106 thoughts on “Speedyrewards.com: Register & Login to Redeem Speedy Rewards Points

  1. Marlon L. Merriweather Sr

    i am interested in earning extra points, and obtaining prizes. My speedway reward card number is as follows: 408343 100478

  2. Billie J Witt

    I have a speedy rewards card which has accumulated 40000 plus points over several years and I have forgot my information to access my account , is there any way to recover this information without loosing these points? Thanks

    1. Deanna Turbiak

      I have not used my card to redeem anything in a long time and I have a lot of points. Unfortunately I don’t remember my information, is there anyway I can get the information that I originally sign up with many years ago?

  3. Robert Spencer

    Can’t figure out to navigate your website !!! Please register my Speedy Rewards card #411148 576560. Thank-you.


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