase balance cash so you can upgrade, advertise or rent referrals. It is real great chance to earning money without investing anything from your pocket. Goldenclix inventive features for members give them more flexibility and more earning potential. Continue reading

How to Earn with PTC Websites online?

Make strategy using various tips listed below and earn digital bucks faster to get rewards and gift cards from various legit Paid-To-Click websites.

A connecting thread between virtual world of internet and human being is “simple keyboard or mouse click!” People have discovered a new way to earn money from every click they perform on internet by inspiring a natural instinct of humans to find out one or other idea to earn money. Currently, many PTC websites are available on internet, which pays you for your activities. PTC sites are nothing but Paid-To-Click sites. You can earn money with each click on PTC website’s advertisement that ranges from $0.001 to $0.02 per click. People may not know how to earn money with various tricks on legit PTC websites. Check out various tips to earn money online through PTC sites and about various legit online earning sites.

Pay to click sites

How to make money with PTC sites?

(a) Usually, PTC sites offer you $0.02 for clicking on each advertisement. So, if you continue clicking on various advertisements for full one hour; you can only earn $1.20. One tip to get more earnings from PTC sites is passive method of referring. Send referrals to your 1000 friends and get directly $10 daily per one click on advertisement done by your friends.

(b) One another thing you should understand is that PTC sites actually do not want you to see ads completely; instead they need you to click on advertisements. If you have registered at various PTC sites, then open them in different tabs and click on ads of various site. It will reduce your time and increase your earnings.

(c) Moreover, if you are addicted to do shopping online, then do it from PTC site’s search engine. Whenever you will do shopping via PTC search engine, you will get rewarded in the form of digital money for each dollar you spend. So, this is one of the other important tips to earn more money. Don’t forget to make use of this online shopping feature of PTC sites. Continue reading Get paid for viewing Advertises

Fill up your pockets with just a little effort! Join Resbux for free and start earning money online just by viewing advertisements. Let’s review for Scam and legitimate.

None of us likes to see advertises every day without getting anything in return. But now internet is flooded with many Paid To Click sites, which gives an easy way to make money online that too without any investment. The list of PTC sites is big, but only few are genuine and paying their members, so it wholly depends on you to choose the right one. Almost all the PTC sites are free, and is one of them. At, you simply get paid for viewing advertises, so register now and start earning money! What’s the key to earn more cash on this PTC site is that you have to daily spend a few minutes in clicking ads in order to increase your earnings. scam or legit

Resbux is a free worldwide service that lets advertisers to present their advertisements on this site to reach potential customers, as well as to give members a profitable and sustainable earning opportunity. Resbux acts as a middleman between advertisers and consumers. Advertisers can share their ads socially around the web, while members get rewarded for viewing and sharing advertisements.

How it works?

Visit and register on the site to get started. Here, there are three ways offered to make money online. Continue reading

Top Websites to Learn about Laws

Are you facing a legal issue or want to get an answer to your legal question? Then, check out here the list of top websites to learn about laws.

Law school is expensive, plus you have to spend so much time visiting it regularly. What makes it really difficult is the copious amount of details you have to absorb like case studies, legal jargon, briefings, etc. Instead, it’s better to learn about laws online as there are many best websites listed here that can help you know details about a particular legal issue. These websites focus on law-related information and materials for people of all ages, so one can get answer of any legal topic from the comfort of their home or office. Moreover, these websites give you specific information about subjects like how to hire an attorney, understanding unique laws and links to legal resources. If you are not sure which area of law is right for you, then search option is provided for you.

Top Websites to Learn about Laws

Best websites to learn about laws

Intute Law

It becomes very tough to find useful materials with millions of resources available on the Internet. That’s where Intute helps you. This free online service helps you to discover web resources for your studies and research. Here, you are able to easily access high quality resources on the web. Subject specialists at UK universities have evaluated and categorized all the given resources. The Law section under “Web resources” gives annotated links to global legal information resources. The main headings listed are General Law, European Union Law, Individual Jurisdictions, International Law, Law by Subject Area and United Kingdom Law. Although Intute is still accessible on the Web, Intute closed in July 2011 and no longer being updated or checked because of the withdrawal of funding by JISC (the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher Education Funding Council in the UK). Continue reading Start Earning Cash by viewing Advertises

Get complete review of here, a new platform to increase your earning just by viewing paid to click ads, playing grid, promoting website, and displaying your advertisement with zero investment.

Earning money online without investment sounds odd! As there are number of sites listed online that gives opportunity to earn money online with some initial registration fees, especially those sites that earn money by viewing advertisements. That’s why people do not take interest in registering on those sites, because some of them are fake. No more now…as you can earn money by viewing advertises without spending a penny. Here, you get paid to click advertisements, referring others to the site, playing 88grid, and promoting 88bux. If you spend too much time on the internet, then is really good place to multiply your earning just by spending little time. Generally, advertisers need visitors and that’s why they are willing to pay you for it through this online platform. 88bux is a great platform for advertisers to increase sales & traffic just by displaying advertisements at very affordable price. Start Earning Cash by viewing Advertises

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