– Lowe’s Employee Portal Review is the webpage of Lowe’s employee portal from which existing as well as former employee can access human resource information offered by the Lowes Company. is designed for the Lowe’s employee’s benefits and satisfaction. - Lowe's Employee Portal Review

Lowe’s Company is the manufacturer of home appliances that was established at North Wilkesboro, North Carolina in 1946. By covering 20 stores in Canada and 1,710 stores in the United States, the company provides services to over 14 million customers per week. Lowe’s Company is the second biggest chain of hardware in U.S and 34th biggest chain in the world. It has decentralized organization. Lowe’s store, located anywhere, contains 80 or more than 400 employees on the basis of size and sales level of the store. Lowe’s is the winner of 8 Energy Star awards from 2003 to 2010 for providing energy efficiency benefits to the consumers.

The Lowe’s employee can get the portal benefits by signing in at Employees need the sales id number and password to log in at the site. When you forget the password, you can retrieve it by entering your sales id and giving the answers that are asked to you. If you are part time employee then your benefits vary from the full time employees. You will obtain all the HR information including life insurance plan, disability plan, medical plan, and dental plan after signing in on the portal. You can become a part of 401(k) plan after completing the six months of service.

Previous employees are not able to log in on the website so they have to click on the link provided below the heading “are you a former employee?” Five options are given for the former employees such as hand book, eTrade, Wells Fargo, Employee transition information and 2010 COBRA benefits. Click on any of above link to receive detailed information of it.

Handbook gives inclusive study of retirement plan, administration plan, severance pay plan, benefits, plan overview and benefits plus. Benefits handbook contains information about benefits of various plans including Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Lowe’s Welfare Plan and Lowe’s 401(k) Plan. You can become a part of any of these plans on the basis of your position.

In the handbook, you can find flexible spending account, which is used by the employee when the expenditures exceed from vision care, medical and dental option. Critical illness, pre time employees, additional insurance, life & accident insurance, group insurance plan, payroll benefits and retirement benefits are included in the handbook.

Employee transition information provides details about vacation pay, dependent life insurance, dental insurance, work/life benefits, and verification of employment, unemployment compensation and many more plans of the Lowe’s. Former employees must be aware about changes during the year 2011, know about medical benefits, perception drugs and vision through 2010 COBRA benefits guide at site.


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  1. cindy barnes

    why am i having problems signig on to my lowes i am a lowes employee and i can put my salesman number in and password in and then it will ask me the security question and then it will not pull up the next page. are you having problems with the website because this is going on for a couple of weeks now. contact me at Thank you cindy barnes

    1. rushika

      cindy Im having same problem as you .trie so many time tried to print my pay stub and print it out no luck,sometime we have no time at work to print my pay stub still no luck,this is why some of our customers are so done with our web site ,let me know when you finally go through

      1. rushika

        Helo Cindy, I am a current “seasonal employee” as was told I needed to apply for a “regular employment” position….I have reset my password twice, and still can’t login….kind of a problem…..

  2. Barbara J Smith

    I have been with Lowe’s for 10yrs and I have tried to sign in too many times and wh3n I go to work to sign in I have to change my password everytime. This is VERY ANNOYING. Help!!!!

    1. maria

      I have been with Lowe’s for 14 yrs. and the same issues everyday….this is the largest retail store and we have one of the oldest computer system….I here customer
      everyday complaining I don’t understand why your computer system is so old…..

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