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Non-logical Things Indians do because others are doing same

Check out here some weird and ridiculous things that Indian people do, only and only because everyone else is doing them!

In India, people do a lot of things just for the sake of doing, or simply because everyone else is doing. They mindlessly imitate others without even thinking why they are doing it. They ignore or override their own beliefs while copying others. In fact, these people don’t mind doing wrong things like throwing garbage anywhere, jumping traffic signals, etc. by using the non-sense excuse of others doing the same. Given below are a few such strange things that are being done by Indians – only because everybody around is doing so. Have a look.

Honking relentlessly in heavy traffic jams: Drivers in India are actually addicted to horn-honking. They keep on horning loudly and continuously, even when they know that the vehicle in front of them has no chance of moving an inch.

jumbo traffic jams

Dumping garbage anywhere and everywhere except dustbins. These people don’t do it when they are in a foreign country but in India they do. Why? Because everyone here is doing! Continue reading

Toys R Us Black Friday 2014 Deals and Sales

Black Friday is just around the corner and now Toys “R” Us, world’s leading retailers of toys and kid’s products, is offering more than 400 black Friday deals. Check out the Toys R us Black Friday 2014 Ads & deals info here.

Ready, set, shop! Black Friday is quickly approaching. It is one of the biggest shopping occasions of the year, when merchants offer door buster huge discounts and deals on items like electronics, home goods, clothing, and miscellaneous items. For retailers, it is all about increasing their sales “into the black” – into profitability. This year, all well-know retailers including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us and other stores are fully ready to make it biggest black Friday ever by offering huge discounts. Toys“R”Us is dedicated toy and baby products retailer which is offering best black Friday deals on more than 492 items. Toys R Us will open their thanksgiving sale on 27th November (Thanksgiving Day) from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m, and then it will open their black Friday deal on Friday morning at 7:00 a.m.

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All 492 black Friday deals are listing on Toys R Us website, so you can access it easily at your convenience. Using online shopping, you can shop easily, receive the same discounts, and avoid the crowds and make your Black Friday experience a joyous one. Black Friday sales at Toys “R” Us are anxiously expected each year, with as much as 32-pages of great deals and often half-filled with door busters at up to 50% to 60% off. This year, Toys”R”Us Black Friday 2014 Ad is set with 28-pages of great gift ideas for kids, so you will get numerous best deals on toys, puzzles, video games, electronics, dolls or action figures. You can access all this 28-pages from its website easily. Get the complete coverage of Toys R us Black Friday 2014 deals &Y Ads here. Continue reading

Must have Experiences of Life

Check out here some amazing experiences you “should” have while you’re alive – they will definitely change your life forever for better!

Our life is full of experiences. Some of them come and go, while a few special ones leave a long lasting print. Such formative experiences stand out as critical turning points of life. They literally make us see life differently and change the way we think about the world. If you haven’t experienced anything such, don’t worry. Just go through the list given below. It includes all those interesting things or experiences that everyone should do or have at least once in their lifetime. Believe it or not, after experiencing these things you will find your life more interesting and more meaningful.

Pack your bags and just head out to a random location with no itinerary: Instead of going on a tour package wherein everything is pre-planned & pre-booked, choose to travel on a spontaneous trip to nowhere. The beauty of such trip is that you can live in the moment and change your plans on the fly.

must have experiences, must have experiences before you die

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Sometimes Expectations hurts us in Reality

Check out some funny expectations vs. reality pictures that can make you laugh and surprise you as it could be the same thing that once came to your mind.

We all have dreams and hopes, and we mostly visualize how future events will play out. The ideas can be very vivid pictures on the canvas of our minds from owing big house to luxurious items/car to enjoying cruise vacations at Europe, Caribbean, Alaska, or else. Moreover, we all want to live a stress-free life and our mind is always attracted towards the things that it imagines or expects, but sometimes reality is far different than expected. The easiest formula for being happy is reality minus expectations. So it’s better to accept and move on with whatever we get in our life, but as per human nature we can’t stop dreaming or expecting better for future. Let’s take a look at images that clearly shows you the difference between expectations and reality.

There is only love, love and love in between young couple after marriage, but in reality there is only quarrel, clash, and fight with each other.

newly married couple

A packet of delicious food like bread that we instantly buy looking at its image and packing, but reality is worse as the food is so much contaminated that we directly throw it in the dustbin – waste of money. Continue reading

Funny Ideas to Click yourself with Statue

Click different creative photographs by posing funnily with statues and enjoy some special moments to invoke living feeling with statues and spend happy time.

Fun full people have lots of ideas to make other people happy and enjoy themselves with their funny acts. Some crazy and funny people have found a new way to entertain themselves and others by posing with statues besides real people! Yes, posing with statues make you laugh with full heart and on other side you will definitely like their imagination power and creativity to make us feel statues are breathing! So, let’s check out creative and funny images of people who have clicked snaps with statues funnily.

Funny way to Click with Statue

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Wells Fargo Bank Cardholders Basic Guide to Login and Bill Pay

Are you a Wells Fargo Card Holder? If yes, here’s how to securely manage your account and pay your bills online at

Wells Fargo is a leading diversified financial services company based in San Francisco. It provides a wide range of services including personal and business banking, mortgage, investments, insurance and consumer & commercial finance across North America and internationally in more than 35 countries. The Wells Fargo bank also offers a wide range of credit cards and other card products for the benefit of customers. With Wells Fargo Online Service, cardholders can easily manage their account and make their payments virtually anytime and from anywhere!

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All existing and new Wells Fargo credit card holders are recommended to register their card and get an online account. By doing so, they can enjoy several benefits like:

  • Make online payments
  • Set up automatic payments
  • Choose paperless statements
  • Manage their account or track payments online
  • Request a credit line increase
  • Change payment due date
  • Keep the accounts secure

Signing up for an online account is absolutely free and the registration process is quite simple as well. Just follow the steps given below and open an online account for your card in a few minutes. Continue reading

How to take screenshot in Xiaomi MIUI?

User of Xiaomi MIUI can take a screen shot of webpages, photos and videos directly through their device. Follow below steps to take screenshot in Xiaomi MIUI.

Chinese company Xiaomi has become most famous around the world for its affordable and entry-level Smartphones. At present, Most of Xiaomi Smartphones are available with its own customized version of Android called as MIUI (pronounced “Me You I”). It is available in Froyo 2.2 and Gingerbread 2.3 versions. It gives really different android experienced, along with beautiful iOS-like interface, outstanding speed, and tons of extra features to the Android operating system. Now, users of Xiaomi MIUI don’t require special software to take a picture of their screen because screen shot functionality is built into this OS. Using Xiaomi MIUI screenshot feature, you can take snap of games, videos, and website as well as explain something that would be difficult to explain in words. It also becomes helpful to save snippets of anything you have on your screen, particularly when it can not be easily printed. If you are users of phone with Xiaomi MIUI, then you can take screenshot of your phone’s screen – Save as a JPG or PNG file and share anywhere easily and quickly. In order to take screenshot in Xiaomi MIUI, just follow below steps.

How to take screenshot in Xiaomi MIUI

There are two ways to take screenshot/screengrab on the Xiaomi MIUI. Continue reading

Get Help regarding your Netflix TV Problems on

Netflix TV Helpline available online at which helps users to solve problems of Netflix Tv programs and online movie streaming.

Netflix, a well-known TV show and movie streaming service, has more than 50 million subscribers in 40 countries. Surprisingly, the service is noted for using up to 34% of the United States’ peak bandwidth consumption at the end of 2013. Netflix has continued to climb at a very fast pace, but over the last few months, several Netflix users in the US and worldwide have noticed a steady decline in streaming video quality, wherein the video is constantly buffering and heavily pixelated. It’s really annoying! Actually, Netflix is a victim of its own success, as it has outgrown its allotted bandwidth, and now Netflix traffic is being throttled by ISPs as well as core network operators. As side effect to Netflix’s massive popularity, traffic jams are bound to happen, in result slows things down. Netflix also concerned about these issues, and separate help section is provided for getting the resolution following basic guidelines. So, make your try first! Get Help regarding your Netflix TV Problems

On getting error message like Cannot Connect to Netflix, Cannot reach, Netflix is Not Available, Netflix is Unavailable, Unable to Connect to Netflix, Android Error: Connection Failed; there must be Internet connectivity problem that keeps you from streaming. Continue reading

Best Websites to Save Money Online and Live in Low Budget

If you are always trying to find different ways to save money wherever you can, then take a look at top websites that can help you save real money online.

With rising prices and stagnant salaries, balancing the family budget has become difficult, no matter what our income is. So, it’s always a good idea to save little money wherever you can. The internet is like a boon for us when it comes to saving money. It helps you get the most from your money by allowing you to explore latest deals, cash-back offers, find discounted used products, compare prices, earn money, etc. The next time you get online, just make sure that you visit these following money saving websites to save your hard-earned money and live in low budget.

websites to save money

10 Incredible Websites to Save Money Online

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most famous GPT website serving $10,000,000 members. The website lets you to earn virtual money called Swag Bucks for performing various activities such as watching videos, shopping online, participating in market research, completing tasks, participating in polls & surveys, and playing games. Once you earn enough Bucks, you can exchange them for real money via PayPal or redeem for gift cards to the world’s online and offline retailers. Continue reading Earn Money Online for Viewing Ads

Want to earn money online with or without investment? So, be ready to earn real cash at just by clicking on or viewing ads and purchasing referrals.

Currently, we all are dealing with economic problems, so it becomes necessary for everyone to find out such a way to earn extra money. If you are spending too much time online for enjoyment instead of searching a good opportunity to boost income, then you are totally going wrong way. As there are number of opportunities to make your financial condition better by earning extra cash without much investment in this difficult time. PTC is a paid to click opportunity, where you can get paid to view advertisement each day from sponsors. List of PTC websites is very long, but all of them are not trusted and registered. That’s why, people think twice while getting this type of earning opportunity. No need to be worried now, because PTCircle.comcomes to you. It is the best in the PTC world to earn money on clicking ads. It’s good and reliable site for those, who want to earn online, but do not know how? No more requirements, you just need to get registered at and start viewing ads.

Paid to click image

Just click, view and enjoy ads to earn money from PTCircle, which is seen as one of the “elite” PTC sites. It is just six months old, but it has attracted thousands of users in very short time. In addition, it is recognized as the highest paying PTC of the minute. It’s true and 100% legit that earns you $0.80 daily for advertising or watching ads. is better than other PTC sites because the rate is quite good. It offers around 0.07$ for watching per ad. It permits only one account Per IP address and per household that means everybody can get a chance to earn money through PTCircle. Continue reading