Check Balance of RBC Visa Prepaid Card

RBC, one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies, offers services like banking, insurance, wealth management and capital markets on a worldwide basis. RBC becomes the first choice of its customers due to its values, services, cooperation, responsibility, diversity and integrity. It offers the precise advice and solutions to its customers in an ever-changing financial environment. It helps its customers in making a better future. RBC Royal Bank issues Gift Card or Visa Prepaid Card to its customers. Card holders can visit at to login and manage their card account online. Its services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check Balance of RBC Visa Prepaid Card

RBC Visa Prepaid Card provides the flexibility and safety of your finance. If your card is lost or stolen, then its security features offer protection. You can use this card nearly anywhere in the world as it is accepted online, through phone and at millions of retail locations worldwide similar to Visa Cards. With this card, you can purchase things that you want, and pay for your basic requirements. This is a multipurpose and affordable card. You will be charged a purchase fee of only $3.95 when you make purchase with the use of RBC Prepaid Visa card.

The RBC Prepaid Visa card comes in worth of $25 – $500, so a card holder can shop where they want for simple requirements on a daily basis or an overgenerous treat. Card holders should not use this card for hotels, car rental agencies, cruise lines, restaurants, and other services that needs extra charge. These services may need a hold that will be placed on funds in advance of offering the merchandise or services. This hold may be up to an additional 20% in some situations. So, do not use a prepaid card in these circumstances.

Keep in mind that you cannot use RBC Prepaid Visa card on online gambling websites. As well, you cannot use this card to pay for fuel at the pump but you can use it with a cashier for fuel purchases. Visa Prepaid Cards are prepaid/stored value cards in reality that means when card holder make purchases, amounts are deducted from the cards until the balance reaches $0. You cannot use this card to withdraw cash at an ATM or to get any other cash withdrawal or to make economic payments at any financial organization.

You need to register your card at to enjoy the online services. To register your RBC Prepaid Visa card, visit, enter your card information and follow the on screen instructions. After registration, you need to enter your prepaid card number, last 4-digits of your phone number and 3-digit security code of your card to login. After logging in, you can make purchase, view your payment history, check your card balance, and more.

You can check your RBC Visa Prepaid Card balance online at, or by phone toll-free at 1-855-228-8885. If you get assistance by a live agent, then you will be charged $2 fee. If you are calling to report a disputed transaction, a lost or stolen card or unauthorized use of your card or card number, then this fee will be waived. You may be liable to pay extra charges for reloadable programs. For complete information about your card, refer the agreement that came with it.

RBC Prepaid Visa card can be used immediately and doesn’t require activation or set-up. If your card is lost or stolen, then you can replace it if it is registered at You can instantaneously contact at its toll–free number, 1-855-228-8885 within Canada or the United States to report for your lost or stolen card. Replacement of a card can charge you a Replacement Card fee of $15 that can be deducted from available balance. Your available balance in the card will be transferred to the new replaced card.

RBC Prepaid Visa card has an expiry date on it. If your card has been expired, then do not worry as your funds will never expire. You need to call at 1-866-466-8079 to learn how to get a new card issued with the remaining balance after the expiry date of your card. You need not to pay usage, maintenance, inactivity, replacement or expiry fees on RBC Visa Gift Cards. You have to pay the one-time $3.95 purchase fee, after that you will enjoy all the benefits from the full value of your gift whenever it is used.

5 thoughts on “ Check Balance of RBC Visa Prepaid Card

  1. elaine j. wotton

    I phoned your toll free number and they told me the card number was incorrect, which it is not!!!
    The number is: 4510-1600 – 5670 6291 (765 or 705 on the back of card).
    I don’t believe there is much left on the card but would like to check it out.

  2. David W Golding

    Christmas 2013 I recieved a company bonus in the form of four gift cards of $500 each . I gave two cards to my wife for house maintenance projects I used one for vehicle servicing, and gift purchases. And the fourth I tucked away in a briefcase for future emergencies. I have just re-discovered it and went on line to check the balance which might be the full value of the card or not; to discover that for protection the card loses its access at the end of 2014. I trust that only the bank can re-activate and honour the cards value. What else do you require of me, the card number is 4510 1602 0393 5827 (334) on the back of the card. Garritano Bros construction purchased the cards and I am still employed by them.


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