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AT&T Mobility Inc is one of the largest providers of wired and wireless broadband services in the United States. It is an American based Telecommunication firm, which is headquartered at Whitacre Tower in Texas. A lawsuit or case has been filed against the AT&T Mobility of the United States. The customers of AT&T claimed that the company charged fee for the Universal Service Charges on data pay-per-use plans, visual voicemail service, customer custom packaging scheme and international calls during January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2010. The customers also allege that the AT&T Mobility is legally responsible for the damage caused to the Settlement Class.

According to the lawsuit, AT&T violated the federal and state law by charging fee for the Universal Service Charges. Whereas, the company believes that the allegations in the lawsuit are fake and incorrect, but somehow AT&T has agreed to make a settlement payment of $152,634,430. The customers will be refunded only after the other fees like the fees for the lawyers and the expenses for the lawsuit in terms of administration costs have been deducted from the fund. What the claimant will get actually depends on how many people have requested for the compensation. The customers will get the payment in the form of a credit after the settlement has been approved by the court.

If you are a current customer of the company, then there is no need of filing a claim, you will automatically receive a credit. But, the former customers need to complete a valid Claim Form either online or via regular mail. To receive your refund through online, visit Hit on ‘Submit a Claim’ and then provide your claimant ID number on Postcard notice along with your last name/business name or by making a call to this number (800) 330-6315. To claim through mail, you have to mail at the following address: ATTM USC Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 33309, Washington D.C. 20033-0309.

You can also eliminate yourself from the Settlement Class by signing your request for exclusion. Your request must contain the following things such as your name, address when you were assessed USC by AT&T Mobility and your current address, signature and a specific statement that states ‘I want to be excluded from the Settlement Class’. The request must be sent before January 30, 2013. If you are no longer a customer of AT&T, then you will receive a check which will be issued to you by the Settlement Administrator. After submitting a claim form, you can keep checking the settlement website to find out when you will get paid.

You can even object to the Settlement by signing your objection personally or by legal guidance. Objecting is completely different from excluding. Objecting is simply telling the court what you do not like about the settlement. Just like the exclusion, your objection should state your name, address when you were assessed USC by AT&T Mobility and current address. Plus, you need to provide the names and addresses of any witnesses who will appear at the hearing along with the name of the counsel representing you.

The court will hold a hearing of this Settlement on February 20, 2013 at the Circuit Court for the City of St. Louis, Missouri at 10:00 a.m. to determine whether the settlement is fair and reasonable. The customers who want to make a statement at the court can appear at the hearing with their written objection. This website has been established in accordance to the section 15 of the Global Class Action Settlement Agreement.

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