Learn to activate any Garmin Cards on Garmin.com/activatecard

Garmin is one of the leading manufacturers of GPS devices in the whole world. Since its inception in 1989, Garmin has been serving nearly all key markets including aviation, automotive, marine and outdoor recreation, by offering pioneering navigation products and applications. The company provides a huge range of portable, hand-held and fixed mount GPS-enabled devices for planes, cars, boats and even pedestrians. All of these user-friendly products not only have superb design and superior quality, but also a host of innovative features that ensures to enhance the lives of the customers. Moreover, Garmin offers a few useful update options in the form of cards namely nüMaps Lifetime, nüMaps Onetime, BlueChart g2 Update, BlueChart g2 Vision Update, BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, and Garmin Safety Cameras card.

Garmin.com/activatecard: Learn to activate any Garmin Cards

Garmin device users can get even more enhanced features by adding an upgrade card to their device. Certain GPS products come bundled with any one of these cards to keep you always updated so that you never get lost. Plus, all these cards are also sold separately for the Garmin customers. You can purchase a Garmin card from the company’s official site or through other popular mass retailers like Amazon.com, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart Stores. Now, have a look on some of the main features of each Garmin card and find out which one is best for you and your device.

nüMaps Lifetime

Pay for nüMaps Lifetime subscription and get the most up to date maps for the entire lifetime of your Garmin device. The most exciting part of this card is that you need to purchase it just once, and it allows you to download the latest map info on highways, streets and other key points of interest up to 4 times in a year that too without any monthly fees or maintenance costs.


  • Features fully detailed maps of all major metropolitan areas, including highways, national and regional roads.
  • Includes updated points of interest, including restaurants, business facilities, worship places, educational institutions, and many more on your Garmin device.
  • Offers download as often as every three months. All you have to do is log into your myGarmin account.
  • Provides email notification for each and every subscribers’ whenever new data is available for download.
  • Cost: $ 89.99 USD

nüMaps Onetime

As the name suggests, with nüMaps Onetime subscription you will get one map data update for one compatible Garmin product. This one-time purchase card can replace all the outdated content with the most up to date streets, roads, and points of interest, including restaurants, banks, hotels, and gas stations once in a year. So, buy this update card to replace all the maps present in your Gramin device with the latest maps available.


  • Includes million kilometers of road coverage, including highways, regional & national main roads and local & rural roads throughout the particular country.
  • Displays millions of updated points of interest, including restaurants, hotels, ATMs, gas stations, parking garages, and lots more.
  • Provides detailed information, like speed categories, turn directions, and other such useful navigational features.
  • Offers turn-by-turn directions on your Garmin device.
  • Provides postal code support.
  • Cost: $ 49.99 USD

BlueChart g2 Update

The BlueChart g2 provides fully detailed marine maps on garmin devices. Besides the basic charts, the BlueChart g2 offers some realistic navigation features like shows information about the tidal stations, currents, depth contours, port plans, obstructions, wrecks, IALA symbols, navaids, etc. Now, the BlueChart g2 Update card lets you to update your current preprogrammed BlueChart G2 card with the most up to date data available for the existing region. It will update each and every feature of the BlueChart g2 card with the newest data.

Features of BlueChart g2:

  • The navigation features displays everything from depth contours to port plans, intertidal zones and restricted areas.
  • Safety Depth settings enables the users to assign a maximum of five values for specific depth contour intervals.
  • Smooth presentation of maps comprises flawless transition between different zoom levels and more continuity across chart boundaries.
  • Users can choose either the standard 2D or much clearer 3D view for maps.
  • Offer fishing charts that enables the device user to get a clearer view of the ocean floor so as to catch more fish.
  • The BlueChart g2 card is compatible with the software called HomePort, because of which you can use BlueChart data to plan and organize the routes ahead of your trip from your PC.

BlueChart g2 Vision Update

The BlueChart g2 Vision, the premium version of the BlueChart g2, provides finest mapping as well as graphics capabilities. The BlueChart g2 Vision offers a host of helpful features like fully detailed charting of BlueChart g2, high-resolution satellite imagery, aerial photographs, auto guidance technology, and also coastal roads along with points of interest. Just like BlueChart g2 Update, the BlueChart g2 Vision Update card also allow the users to replace the content with the latest version available.

Features of BlueChart g2 Vision:

  • With the help of a BlueChart g2 Vision card, you can get benefits from the Garmin’s Auto Guidance technology. Just enter the location where you want to reach and the Auto Guidance technology would instantly make a search using relevant charts and will create a safe path for you, while keeping in mind the dimensions of your boat.
  • Provide high-resolution satellite imagery.
  • Allow the users to work on different modes, namely fishing mode and navigation mode.
  • Offers amazingly clear aerial photography which can show you brilliant details of several ports, marinas and harbors.
  • A feature called MarinerEye view provides a 3D view of the surrounding area (above and below the water line), while FishEye view provides a 3D view of the ocean floor.
  • Like BlueChart g2, the BlueChart g2 Vision too is compatible with the HomePort software.

BirdsEye Satellite Imagery

The BirdsEye Satellite Imagery allows the users to speedily transfer high-resolution satellite images to their Garmin navigation devices in order to get an exact depiction of the surroundings. A one year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription along with BaseCamp™ software not only enables you to transfer an unlimited amount of satellite images to the device but also integrate those images into your device’s maps at any time you need them.


  • Provide color satellite images at a high resolution
  • Allow the users to include the Garmin vector maps on your device, so that you get a realistic view of roads, terrain, and buildings.
  • Very much beneficial for worldwide hikers and campers, as it assist them in finding out trails or trailheads and clearings for camping areas.
  • Make it easy for goecachers to determine the terrain type around a cache and also in making out the parking area close to the caches.
  • Allow the travelers to see tourist landmarks & hot spots from an aerial view so that they don’t get lost in a new place.
  • Cost: $ 29.99 USD

Garmin Safety Cameras card

Since the number and locations of the safety cameras are ever-changing, it is very important to keep the safety camera database inside your device always updated. The Garmin Safety Camera updates are made available for the Garmin device users through a one-time purchase, a yearly subscription, and a free trial. By taking a one year subscription, the users would get unlimited updates throughout the year to help them drive safe and sound while staying away from penalty fines or higher premiums. On the other hand, choose the one-time option for a single region.

This safety camera update works by linking your device to the Cyclops database, which is maintained on daily basis and comprises valuable information about several safety cameras, like average speed, fixed, mobile, temporary or roadwork, red light, and red light cameras. As soon as you come near a camera, your Garmin device would sound an alert. Certain Garmin models also show a speed limit warning. This system is powered by smart GPS software, which can recognize the road and direction of travel, and hence the system will always provide route-relevant alerts without giving any kind of false warnings.

How to activate a Garmin card?

No matter whether you have purchased a Garmin card or you are lucky enough to get a card along with your Garmin device, you must activate it before you can use it. The activation process is really very simple. Follow the steps given below to activate your Garmin card.

  • Visit Garmin.com/activatecard.
  • Now, enter the product code. In order to get this code, just turn the Garmin card over and scratch the area next to “Product Key” using a coin or key.
  • Hit the blue colored “Continue” button.
  • Then follow the simple instructions to complete the activation process.

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  1. Don Schmidt

    I have tried numerous times to update my maps with my Garmin lifetime map card and failed everytime!
    Any suggestions?

  2. jerry bowen

    I have a garmin alpha100 and I purchased the birds eye I have the card but cant get any info how to get it on my device

  3. Nancy Poe

    I have a nuvi 1350 system and purchased a lifetime card to update the system. The card cost me
    $89.95 and I have not been able to update even though I have tried several times since my purchase.
    Any advice? Or do I need to buy a new unit?


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