Pay You PCH bill and Manage PCH Account online on

The Publishers Clearing House offers online bill pay service that is becoming popular day by day. This service allows users to pay their bills online without any hard work or difficulty. Its customers need not to stand in long queues for making payment as they can pay their bill at the comfort of their home or office. PCH offers better services and great benefits to its customers. At present, PCH is working as a multinational company for the intention of direct marketing. It connects with its consumers by mail or its online communication system. Its services are household products, magazine subscription on discounts and its other sweepstakes proposals. Pay You PCH bill and Manage PCH Account online

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) guarantees that all products are exactly as publicized and to make sure the product’s accuracy by double checking of product information. PCH also asks for feedback to be in touch with its customers and to offer them topnotch services with the help of their feedback. It tries to satisfy its customers with superior quality products and services. However, if customers are not satisfied, then they may return the product within 120 days after the purchase of that product. PCH assured its customers about privacy of their personal information and it keeps its customers information severely confidential.

Manage your PCH Account online:

If you have a PCH Account, then you can easily manage your account online. To log in, visit the My Account page at, enter your account number/customer ID and postal/zip code and click on the “Submit” button. After logging in to your account, you can see your order status, check your account balance, see a history of all your orders and previous purchases, and make payment for a single order or all of them at once. You can pay your bills by check, debit or credit card without any additional processing fees. You can also access products from the comfort of your home.

Pay your PCH bill online:

Visit, login to your account and enter your 11-digit Customer ID written on your bill, and your zip code. Choose the order that you want to pay for or pay your entire Account balance, and click on the “Pay now, credit card payment” option given at the bottom of the page. You can also make payment by entering your 12-digit Order Number written on your bill, and zip code, and clicking on the “Pay by Credit Card Now” option at the top of the page. If you need help, then you can call at 1-800-645-9242 from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. ET.

18 thoughts on “Pay You PCH bill and Manage PCH Account online on

  1. joseph canney

    I would like to request an adjustment on my bill. I am retired now and i will not be able to pay my bill untill the last wednesday of every month. My next deposit will be August 27th.

  2. Elva Anderson

    please give me a little more time to pay. I get social security and that’s all the income I receive, I can make payments at the third of each month.My grown daughter passed away couple of months ago and she had no insurance whatsoever, she lived in another state so I could not get to do anything but send money to the funeral home to cremate her which is what I had to do.I will pay but can only pay once a month at beginning of the month, the third of each month. sincerely ELVA ANDERSON. PLS. LET ME KNOW IF U WILL ACCEPT THIS.

  3. Juanita Morris

    Why do I have a bill for $5.99 for a magazine “Family Circle”
    I never ordered this, nor do I want it. Send proof that I ordered this and I will not report fraud.

    This is my second and final request for this information. As you are threatening me to report this bill to the credit department, I will be perusing action of fraud.

    From your invoice dated 11/14/2014:
    Customer number: 02342082795
    Order number: 103570605597
    Amount due: $5.99. (Allegedly)

    Your response is requested.

    J. Morris

  4. RichardAranda

    My account is01265123412,I tried to contact customer service but I was unable , the reason IAm sending this message is because I never received my free gift . If I need to sent back the items I ordered, where do I sent them? Please reply to my email Thanks you very much.

  5. Anne Harbut

    I can’t get into your website to pay for a magazine which I never ordered–“Flying”! REally?!

  6. Pam Burrowes

    I don’t think I awe the $31.91 order #3048 8196 9920. I can’t get online to look at my account #01682640865

  7. gary pennington


  8. Marcia Bankes

    My last bill was for $46.00 and some odd cents. I paid $39.00 and now I owe you about $25.00/ I don’t understand your arithmetic!!!! Thank you in advance for your answer to this.

  9. Tammy Toro

    I’m trying to make a minimum payment on my account, how do you do it? I have called customer but keeps referring me to the website. Please help

  10. tamica GATHERS

    Help!!!!!!!!!!!can u please put my money back on my card!!!!!!asap!!!!!!I did not approve of this large amount to be took off my card !!!!!!!you jus don’t take Nuthin off people card without approval 2months later I don’t have anything from you !!!!for this to come off my card!!!!!! This is very wrong and deceiving!!!!!! No one contacted me for this !!!!!!

    1. tamica GATHERS

      Please help resolve this problem of taken large amounts of money off my card I did not authorize!!! My rent money was removed off my card I only receive 230·Ok u took 140 that is to much to take from me I never approved that much!!!!!robbery never received a book other PEOPLE is getting books I don’t live there no more and I stated that card should have not went threw no account number no books no contact and to jus take my money is WRONG!!!help help help HELP


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