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Toll-By-Plate program is offered in Florida to pay any type of toll through convenient, efficient, quick and secure way at

Fuel efficiency is the most concerned topic across the globe. In regards, Florida Department of Transportation implemented Toll-By-Plate program, which is an image based video billing system that has been developed to collect toll electronically in Florida. In this Electronic Toll Collection or ETC, accounts of registered car owners is electronically debited for collecting tolls, and let them pass through toll roads without stopping. So, this system is mainly designed to avoid traffic jams and to cut air pollution. It also save commuter’s time, as waiting time to pay toll at the toll collection facilities will be notably cut down. Best of all, the program has dedicated website, that offers many services to facilitate customer pay the toll and manage his toll payments online. Know more about the program and website here that helps any type of toll payments within a click. Pay unpaid toll violations online

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, a business unit of the Florida Department of Transportation offered the payment options for TOLL-BY-PLATE service. FTE was formed in 2002 and provides toll collection services for many companies.

In Toll-By-Plate program, an image processor takes a photograph of your vehicle’s license plate that crosses the toll collection facility and an invoice is generated for toll payment (total toll amount + administrative fee of $2.50) and sent over mail. Afterwards, the owner have to do log in to the account and use his invoice ID sent via mail to complete the payment. Users are allowed to pay Toll-By-Plate dues… online, by entering the ‘Invoice Id’ and ‘Account Number’ at Continue reading Redeem Fox HD Movie with Redemption Code

Find the Fox Movie Redemption Code on the insert in your Blu-ray or DVD case and redeem it online at

People who love watching latest movies have to wait until their favourite movies are available on DVD or Blu-ray. Now, they don’t have to wait for getting their hands on Twentieth Century Fox’s latest films thanks to Digital HD. Digital HD lets you to enjoy your favourite movies in HD that too weeks before their Blu-ray or DVD launches at an affordable price. You have freedom to watch movies in HD on multiple devices anytime, anywhere. If you have a Redemption Code, then you can redeem a Fox Movie online at, Fox Digital HD Redeem, Fox redemption code

Digital HD allows you to buy your favorite movies from digital online retailers such as Flixster, Google Play and VUDU. You can watch them online with instant streaming or download for offline access. Your movies collection is stored in the cloud which can be accessed at home or on the go anytime from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, internet-connected TV and gaming console. Continue reading Ebola map Review

Are you curious to know about where the worst Ebola outbreak is spreading? If so, visit to get latest real-time disease outbreak information just with the click of mouse.

Ebola is the world’s deadliest virus that has killed nearly 4500 people across the West Africa. Now, people can search latest real-time disease outbreak information online at because it has included Ebola map to track new Ebola cases in real time. It provides real-time information on wide range of emerging infectious diseases for a different audience like libraries, local health departments, governments, and international travelers. On this specific Ebola map, you can get entire timeline of its spread around the world, starting from March of 2014 up through the most recent situation right now. Maps also show the regions worst affected by Ebola in West Africa. Ebola map Review

Healthmap is an automated electronic information system created in 2006 for monitoring, organizing and visualizing reports of global disease outbreaks. It is the brainchild of John Brownstein. It access data from variety of freely available electronic media sources like ProMED-mail, Eurosurveillance, Wildlife Disease Information Node and get complete view of the present global state of contagious diseases. From the first page of the site, you can access everything from Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever to Tick-born disease, malaria and the plague. Here, you can see all current news based on Ebola outbreaks. In addition, search and browse outbreak reports on the interactive map and set alert to get notification automatically whenever outbreak is occurring in your area. Continue reading

Safety Tips you should know before Buy and Sell in site like OLX or Quikr

Looking for the best classified site for your free ad posting, just go for OLX or Quikr. Both are praised for excellent work; however safety tips are given below for safe and secure buying or selling.

Classifieds website makes things notably easier! It connects buyers and sellers online for getting best value of products or services. On posting your ad on classified sites, you will start to get lots of buyers to purchase your posted item with first-rate price offerings. Websites like OLX or Quikr offers free local classified ads posting as well as highly praised for their simple using. OLX is a well-known global classifieds website while Quikr operates only in India. Both of them get countless ads submitted by the users daily. They offer faster and easier finding of flats, apartments, houses, PG, jobs, IT jobs, BPO jobs, used cars, used bikes, used furniture, used phones, used electronics…and so more to sell or buy. They are superb, but only if you know how to use classifieds smartly. Being an open platform, such classified sites have max out chances of scams and fraud using fake identity. So, beware when making transaction!!! Safety tips are available for both sites, it is good to checkout them before buying or selling anything on OLX or Quikr.

Safety Tips you should know before Buy and Sell in site like OLX or Quikr

Safety tips to use

Scam or fraud targets both buyers and sellers. So here are given safety guidelines for both buyers and sellers that help to identify any fraudulent. Continue reading Increase your chance of getting hired for Best Job

Register at Round One – a revolutionary online platform that connects jobseekers with company employees and increase your chances of getting hired by 10 times!

As the population is increasing by leaps and bounds, employment is not so easy to get and even if you are employed, you may not have the job of your choice. Moreover, in today’s highly competitive market of recruitment in India, it is very hard for job seekers to apply and get observed in the company of their preference, particularly when they don’t have a reference in the industry. So, the referral based recruitment portals are increasing at huge rate in order to connect job seekers with employees of different companies. That’s where Round One comes in – a job referral site that helps employers to get rid of their boring procedure of screening job seekers by fixing an interaction with job seekers whom they think to be a perfect fit for the company.

online job referral site, employee referral program

You may already know that the job sites don’t give their word or pledge to land you in the profile you are searching for. You have to just fill up the fancy form and wait for the blow of luck to knock. Nishant Mathur along with Ashish and Sahil fully observed and understood the common procedure and gaming of these ornamental job sites and decided to cast out something which would really make sense and be more valuable than only being a recruitment base. Continue reading

Useful Online Tools to make Financial Fundamental Strong in Students

Teach your kids the value of a dollar and how to manage money with online tools like Finance in the classroom, Secret Millionaires Club, Money confident Kids, Kids Finance, Money Management, Three Jars and more.

Making your kids habitual to put a few pennies in a piggy bank is not enough, also you should teach them about how to handle money responsibly. Unfortunately, personal financial literacy is not taught in schools to make kids money-smart. However following the global financial crisis that began in 2008 – a high interest for having personal finance classes in the K-12 setting is noticed especially for this time. Financial literacy is the capability to use knowledge and skills in making right and well-versed money management decisions. Making financial fundamental strong in students will also help them as citizens understand and make choices about many of the critical issues confronting the nation. It is believed that giving allowance is the best way to teach a child to handle financial responsibility. It can…but result is limited. You can prepare the children more with realistic life lessons, which are available through most advanced online tools, videos, and tips given below.

Useful Online Tools to make Financial Fundamental Strong in Students

It’s very important to make child fiscally responsible, but make sure that you should work on your child’s financial awareness early on, because once they’re teenagers, they are less likely to pay attention to your erudite advice.

Before we started with online tools, must read out given below six tips to start teaching kids about money from an early age:

1. Use everyday teachable discussing with your kids in supermarkets about why it’s necessary to make choices, purchase generic brands to save money or go to different stores to take advantage of sales. Let them pick out a fruit or vegetable to buy, explaining that money is limited and it’s important to make right decisions to avoid going over budget.

2. Give them an allowance. This is a common practice. Some parents disagree on the effectiveness of this approach while others believe that chores should be necessary to contribute his or her time to help with the family work load.

3. Spending vs. saving. Whenever kids want to buy a more expensive item, you can tell them that in order to do that, they have to set money aside. For this, it is good to use a modern piggy bank, which separates money between spend, save, donate, and invest. Optionally, you can even select to pay them interest on their saved or invested money to show them the added value of not spending all their money at once.

4. Teach budgets. Let them teach how you make budget for month by deducting each expense—groceries, electric bill, phone bill, insurance, savings, etc from a monthly salary, also explain how you deal with unforeseen issues that arise like car breaking down, eating out and purchasing clothes for fun from the money is left in the budget.

5. Let them make their own decisions. Parents can teach good money habits, and then should have to step back to see how their kids make their own goals and decisions. Thereby, they will enjoy the process and learn from their mistakes. Parents can of course step in only when advice is required to get them back on track.

6. Don’t skip the credit lesson.Although young kids won’t have their own credit card, teaching them about borrowing money can help them know the concept of spending money you don’t yet have. If they want to borrow money to buy something right away that they can’t afford, you can give them a loan and then charge interest.

Continue reading – Simplify Home buying process

Simplify home buying process with that gives multiple mortgage lenders choices on the basis of your APR, interest rate, loan term, down payment, and all other important aspects.

Planning to buy new home in near future, you have to consider many things before going to search or talking to you bank like credit score, down payment. Buying home is a great deal as well as it is one of the biggest transactions most people make in their lifetime. But, it is not possible for everyone to make their dream home come true. Getting a home mortgage is a viable solution for many homeowners. It’s a common way to finance and pay for your home by using the money from bank and other lending institutions. For the first-time home buyers, mortgage process becomes somewhat confusing to navigate. Thanks to MortgageHippo, it is very helpful and most reliable way to get the perfect mortgage. It works as homebuyers’ personal guide and walks with them through every step of the mortgage transaction and gives you essential tools to make smarter decisions. It gives fair suggestions and personalized results. In addition, it gives expert advises to keep you away from the common difficulties of the mortgage process and find your way home along the path of least struggles.

Mortgage Hippo is an online source that organizes and explains the process, getting ready you for the experience of purchasing your first home. The main aim of the site is to create a fair and respectable approach to the home purchasing experience. It gives suggestions and advises in searching for a mortgage. It has developed an optimal process to assist you for purchase and apply for a home loan from the comfort of your own home. The process of the site makes sure that you do this in a right way, starting with a self-assessment of your requirement and financial situations, estimating offers from multiple lenders and choosing the best fit for you. Connecting with mortgage application portal, you can get important notification regarding Mortgage updates, send necessary documents, check your loan status and converse with your MortgageHippo Guide – all from one centralized location. Continue reading Get refund for illegal T-Mobile Premium SMS (Text Message)

Are you overcharged for premium SMS (text message) services? Then file claim in T-mobile refund program on for get your refund. 

Six months before, T-mobile announced that the company would be cracking down on so-called ‘premium’ SMS services provided by third parties. These service provided SMS alerts on topics of interest like horoscopes, sports scores and weather, which are completely unnecessary in the modern day, and unwanted. That’s why, T-mobile has applied refund program to proactively reach out to former and current T-mobile consumers who may have incurred illegal charges for third party premium SMS (text message) services and give them a chance to request a refund for any unauthorized charges. If you paid for illegal premium text message services on your T-mobile account that you did not sign up for, then you are eligible to take the advantage of this voluntary program. Your refund amount is based on the amount of illegal Premium Text Message charges.

T-Mobile Premium SMS refund Program

Premium SMS services are text messaging program offered by third-party companies. These services included monthly payment to service that send SMS of sports scores, weather information, horoscopes or jokes. Some charges for these text messaging services were supposedly unlawful by consumers. Premium SMS service is active on consumer account when they responded to a short code or entered their phone number at a company’s website. T-mobile has stopped the Premium SMS Text Message services at the end of 2013, although many customers charged for these services until February 2014. So that covering up mistake, t-mobile has announced the Premium Services Refund Program that runs from July to September.

Who’s eligible?

All current and former T-mobile customers who overcharged of premium text message service can take a part in the T-mobile premium service refund program.

Note: If you charged for charitable contributions, campaign donations, and inmates’ collect calls are, then you are not eligible to apply.

Continue reading Check Indian Train Ticket PNR, Availability & Possibilities estimates your PNRs in seconds based on historical trends, and also helps you decide whether to book train ticket or not if the train is in waitlist.

Traveling through train is a preferable mode of transportation for middle and rich classes in India as they can buy tickets as per their budget and there are lots of train routes that touch almost every part of India. But what’s the major problem that many people have to face is that one has to book their train tickets in advance, otherwise they may not get the tickets at last moment of traveling due to lack of seat availability. So next time whenever you plan to book a train ticket, first visit as it is a train PNR predictor with great accuracy, where you can search trains, predict ticket confirmation chances, and subscribe for notifications.

Indian railway ticket booking helps you to predict the chances of getting confirmed train tickets in Indian Railway. is the leading train PNR predictor, which is backed by an exclusive and efficient algorithm for predicting your PNR. Furthermore at Confirmtkt, you can compare all the ticket confirmation chances for the trains on a single screen and decide on the travel alternatives. Continue reading New Generation of IRCTC Train Ticket booking Site for Speedy Booking

Getting e-tickets for your next rail has become speedy and less hassling due to, the New Generation of IRCTC Train Ticket booking website.

Booking railway tickets via IRCTC, the official website of Indian Railway needed patience as the site was extremely slow due to overload and traffic congestion. The website has even received lots of criticism for its slow and sluggish performance. But now, Indian railways passengers can book all types of tickets including general, ladies or tatkal easily and quickly thanks to the Next Generation E-Ticketing System of IRCTC. Just a few days before, IRCTC has rolled out next generation e-ticket booking website, for speedy and hassle-free booking. The new version of IRCTC website is more user-friendly and works four times faster than pervious portal. New Generation of IRCTC Train Ticket booking Site for Speedy Booking provides the better performance and capable to book 7200 e-tickets per minute compared to its predecessor (2000 tickets per minute). IRCTC has also added some new features to this new Train ticket booking portal. The site bridges the gap between demand and supply in e-ticketing category. This new railway ticket booking site is quite faster even during the peak traffic hours (tatkal booking time: between 10 am to 12 pm). Continue reading