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How to Hold USPS Mail on Vacation?

Do not worry about your important mails while you go on vacation as you can hold your mail’s delivery for 30 days by using “hold mails” service at

Mail service was considered earlier as major way of transferring vital papers, documents with safety and security. The emerging world of electronic methods of transferring important documents has taken over mail service. But still mail service is primary way to send hardcopies of agreements or loan papers or other vital documents of bank and government departments. So, when you have to go on long business or vacation trip, make sure that your important mailed documents don’t go to any random person. To resolve this problem, United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a service to hold your mails while you go on vacation. If you are not aware of “mail hold on” facility of USPS, then go through the article to find out all the details about how to hold your USPS mail delivery.

line of mail boxes

USPS allows you to hold your mails for minimum 3 days, but not more than 30 days. USPS mail service gives you option to hold your all mails at regional office, and you can collect them once you come back from your trip. It is reliable and easy method to make sure that your mails don’t come to you in misplaced or scratched condition from your mail box when you come back to your home. There are mainly two methods to hold your mail by applying in person or online. Continue reading

Tips to Develop Saving Habits for those who can’t save a Penny

Save money for future and emergencies, by setting up short term and realistic goals and follow simple tips-tricks to reach your saving goals early.

We all work so hard to earn money and want to use it in such a manner that it becomes helpful to us in our present and future. Many people go for the fixed deposit to save their hard earning money that can be helpful to them in their old age. Some people occupy their money in buying shares so they can get benefits to increase their money, while some people just use their money randomly even when it does not make any sense. People, who do not have nature of thinking much for future, usually face the finance problems. Here are some of the interesting tips that people can practice easily on daily basis to save money and assure their future without any finance related issues.

Girl saving money in piggybank

Make a realistic saving goal:

Some people make big mistakes by making unrealistic goals. Do not make goal like you will save 6 to 7 lacks in just six months. As it is really unrealistic because you have to pay all your utility bills, grocery bills, children’s school fees, etc. Do not bother if you do not save more money in the first few months. You will get habit to save some money daily after few months.

Make short term goals:

Do not make saving goal for 2 or 3 years. Make sure you place saving goal not more than a year. Short term goals will complete soon and you will not loose your temptation to save money. It will also make up your mind to save more and more by placing various short term goals.

Keep a daily motivator:

Daily motivate yourself to save by writing small encouraging quotes near to your mirror or working table. Idea of placing encouraging quotes at various places will help you to remind repeatedly that you have to stick your goals.

Reevaluate your bank account:

Switching to the new bank or credit union will help you to understand what different kind of facilities you will get from them. Find out what interest they are providing you on your account.

Have a jar for all your pocket change:

It is little old fashioned type idea but work simply great. Do not put loose change into the vending machine, wait till you reach to the home and put all your loose change into the jar. If you daily put your coins into the jar by the end of month, you will save more money than you have imagined. Convert them into the currency notes or directly deposit them into the bank if your bank receives it.

Reduce utility bills:

Use energy efficient electric items in your home to save money and electricity both. If you do not want to use television or other electric appliances, then switch off all the plugs of television to reduce the vampire power consumption to reduce the utility charges.

Stop overspending:

You can make a resolution for a month or two that don’t purchase anything that is not required. Do not visit any discount sales to buy any extra clothes or household items that will only occupy space in your home and reduce your money. Sometimes we visit sales and due to the low price, we buy more than what we want; it is just waste of money. Avoid purchasing unwanted jwellery and bags that you do not going to use daily.

Shop wholesale or discount stores:

Whenever you want to buy something, search for discount sale or shop it in wholesale to get discounted price. It will help you to save some of money. Wholesale purchasing will let you free from worrying about the stocking.

Keep record of your expenses:

Try to adapt habit of writing down your daily expense into the diary. Keep records of your daily shopping to understand that what expenses you can reduce to save some money.

Cut travel expenses:

To cut travel expenses, do not go for the last minutes deals on hotels and cruises. Search for cheap destination and plan your vacation trip before 2-3 months to save 80% money on your travel expense. Many sites provide you exciting and cheap plans to visit different places.

Use car-pooling:

To reduce your petrol or diesel purchase, make habit of carpooling. Decide everyone’s turn to get their car for car pooling. It will help you to save some money and you can use that saved money only to refuel your car again.

Avoid late fees:

Many people are clumsy to pay their utility bills on time. So, make habit of placing reminder to pay your utility bills before one day of the due date. It will help you to not pay any late fees or extra charges. To remember due date, you can mark it on calendar or set reminder on mobile so that you can avoid all the extra fees that you pay.

Avoid expensive loans:

Check out all the terms and conditions before you take any home or car loan. If their EMIs are so big, then you must look for the financial organizations that give you loan on less interest so that you can save some money for your future.

Become a landlord:

If your home is too big and some part of it is of no use, then give it on rent to any person to get extra income that will also help you to reach at your saving goal early.

Make a monthly budget:

To save some greens, you can also prepare monthly budget. Try to buy everything in your budget to save some other money for future. You can also try to purchase every needy thing in such a way that you save some money even after doing all shopping. Put it in piggy bank every month and you will see that you save lots of money at the end of month.

Kill your debt first:

To save money for future, you have to eliminate debt as fast as possible to free your money. Many people spend more than required money in paying debt every month. So, try to pay your debt as soon as possible to save money.

Image source: dojoblog Manage Social Security Account online

Create an online my Social Security Account at to get quick access to your personal Social Security information.

Check out some of your own Social Security details at, which is an easy-to-access, easy-to-use portal. Last year in January, the U.S. Social Security Administration had launched My Social Security. It is an online account that people can use in their working years and continuing all through the time they get Social Security benefits. People age 18 and older can sign up for an account at and get quick and easy access to see and update information. My social security online account will help you get an estimation of what your advantages may be. Keep in mind that these could be possibly various kinds of advantages.

My Social Security online

To create your own My Social Security online account, you must have valid email address, Social Security number, U.S. mailing address and reached at the age of 18. Then, visit and click on ‘Sign in’ option given on the top right side of the homepage. You can create an account simply to get access to your own personal details and cannot use this online service to access the records of other person like your business partner, or else. On the Sign In or Create an Account page, existing users can login with their username and password while new users have to register by clicking on “Create an account” tab. Agree the terms and conditions and go to the next step, in which you need to provide your few personal details including name, birth date, SSN, address, zip code, phone number, etc. Note well that breach of service can result in criminal charges. Follow the instructions to verify your identity, secure your identity and create your account. Continue reading

How to activate, reload and Balance Walgreens Balance Financial card?

Activating and reloading your Walgreens Balance Financial card is very easy, just follow few easy steps at

Pharmacy giant Walgreens’s prepaid debit card – Walgreens Balance Financial card – is here! This will not only serve as an option to cash, but also provide various financial services like online bill payments, check cashing, and direct deposit of paychecks. Balance Financial services are built around a new Balance Financial Prepaid MasterCard, which will be accessible in more than 8,000 Walgreens and Duane Reade locations. The program has been designed to offer low-cost financial services to customers, plus those without usual bank accounts. Using the Balance Financial Prepaid MasterCard from Walgreens, you can manage your money easily in-store, online, or with your mobile device.

Walgreens Balance Financial card?

The prepaid MasterCard provides an alternative to cash for those with limited access to a usual checking accounts or credit cards. Moreover, it will permit no-fee ATM withdrawals and check-cashing services at most Walgreens or Duane Reade stores all over the United States and in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Balance Financial will signify convenience, safety, value and rewards. This card can be used online, over the phone, and anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted including restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, etc. Cardholders can deposit payroll, tax refund and government benefit checks, also they can get from a Walgreens cashier up to $100 in cash from their card account. At a Walgreens ATM, extra cash can be accessed without any charge. Continue reading

Best Sex Education websites on Internet

Still, feel embracing to talk about sex with teens? Then, you can take a help of best online source of sex education to teach about birth control, condoms, HIV/AIDS & STDs, pregnancy and more to your teens.

Today, people discuss about sex without any hesitation…that did not happen in the past. Earlier, people feel awkward and uncomfortable to talk about sex as result of that sexual disease like HIV/AIDS, STIs, and RTIs have been increasing rapidly. However, the actual cures of sexually transmitted disease have not found yet, but we can reduce the rate of it by awareness. Sex is an ever-present topic; you can’t avoid it by any means, so we should increase awareness about it by discussing as common topic with children, promoting sex education in schools, etc. You can start discuss with topics like sexual responsibility and relationships. 80% of people think discussion with children is vital but only half of people do so.

Parents talking with teens about sex

Parents are the first and primary sexual health educators of children…If you really need to protect your child from several sexual problems like life-STDs, sexual abuse and accidental pregnancy… otherwise it can ruin their life. It is important to talk to your child and ensure they feel comfortable coming to you. But talking about sex can be embracing for anyone, especially for kids and for their parents. No need to worry, because now there are numerous websites available with information and advice on sex and contraception. People of all ages have question about sexuality, understanding how their body works and how to take care of body for being healthy. Internet is good option for all of them to learn more about sex in the privacy of their own homes. It is better way to aware them at early age. Here are some best sex education websites including Sex Etc, Scarleteen, teenfad, stay teen, etc., so recommended any to your child to get complete knowledge about the sex. Continue reading One-stop place to fight against revenge porn

Join End Revenge Porn campaign to fight against revenge porn, and support and advocacy for victims of revenge porn at

What will be your reaction when someone you trusted, perhaps even deeply loved, shares your intimate video or photo online with your personal identity? Definitely, you will be shocked…right??? So, think about those girls and women who becomes a victim of revenge porn. Sometimes, girls can’t bear mental and social pressure and results in suicide. Revenge Porn is sexually explicit media that is spread online without permission of the pictured individual, for the purpose of embarrassment. Most cases of the revenge porn happen after bitter breakups. The intimate videos or photos that show up on internet, hurts a lot of people. From embarrassment, job loss, or relationships ruined, altogether is not a pleasant thing to go through. Don’t you think that this serious crime should be prevented, from taking more dangerous and ugly form? If you really want to stop this crime, then you just need to join End Revenge Porn campaign to fight against this serious crime. is official webpage of this campaign; here you just need to sign a petition to criminalize revenge porn.

A Lady Victim of Revenge PornImage Flickr, Austin_photoguy50

Not only women, but also men around the world have fallen victim to this new form of cyber harassment. Mostly, it is the work of discontented ex-partner or random hacker. It’s recurring humiliation, in the form of search results constantly injure the dignity of a person in the eyes of future romantic prospects, colleagues, friends, family, hiring managers, etc. Endrevengeporn is a campaign organized by the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative to give support and encouragement for victims of revenge porn, or people whose personal photos or videos have been distributed online without their permission. Continue reading A Fight to stop Obamacare

“OBAMACARE” – aka Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been created to reform the health, provide health insurance at affordable price and reduce the growth in health care spending. The real fact regarding obamacare is that it is not for people but against the American people. From the 1st October, millions of American will be required to register in Obamacare, and could lose access to their doctors and be enforced to pay higher premiums and higher taxes. Still there is a time to stop it; if you really don’t want to start obamacare then you have to join its “don’tfund it” campaign which has been started to fight to stop it. is the official website of this campaign where you can sign the petition and tell congress: Don’t fund Obamacare. A Fight to stop Obamacare

At present, more than 900,000 people have signed the petition to defund Obamacare. But they need approximate 1 million to truly send a signal to Washington that they want obamacare defunded. If they work hard then they could be accomplish their goal before Labor Day. Now, you can help them to reach 1 million signatures just by forwarding this site to your friends and family and encourage them to join hundreds of thousands of other Americans, who are expressing their opposition to Obamacare at Continue reading is official Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority Portal

In Ethiopia (a small country situated in the Horn of Africa), a government agency called ‘Ethiopia’s Revenue and Customs Authority’ is responsible for collecting revenue from custom duties and domestic taxes. Back in year 2008, there was a merger of three already existing government bodies – the Federal Inland Revenue, Ethiopian Customs Authority (ECuA), and the Ministry of Revenue. And this merger resulted in the formation of the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Agency (ERCA). In addition to collecting revenue on behalf of Ethiopian government, the ERCA also protects the society from adverse effects of smuggling. ERCA is authorized to seize and take legal action against those people and vehicles that are involved in the criminal act of smuggling. At the same time, it greatly facilitates the legitimate cross-border movement of goods and people. is official Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority Portal

Continue reading

Win a $5,000 Blue Nile Signature Diamond with

No matter whether it is marriage ceremony or 50th marriage anniversary, diamond ring or pendant are the most beautiful and adorable gifts for your bride. What if you can win a Signature Round Diamond of Blue Nile for free? Sure you love to know more about it. Participate into the Blue Nile ‘Win a Signature Round Diamond’ sweepstakes by filling the online registration form. So, try out your luck today and surprise your spouse with diamond gift!

Win a $5,000 Blue Nile Signature Diamond with

The Blue Nile ‘Win a Signature Round Diamond’ sweepstakes has been started from the July 11, 2013 at 09:00 am and ends on December 31, 2013 at 11:59 pm. All individuals who are 18 years or more can take part into the sweepstakes. Continue reading Claim your Zeek Rewards

Finally a sign of relief for all those who had been a victim of Zeek Rewards investment scheme of their so called precious money and the company closed its door for the investors on August 12, 2012. Good news for all the Net loser of the company as the Receiver got the official permission from the court to start the claim process. It comes into light when a case of the fraud was filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) on August 17, 2012 in United States District Court, Western District of North Carolina, and Charlotte Division, against Rex Venture Group, LLC d/b/a and Paul Burks. Claim your Zeek Rewards

The claim process started from May 15, 2013 and runs until September 5, 2013. The order consists of Claim process, setting of Bar date and Approving Notice Procedures. Submission of claim form after the date will not be included in the claim process. Continue reading