6 thoughts on “Aceelitecard.com: Activate & Login to manage ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Card

  1. darnellcarr

    my name is darnellcarr and i have a aelite net spen visa debit card and no.4039958309325385 and acc pin 147 plus i have a paypal.5311060711034477 pin no.183 i am trying to get a greendotcard allso. i sure have somemoney in one of my account and it not showing up on myaccount from one of my vendor.and i would like to know why.surveybux $147.00 suveys fordollars and $500.00 on dec 31 is missing so email me back inntime soon.

  2. Raul Munoz

    I am a recent visa debit card owner visit in Spain. The clerks in Corpus Christi told me I could use my debit in Spain but my account is saying their is something wrong with my account 70002902286658. Please help me unfold the mystery. So at least I know what to do. I need money over here really bad

  3. jennifer robertson

    How can I get my account and routing number? I’ve lost my paperwork. I have direct deposite. But need info to pay bills online.


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