Activate, Login & Bill Payment with Belk Credit Card

Popularity of credit cards is increasing day by day. Credit card plays an important role in making you able to pay for things and provisions when you do not have the cash or money. Life becomes easier with credit cards that can be a huge benefit if they will be used cautiously and responsibly. Credit cards also keep your money safe. You need not to carry cash if you have credit card, so it reduces the risk of money theft. While credit card is lost, you can call up customer service center and report that the card is lost or stolen. The company will close down your account within minutes, and make it impossible for anyone else to use the card. Www.BelkCredit.Com offers Belk credit card services to its customers online and makes it easier for them to take advantage of company services over the internet. Activate, Login & Bill Payment with Belk Credit Card

GE Capital Retail Bank issues Belk credit card. Belk credit card members can access their Belk account at www.BelkCredit.Com to observe and review all their Belk credit issues. After logging into an account, members can view all their account transactions. Belk credit card members are provided with services such as check the balance of their account, pay their bills, get a copy of the transactions placed, track recent activity on the account, get an electronic bank statement, and keep track of the reward points earned over credit card. People apply for credit card for lots of diverse reasons such as to start building their credit, to enjoy the advantages that come with the card, etc.

Belk offers three types of reward credit cards such as the Belk Rewards Card, the Belk Premier Card and the Belk Elite Card. Every card has its own advantages. Belk credit card members can enjoy precious rewards with special savings. The Belk Rewards Card is designed to make its users’ Belk shopping experience really wonderful. Belk Rewards Card electronic statements make its users’ life simpler and it is quick, expedient and protected. Users will receive electronic statements for viewing & saving online every month similar to paper statement. The company is providing attractive deals to its precious customers in the form of rewards certificates through which customers will be allowed to take benefit of special services over raised use of Belk credit cards.

The company provides a 15 percent discount on one day’s purchase at the Belk. If you make a purchase of $1 with Belk Rewards Card, you will earn 1 reward point. The users would earn an amount of $10, for every 400 reward points collected with Belk Rewards Card. Belk Premier card offers services in which some are similar to the Belk Rewards and others are additional services of special financing with Belk Rewards Flex Pay Plan, free deluxe gift wrap and free basic alterations. Belk Elite Card offers triple point events, an ability to pick sale days on a quarterly basis, 20 percent discount during the month of customers’ birthday and free shipping coupons.

How to apply for a Belk Rewards Card?

To apply for a Belk Rewards Card online, visit, and click on the “Apply Today” button. Enter your personal information in the required boxes or select the answers for questions, tick mark in the box to indicate you agree to the terms and conditions of use, and then click on “Accept and Submit” button. Confirm your information and follow instructions to complete the application procedure.

How to pay bills with Belk Credit Card?

Visit, and click on “Belk Credit Card” given at the top of the page to access the Belk Credit Card online services. Enter your user ID and click on the ‘login’ button to enter your password. Select the menu option for making a payment and as you first select a funding source for the payment such as a checking account, follow the prompts and make the actual payment. If you are new then you need to register first by visiting, clicking on “Belk Credit Card”, and clicking on “Register Here” option to create a user ID and password.

You can activate your Belk Credit Card, by visiting, entering your User ID to login, and following the instructions to activate your card. New users can complete the registration process to activate their card. While the Belk website is protected server based, but customers need to remember certain points to avoid any adverse condition. These points are:

  • Do not access online account on a public computer.
  • Do not reveal your account logging information to others.
  • Always delete the cookies and ‘Internet Temporary Files’ after you have logged out.
  • Never click on links that are sent by email from an unfamiliar sender that refer to your Belk accounts.
  • Set passwords that are not applicable English words. Consider conceptually and select a password that is easy to keep in mind but hard to guess.
  • Always check the spelling of URLs properly. There are lots of mimic websites that have approximately same spellings and attempt to steal your secret information.


  • It is convenient and secure, and offers free services.
  • It offers valuable rewards with special savings.
  • Card holders can check their balance and check their earned points.
  • They can Pay their bill, Sign up for electronic statements, Check recent activity and Download transactions.
  • They can add an authorized user and update personal information.

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  1. susan shuman

    I would like to access my Belk account. Concerned about some charges but since I bank on line, I don’t have access to full statement. Can you help?

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    I would like to activate my belk credit ending in 5196 I need also to find out my balance so I can pay on line Thanks

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    jesse c knight , belk card # 6045 8315 1233 6100
    last time used 2014. activate for future credit


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