Manage Social Security Account online

Create an online my Social Security Account at to get quick access to your personal Social Security information.

Check out some of your own Social Security details at, which is an easy-to-access, easy-to-use portal. Last year in January, the U.S. Social Security Administration had launched My Social Security. It is an online account that people can use in their working years and continuing all through the time they get Social Security benefits. People age 18 and older can sign up for an account at and get quick and easy access to see and update information. My social security online account will help you get an estimation of what your advantages may be. Keep in mind that these could be possibly various kinds of advantages.

My Social Security online

To create your own My Social Security online account, you must have valid email address, Social Security number, U.S. mailing address and reached at the age of 18. Then, visit and click on ‘Sign in’ option given on the top right side of the homepage. You can create an account simply to get access to your own personal details and cannot use this online service to access the records of other person like your business partner, or else. On the Sign In or Create an Account page, existing users can login with their username and password while new users have to register by clicking on “Create an account” tab. Agree the terms and conditions and go to the next step, in which you need to provide your few personal details including name, birth date, SSN, address, zip code, phone number, etc. Note well that breach of service can result in criminal charges. Follow the instructions to verify your identity, secure your identity and create your account.

Once you create an online account during your working years, you can use my Social Security to receive a copy of your Social Security statement, obtain estimates about retirement, disability and survivors’ benefits that you and your family may get, see earnings records and estimate the Social Security and Medicare taxes paid until now. Those people, who already received Social Security benefits, can use the account to get an instant benefit verification letter, check your benefit and payment information, and to change address and phone number also to start or change direct deposit information online.

In case, your clients require proof of their social security or supplemental security income benefits, tell them that they can obtain a benefit verification letter online right away through My Social Security account. You can serve your clients quicker as they no longer have to visit a Social Security Office or wait for a letter to be mailed to them. They can get up-to-date details they require online, also from a PC in your office. With my Social Security, those who get benefits can easily view, print, or save an official letter that consist of proof of their Benefit amount and type; Age and Medicare start date and withholding amount.

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    1. Janet L. Eurton

      Need to have taxes withheld from my Social Security new account …to start in July 2017 Checks

    1. Bennie Sue Gibson and Charlie Watson Gibson

      M y husband and I had to change our bank account number because of a feud scam. We have automatic direct banking monthly for our benefits. How do we go about getting the account number changed to our new number? Please let me know what I am to do to accomplish this.

      Bennie Sue Gibson

  1. Betty Kegerreis

    I need to get proof of income for 2017 please. I do not remember my password. Need this information today for the Rental Office/recertification.
    Thank you.

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