I bet these Epic Comments can’t stop your laughing

Take a look at 20 funniest epic social media comments that will make you laugh until you cry.

Today people are so addicted to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp) that they can’t even spend a day without using it. They love to share status updates, quotes, stories, photos or proverbs on their wall so that their friends can read and comment on. But sometimes users post hilarious or funniest comments which make not-so-great status, quotes, photos or proverbs a super epic. Here are some of the best epic comments found on social media that will make you laugh and lift your mood.

20 Epic Social Media Comments

No one tells the story of unlimited calls after marriage

airtel hilarious unlimited calls and internet ad comment

Anushka Sharma duckling lips

anushka sharma duckling lips comment

The moment when wife/girlfriend check browser history

girl checking web history epic facebook comment

When Sarthak Agarwal Scored 99.6% marks in CBSE exams

funny comments on Sarthak Agarwal exam score

Too funny…a yoga posture to make me laugh

hilarious comment for yoga posture on Instagram

Your father should have slept quietly that night

facebook comment that make you laugh

Funny Reply to abortion. OMG this lady dare to talk about blowjob in public..LOL

I bet these Epic Facebook Comments can't stop your laughing

This Man is really a shit.

Epic Facebook Comments on hand in the ultra clear water

The truth behind increasing Indian population

Indian population reason revealed

The law of karma: “As you sow, so shall you reap” changed

funny comments made on law of karma

Reason why Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t got Oscar till now

Epic Leonardo DiCaprio Facebook Comments

Arranged marriage truth

fact marriage in India

Best answer for puzzle

humorous comments for puzzle

Woman Selfie photo craze

woman taking selfie in the bathroom

Reason why Rahul Gandhi is still a bachelor

funny reply on mahesh murthy facebook status

Rodger Federer thankful to Sachin for choosing cricket as career

Sachin tendulkar playing tennis

Sunny Leone question replied according her pornographic career: “What juice I’m drinking”

hilarious facebook Comment on Sunny Leone question

Sometime we do not need any clarifications for stupid persons.

facebook comments on taj mahal facts

Boy admitted HIV positivity to his ex-girlfriend

whatsapp msg that can't stop your laughing

Useless Patakhe of Pakistan after India’s crushing victory over Pakistan

India victory over Pakistan funny comments

Image source: scoopwhoop.com and quora.com

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