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Using WhatsApp’s web-based chat client: An Idiot’s Guide is live offering all whatsapp mobile app features on desktop. Learn how to activate and use Whatsapp Web version.

WhatsApp is finally live on web with lots of extra features and limitations. Yes you heard right, now you do not need to use android, windows, blackberry or ios phone to write texts and silly time consuming methods to forward messages. You can now use all features that whatsapp mobile app offers on the desktop application. Remember that, Whatsapp Web is not another account but another way to use your same account, i.e. from phone and computer or laptop. Use Whatsapp from Computer online

Minimum requirements to access WhatsApp Web:

  • Active WhatsApp account on your phone
  • Stable internet connection on both your smartphone and computer or laptop
  • Must have Google Chrome
  • Rear camera of your smartphone must be in working condition

Continue reading A Website with Free Stock Photos of your every need

Explore more than 30 free stock photo and some free stock video and icon sites at one location – to find the best content for your personal or any commercial projects.

All your great information is use-less, if you don’t make the page visually appealing with relevant images. No doubt, the text is the most important part of your site’s content, as it has been read out first by traditional search engines. But photos are also important, as they liven up a boring page of your article for attracting more and more visitors to your website. Adding images also helps to give clear introduction to the topic to be discussed. Photos are really very helpful, but purchasing them is not affordable to every one. Fortunately, many sites online allow free downloading of high-quality stock photos for personal use, for any commercial projects or in all types of media for worldwide distribution! List of fantastic resources for stock photography is really big, but you can access content from almost 30 stock photo sites and some free stock video and icon sites at one single place – This site helps you pick the best photos in no time, saving your time to focus more on other activities of the project. Another best thing is that no fees, no subscription, and not even registration is required to download content…so try for once at least. A Website with Free Stock Photos of your every need

You will find simple but direct in use interface at Also at left side of the page, it has a good list of sites for free images, videos and icons, and all of them are worth bookmarking. As the list is long, All The Free Stock allow users to search and browse from a wide variety of sites to get the perfect stock photos, videos, and icons for your project. No need to search here and there, All The Free Stock allow searching and browsing of different stock image sites within its own site. And each of them is available with direct link; it means, just click and explore the world of free stock photos, videos, and icons! Continue reading View, Creating & Sharing Any type of Algorithm

Learn the basic concept of a particular algorithm and also view, create and share any type of algorithm on online site

If you are a student of engineering or medical science, then you may be familiar with different data structures and algorithms. Some algorithms are quite simple to understand while some are really hard. But those tough ones can be learnt easily with an animated example. Algomation is your one stop destination to find several popular algorithms, and get a specific algorithm via the search box. Just head over to the website, in order to create, share and most importantly, visualize algorithms of all types.

Created by Duncan Meech, Algomation is a platform on which all algorithms can be viewed by public and shared by any user of the site. Moreover, registered users can make new algorithms or fork offered one. All algorithms are made with JavaScript – the native language of the browser; however the visualization is carried out with an easy yet powerful API that doesn’t need any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Continue reading Check Website status whether Down or running

Check website status weather it is down or running through just by entering URL of the website whose status you want to check. In addition, you can find the last outage and outage times of popular websites.

Sometimes you face little difficulty to open up a website as well as get no response from that particular site. At that situation, many of you think there must be some problem with internet connection. But it’s wrong belief, so don’t blame your internet connection provider every time because sometime the site might be down. Now, you can check website status whether it down or running by using number of online services. is one of the best web-based tools to check current status of website and explore its long term outage history and list of recently down website. No longer process….you just need to provide the URL of website that status you want to know. Today, it is very important to check website for saving time of browsing.

Currently Down is free and simple but very useful web application to know when our website is offline. It has been launched in May 2014. So far the site has not got important notoriety on the web, but it has possible to become a preferred go-to resource for anyone who owns or manages web pages. There are numerous website to check website availability online for free, but CurrentlyDown is different from other because it brings a clean professional interface to users for easy navigation. Without taking ay charges, it presents valuable information to uses just with the click of mouse. Convenience and a practical design makes website be obvious among other website status checkers. Continue reading Search Youtube Video and Download MP3 Direct

Remove all your frustration of poor video streaming, as is your free tool to convert YouTube and SoundCloud videos into MP3. So, let’s enjoy at the fullest.

Music has amazing power to cut down your stress right on the spot. You just feel refreshed and ready to tackle all your stress of hectic schedule by listening to your favorite music. Many of us listen to music before bed, because soothing effects of music helps turn off racing mind, slowing-down, get relax and fall asleep easily. You can enjoy music in audio as well as video format. But long streaming of video playing just frustrates us, even it is very time-consuming. You can’t enjoy video while driving car, doing regular workouts, running, or cleaning the house. Whilst Audio is a feasible option, as it is “eyes free” content and most importantly we have a special part in our brain for music that allows listen to music while doing other things. YouTube and SoundCloud are mostly preferred place to download your favorite music, only problem is that these are video channels and waste your time in loading if you don’t have high-speed internet connection. Here makes thing easy for you. It offers the simplest, quickest and direct way to convert YouTube and SoundCloud videos into MP3 in few seconds! It’s totally free, so good for try! Search Youtube Video and Download MP3 Direct

Everyday, thousands of songs, videos, tutorials, speeches, reality shows are downloaded from the YouTube and SoundCloud. But, video format is the big problem here. You can have best option of This tool allows you convert YouTube and SoundCloud videos into MP3 in direct and fast manner without any need of additional software. Continue reading Compress PDF to share it quickly

Want to compress your PDF file to share it quickly through email, on webpage or social media network? Visit and compress up to 20 PDF file at a time without compromising document quality.

PDF (Portable Document Format) Files are the open, easy way to exchange files across all sorts of computer systems. It can be accessed virtually on any platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux as well as converted easily in another format conveniently and instantly. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to compress the size of file to send them as email attachments or upload them to websites. By compressing the file, you can not only reduce the total size of the file but also slot in huge amount of content in one document. That means you can use images, graphics, animation, audio and video file in single documents. is really good choice to compress PDF and share it very easily and quickly on webpages, social networks and email. It is different from other file compressor tool because it does not change the DPL in order that you can print and zoom in/out compressed documents. Compress PDF to share it quickly

Some users sty away from compression, because they fear that compression affect the quality of the images and text in the documents. In some compliments, this is valid concern because compression is always risky. But with, it is less risky because it does not decrease too much quality of PDF file. Storage space saving is the primary and the most notable advantage of the system that will do the PDF compression high volume scanning. Unfortunately, here you can compress only PDF files only. Continue reading Online Secure Cloud Storage of your Photos

Install online secure cloud storage – and access your photos from anywhere… on any device for your work also for sharing. In bonus, you can get excellent editing of raw files and photo management using its in-browser technology.

Moving all your photos to the cloud is common, but you can experience different with Offering 15Gb storage for free on Google Drive, this online cloud-based storage option would be new spot for your any size online photo collection, allowing you access, manage, edit, and share photos directly within a click! So now, just log into your account and work on your photos from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. What’s best here are… its services like (RAW processing) and (online photo editor). Most people just avoid shooting in RAW format, because lack of affordable, and effective RAW-capable photo editor apps. If so, try… your absolutely free RAW file image converter, photo editor, and live photo sharing platform with friends or coworkers for access without asking.

Not on its own servers, but connects to your Google Drive account for storing your images. This gives you truly reliable cloud connection as well as you won’t lose your photos even if you stop using the service, or they ever shut down. As uses a web browser instead of a specific file system or device, it becomes really easy to switch between your electronic devices directly from your desktop to your laptop or smartphone for photo editing and storage. Also using this in-browser technology, you can process images locally in a browser instead of server without any need of fast Internet connection. Really very fast! Continue reading

Tinker for iOS – improve productivity with duration based goals

Want to stay productive with continuous self-supervision to remind you to retrieve to work, so just download Tinker application for iOS device to tweak your productivity habits and be more efficient.

It’s never easy to be more productive at work and complete all tasks in required time frame. Every day, people create long list of things that they should be doing, but actually they can’t do all of them. That’s why sometime, they set reminders or use productivity apps to remind themselves to get back to work. There are many productivity apps, but that does not stop a steady slew of new additions to the App Store every month. Tinker is a new way to approach productivity that will help you to organize your life through duration-based goals. It makes it possible for you to be ‘on task’, every minute of the day. Instead of creating a long list of things to do as per your priority, it creates duration-based goals that help you to stay on track until your time is up. In the end, the goal is to help you to be more productive by being able to imagine your tasks and the time you give to them. This minimalistic application makes you to schedule tasks and set particular time for them. After that, you will be notified when it’s time to begin, display your progress during the task’s set period, and again alert you when you are supposed to be done.

Tinker iOS app images

The main aim of Tinker is to improve your productivity through the formation of duration based goals. It will give details of both starting and ending time of task as well as permit users to choose how much time you would like to assign to a specific goal – all in a very pleasant and progressive visualization. Using this application, you can create goals with starting date and visualize the progress of their current and future goals, tap a goal or cover the screen to pause a goals’ time and get notifications when you are ready to begin a new one or when your goal is completed. Continue reading Ultimate image optimization tool

Turn your big images in a web friendly format within a few clicks at Without any compromise in quality, it helps you shrink image file to the possible minimum size using the best lossy compression algorithms.

Most important part of your website is its content; however the images on your website can hold visitors stay long enough to read the content. Images are essential to communicate anything visual like products, artwork, or services. Only problem is their big size, images on website take about a half of weight. In result, it takes longer than necessary to load websites. Actual thing is that photos that are transferred from the camera are high in resolution, for eg. 3456 x 2304 px and they are fit for printing only, and obviously not for any website. With optimization, you can cut image size without losing its quality. So, photographs or images used on website should be properly optimized; if not so, it takes too long for a website to load as it is normally, resulting unbearable loss of potential visitors and sales. For making successful website; not just the good quality photos matter, it is also important that they are properly optimized. To get the images in a web friendly format, lots of free and easy tools for optimization are available on the net. But go with the best one… It makes use of a smart lossy compression algorithms to cut the size of image file to the possible minimum size, even keeping the required level of quality. This is totally free, so it is good to try for once, at least!

image optimizing

Despite of your fast internet connection, not optimizing images has bad impact on the infrastructure of your website. Not optimizing images makes you stand thousands or millions of dollars of unnecessary costs. You require twice the data center storage capacity, electricity, data center engineers, part supply, etc. If you don’t optimize image on website, it is total waste of costly bandwidth. Continue reading