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WhatsApp Web Pros & Cons: Do you know these Limitations?

Most used messenging app whatsapp has officialy announced web version of it with its own benefits. But cons or problems are still there as it is first beta version of the software. Let me walkthrough them.

Launch of WhatsApp Web application can boost the usage of WhatsApp defiantly and also WhatsApp gets millions of view from desktop from rightnow. WhatsApp Web is the best application for those who spend more time in front of a computer or laptop. Now with WhatsApp Web, it is possible to use WhatsApp from multiple device If you have configured once.

Whatsapp Web

We have reviewed WhatsApp Web and tested to find out all possible pros and cons. Continue reading

Must have Android Games for Toddler and Children

Keep your kids entertained for a long time by downloading these fun and educational Android Games for kids like Fun for toddler, Lego Duplo Trains, Endless Alphabet and more.

In this digital era, kids know very well how to operate Smartphone and tablet correctly and access their favorite apps before they can speak. So, Smartphone and tablet can become your best friend to keep your children entertained with fun and educational activities, and games. Educational and inspiring games for toddler and for young children are really useful in various scenarios, but if you are badly prepared, you might end up downloading some ordinary, advert-loaded title that your kid quickly loses interest in. There are more than hundreds of games are available on android platform but not all games can entertain your kids all day. But now, we have compiled the list of best android games that not only entertain 6 to 10 years olds but also entertain 18-months-old to 5-year-old children. By installing this games application on your android device, you can make digital media a part of your tots’ lives as well as extend their learning by assisting them relate what they experience in an app to real life.

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Android Games for Toddler

Fun for toddler:

It’s a really interesting and funny puzzle toddler games that can keep your kids mind occupied for a long time. It is available with too much puzzles. Each puzzle has different set of objects, animals and sounds but the main aim behind the game is he same in every puzzle. It’s a both easy and challenging game as well as structured with great-looking interface. Pleasing design will keep your kids mind busy for the weeks to come. Fun for toddler is set with different and attractive colors to catch every toddler’s attention.

CBeebies Playtime

CBeebies Playtime is one of the best android games for kid, features famous faces from the broadcaster’s preschool channel. It delights, entertains and teaches kids when they play. This app includes four other mini educational and engaging games: coloring with Mr. Tumble, learning words with Alphablocks and a racing game with Tree fu Tom. Here, your kids can also build a vehicle and collect fuel with Nina and the Neurons. Parents can make gaming experience more special for their child by using unique features from Grown-ups section. This game is advert and cost free. It comes with parental controls, so parents don’t need to worry about their secret folders and file whilst little ones enjoy a very special playtime, learning along with their CBeebies favorites. It is as much about a shared experience between parents and children.

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Best online Name Generators Tools

Are you getting bored of your common birth name and wanna cool name that suit your personality? Good news!!! You can do it yourself simply using any of your favorite online name generator tools given below. All are free and really easy to use, so try and have fun!

Name can be the first impression we leave on other people. If you have boring name or it could be embarrassing when mispronounced or misspelled, just go for name changes. Whatever reason for changing your name, you can do it simply using online name generator tools. Here creating new name is all for fun, and what’s more you will get famed with some unique and bizarre names. On social network, such matchless names help you get special attention…even they bring some excitements in the routine life and you feel just cool. So, wait for what? If you are really interested, list of some best online name generator tools are given below. Just get your favorite ones, and enjoy the change!

Best online Name Generators Tools

The Pirate Name Generator

Pirate names are unusual, beautiful and preferably have some sort of water meanings like Nahla (“A drink of water”), Cordelia (“Of the sea”), Meredith “Protector of the sea”, Nawfar (“Water lily), Nixie (Means “water sprite”), Vivianna (“the Lady of the Lake”), etc.

Famous Hollywood actor, Johnny Depp, portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow in various Pirates of the Caribbean media, including the films and The Legend of Jack Sparrow video game, along with the Disneyland ride and The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction. Hereby, Depp and his Hollywood cohorts present different vision to the world and a crazy trend to become a pirate has been spread out all around. So if you are also interested, then create a pirate name based on your own name using this online tool – The Pirate Name Generator. Continue reading Play games and Sweeps to win Prizes

Utilize your free time by playing instant win games, sweepstakes and token games at and win big and amazing prizes just with a click of mouse.

PCH – Publishers Clearing House is a very big name in the world of online game and sweepstakes that offers dozens of winning opportunities. At Publishers Clearing House, you can always find new and exciting events as big as fantastic possible. The games and sweepstakes of the PCH are fully legitimate, so anyone can grab a chance to win big prizes. PCH operates prize-based game, search, and lottery websites and is one of them, where you can play instant win game, token games, bingo, and check upcoming events to win big prize. It gives you the chance to relax or kill time with free online games, while earning chances to win prizes. Here, you can play games to win tokens that you can use to get entry into the giveaways with prizes like gift cards worth between $50 and $500 or drawings to win even more tokens. So, visit PCH Games as soon as possible and try your abilities in its free arcade games, test your intelligence in trivia and word games, and enter to win fun prizes and huge sweepstakes. Play games and Sweeps to win Prizes

Love money, online games, sweepstakes, or winning? Then you will definitely love It is a part of Publishers Clearing House, where can play numerous types of games like arcade games, card games, casino games, strategy games, , instant win games, sports games, trivia games, and word games. By playing these games, you can win tokens that can be redeemed for prizes. It is really very simple and easy way to play online games for earning big prizes and tokens. The interface of the site is very user-friendly, so one can easily access everything like PCH other websites, top token prizes, fun games from the first page of the website. Continue reading

Make your MP3 more louder with MP3

Enjoy your favorite MP3 songs collection 50 times louder than currently playing with MP3, a free web service that allows you to raise the volume level of MP3 audios…online.

Youngsters mostly prefer loud music. According to them, loud music means high energy, high spirits and emotions that bring to mind the feeling experienced at a live rock concert or on a club dance floor, full of aural and physical sensations. We turn up music loud to listen to the favorite songs loud and clear, hearing each and every note and beat. It’s not possible to enjoy songs at one particular volume level. For ex. to enjoy rock music, you must have music at peak volume. It’s really irritating …if your smartphone, tablet, computer’s speakers have very slow sound and can’t play music as loud as you want. External speakers can help, but it would be pricey option. Go for MP3, your free as well as simple & fast way to increase volume of your poor device above the maximum it allows. It can boost any MP3 songs’ sound from 3x, 5x, 8x, 11x, 15x, 20x, 30x and 50x times higher comparing the highest level, at which the song is currently playing. So don’t waste your money, try MP3 and enjoy favorite songs at full to full volume without using any additional hardware!

Make your MP3 more louder with MP3

During the last three decades, there are some noteworthy changes in both the music culture and the technology used to support it. Before now, additional speakers are only choice to increase volume level, but to full surprise; MP3 Louder tool allows users to raise the MP3 volume online, directly from your web browser. Continue reading Review: Get Paid to Listen and review Music

Earning money while listening and reviewing music sounds odd…but it has become possible through Musicxray. Here, music fans can get paid listen to new music from hot new artists and music artists can test their new tracks before release them to the public.

We all love music and enjoy it, on the way, at home, office, or anywhere for entertainment, to pass time, and even for therapeutic reasons. Music is a part of our everyday life that gives spirit to the universe, wing to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and fun to life and to everything. It is perfect way for people to express their feelings as well as make their imagination fly higher and bring joy to everything. Listening to Music makes you happier and reduces stress levels. But now music can earn you money too…For all music devotees, making money while listening to a couple of songs sounds too good to be true, but a fun website called helps you do exactly that. Here, you can get paid to listen to and review music of your favorite genres. As on this platform, both unknown and well-known artists put their music album and pay musicxray to get their new tracks tested out before they release them to the public. Music lovers can listen to all this new tracks and review it. This music service rewards you for listening to new music before it is officially released. So it’s a great platform for both one who love to music and starting new career in music industry.

A beautiful lady listening to Music and earning money

Musicxray is a best online platform for musicians to streamline, organize, and optimize their work and know more about talent, skill, and market appeal. Music Xray’s Fan Targeting campaigns guarantees potential fans that converts in to direct fans when they hear compelling music. After that artists learn which of their songs convert new fans rapidly and cost-effectively. It helps musician do three things- get deals, get fans and get better. Here, industry professionals discover high potential music & talent as well as opportunity –appropriate music & talent more quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately. Music fans do one thing only- discover latest music and talent targeted to their taste. Today’s music-business environment needs an artist to be more upbeat than ever. The site does the work of discovering the new talent, and helps to keep the music submissions organized, and under control. Continue reading

Get Free Meal on Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day on

Visit and wear theme clothes to get free meals and coupons from Chick-fil-A restaurant on Cow Appreciation Day.

Cow is a vital sustainer of life. It is a generous, ever-giving source that gives milk and means of ploughing the earth to breed crops. Cow dung can be used for generating heat and electricity. In many countries, cows are used for meat after they are no longer meant for milk. It’s very easy to ignore cow or at least to forget how important they are in our food chain, that’s reason Cow Appreciation Day is celebrated every year in honor of cow in many countries in different ways. It sets out to change all of that, and to remind you just how integral cows are to our daily life. Like other day celebration, many big stores offer special deals on Cow Appreciation Day. The date of celebration is not fixed, as it is celebrated annually around mid-July. Chick-fill is an Atlanta based restaurant that offers free breakfast, lunch or dinner combo meal during Cow Appreciation Day to those who wore full cow costume from head to toe. is a dedicated page for this event. It offers complete details regarding celebration, and cow costume ideas. As well, it offers downloadable cow spots, masks and other bovine – themed accessories to help customers to create costumes.

Cow Appreciation Day is really best place to get in-depth details on celebrations. It’s a user-friendly site where participants can share their story and picture of cow costumes on Cow Appreciation day. As well, they can tweet their costumes picture utilizing the hashtag #CowAppreciationDay. In 1995, first time “Eat More Chikin” appeared on a poster and after that it has reached millions on television, the internet, radio and the occasional water tower. Atlanta based, family owned restaurant, “Chick-fil-A” celebrates Cow Appreciation day differently every year. Continue reading Earn free gift cards for Survey, Watch, Play, Search & Answers

Do searching, watch video, complete survey, play games and do shopping at and convert your points into gift cards, electronic and kid’s products.

Popularity of swagbucks is undoubtable that even if you are not aware of swagbucks and its reward programs, your friends will definitely make you aware about everything in your regular talk. It is one of the legit and most admirable sites that pay per every activity on It will not make you millionaire but you can convert your swagbucks in various gift cards, electronics items or gift for your kids. Find out in-depth details about and various methods to get swagbuck points fast. Earn free gift cards for Survey, Watch, Play, Search & Answers

What is swagbucks all about?

Swagbucks is a free online reward program where you can earn swagbucks (SB) by doing various activities such as taking surveys, playing games, and cutting coupons and searching through swagbucks search engine. If you just want to do surfing on net, then swagbucks is best option to do searching rather than Google or Yahoo. It does not offer perfect searches as Google, but it can help you to earn swagbucks for your searches.

Swagbucks does not cost you anything for registration process. Just create your account and start earning SB for your each activity. After collecting swagbucks, convert digital SB credit into the money by PayPal or exchange them to get gift cards and other products. Continue reading Soccer Fan Sweepstakes

Soccer fans, you could win $25 gift card or a $300 gift card for your world-cup fever! Just visit, enter the promotion and keep on eye for yellow card puling and goal while enjoying your favorite World Cup matches.

FIFA World Cup 2014 becomes the most talked-about event for breaking social media records. On Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, fans around the world have been sharing about peak moments during the game. The social stadium shows all their reactions and what they have talking or tweeting about that action, right away. You can say that it is the new way to cheer on teams and players, comment on scoring, and celebrate goals. Recently, Facebook announced that 1 billion posts, comments and likes have been captured related the latest World Cup. Note that no other sporting event has come across to such number. While on twitter, the number is hard to believe; herein 388,985 tweets were generated per minute for the final moments of the match. Yes, only 60 seconds. This actually broke a record earlier set during the Super Bowl with 382,000 tweets per minute. The big brand of America, JCPenney, values excitement of soccer fans and offers promotion through twitter campaign for your chances to win $25 gift card or a $300 gift card. To enter, you just need to look for a @JCPenney tweet and retweet it. So, enjoy the game with more fun!,

No doubt about soccer’s global appeal; but this time, the FIFA World Cup has generated an immense interest over the world. People use Facebook to comment or twitter to tweet about things they watch live during this big event. In the history of the social media site, no other single event has generated this much activity. Facebook is noted with 1 billion marks in World Cup interactions, while twitter is flooded with large posting of World Cup. Continue reading Enjoy Any Trip without missing Professional Photography

Forget dodgy selfies and blurry scenery as FLYTOGRAPHER provides service to hire professional photographer to capture those perfect moments at world’s most incredible place.

Memories are the best souvenir and photos are one of the best and safest ways to keep our memories around as long as possible. Many people get frustrated when they go on vacation at world’s most incredible place like Eiffel Tower, Angkor Wat, Big Ben, Vanish, London, Paris, New York, and many other romantic places and want a picture of them and their loved one together. In this situation, they have two choices either ask a stranger with presumably no photographic talent or hold their arm out high and try to capture a photo of them together with famous landmark. At last, they return from a special vacation with no decent photos together. It’s standard practice to hire a photographer for major life events like engagements, wedding days, new babies, birthday parties, so why not hire one to capture a trip of a lifetime? No more slefies and blurry scenery now because travelers can hire professional photographers through to commemorate their vacations. Flytographer is a super service that connects travelers with local, talented photographers in over 100 cities worldwide to take professional, photojournalistic-style vacation photos of them and their vacation companions–friends, family, whoever!

Image of kevin's london trip with katie

Flytographer is the world’s first global vacation photography company. It provides photographer service in more than 100 cities worldwide for fun, frank photo shoots. Hiring the photographer from flytographer you can get wall-worthy, loved holiday memories where everyone looks great, no one is missing from the shot. As well, you can focus on enjoying the moment, versus trying to capture it. It is best service for those travelers who want to look like an A-listers in their holiday pictures, Couples can hire snappers to capture the perfect proposal and also celebrate their honeymoon. It has over 160 local photographers around the world and they all carefully curated for talent, passion and personality. Just within five days of the shoot, customers obtain high resolution digital photos, and a beautiful online gallery to view and share images. Daily, it attracts numerous travelers all over the world for special romantic trips, get-together, wedding proposals, family vacations, girlfriend getaways and more. Continue reading