60secondpremier.net: A Site to Confirm First PREMIER Credit Card

First PREMIER is one of the top 20 issuers of MasterCard credit cards in the United States that serving millions of customers nationwide. It’s headquarter is situated in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. First Premier Bank URL is www.60secondpremier.com. It provides a wide range of subprime credit cards. It provides a wide range of service from traditional and non-traditional services to the customers nationwide. The importance of credit is increasing day by day as they are used to purchase small need to the big one like homes, cars, educations, vacations and more.

60secondpremier.net: A Site to Confirm First PREMIER Credit Card

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You can apply online for the First Premier Credit Card.

Credit card features:

  • Easy and short application process
  • You can use card everywhere they are accepted
  • Your account history are reported to the major Consumer Reporting Agencies
  • The bank provides protection to your personal information

How to apply

  • Visit at www.60secondpremier.net
  • Enter the Confirmation Number which you have received on your mail id.
  • After that click on “Apply”
  • Even if, you don’t have Confirmation Number you can still apply it.
  • To get Confirmation Number, enter the details like your name, a valid e-mail Id, date of birth, city, state, your Social Security Number, phone number and other details.
  • Click on “continue”.
  • You can easily find out about fees, costs, limitations, and rates.
  • After that review your offer.
  • Now, you can complete the application.
  • Get the instant response.

www.60secondpremier.net is among one of the secure sites. It is also certified by GeoTrust SSL certificates are providing up to 256 bit encryption thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security possible. This site is very popular in United States among the users. An organization called O has complete control over the site.

3 thoughts on “60secondpremier.net: A Site to Confirm First PREMIER Credit Card

  1. Gary Mogck

    I applied for a platinum card I gave them my cinfermation no but I don’t know if it went threw can you let me know email me plese

  2. Raymond D. Crombie

    I received an offer for a credit card from First Premier bank with a credit limit of &700.00, but the approval was for $300. with an application fee of $75.00. I was wondering if because there was no place to put the confirmation number on my letter offer, if it would make a difference of the 700 or 300 credit limit? Please reply. Thank you very much. Adios, Ray Ray.

  3. david pasek

    I have a pre approved new platinum mastercard for 700.00 sent in approved card,and didnot a yes,or no, that; but got a one more app,for 400.00 why!! MY CONFIRMATION#714 130 077 A7HE what happen this,app ?? YES OR NO TODAY IS REPIY DY 2/02/15 I sent in appcation,3 week ago!! david pasek bye,,


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