45 thoughts on “Youandwalgreens.com: Login to manage your Walgreens Health Plan

  1. Frank Mills

    I went to a Walgreens Pharmacy and completed my “Well Informed worksheet” with the testing I recieved, which brought me to Stepon the worksheet. I typed in “YouandWalgreens. com” I click on the one that I think will take me to the Q&A portion, but it comes up blank. Can you send the proper link to:framil2@sbcglobal.net ? Thanx,
    Frank Mills

  2. SHARI

    I recently did my health assessment testing and i can’t find the website That Im sopose to do. Can you help me out? Thank you.

    1. Dori Vandemortele

      I, too, have been trying to get to the health assessment website. I tried at work and couldn’t get it to work. Now I am trying at home and cannot find it. Plus, I obviously do not know my user name and password that I used to do it last year and it won’t let me do what I have to do to get you to email it to me. (this was at work) Please advise so that I can get this done.
      Thank you,
      Dori Vandemortele

      1. Deb Frandsen

        My husband is the pharmacy manager at Ankeny, IA. As a spouse, I have been trying to get my information into the website. I have been able to do this. What do I do now? Thank you.

  3. Carolyn Caudill

    trying to answer questions for the Health Testing and Assessment but I can’t get to the questions. Where do I go?

  4. Christine McDaniel

    trying to register for $10 gift card for flu shot but there’s no place on the top right to register

  5. belinda heffernan

    I have signed up and did the Health assessments and earned $101.00 and have never received the
    card. Why not and when will I get?

  6. Carl Cohen

    This has been a terrible year for my self and health issues. What a wonderful and uplifting start to a new year to be a winner! I don’t get my hopes up as my dark cloud doesn’t ever leave my side. My Activation Code: PC735I was told be Walgreens Live Well store to go to “youandwalgreens.com” in order to access the forms to be filled out for the Health Reimbursment Account for 2014.
    I cannot find anything about health management on this website. Please Advise.
    Thank you, Carl Cohen (Walgreens Employee)

  7. Mark Brabaw

    For weeks now I have tried to register my flu shot for my $10 gift card…a task that should have not been so time consuming. Your instructions were to go to www.youand walgreens.com check>I do>Happy & Healthy Programs>Get your flu shot. I was able to get to the second step only. I reported the issue and received a case#1286506 with the issue being corrected by the following Tuesday. That was almost two weeks ago and now I can’t even access the page from youandwalgeens.com to check “I do.” Why is this so difficult to register my flu shot for the $10 gift card???
    With great frustration,
    Mark Brabaw

  8. Robin Williamson

    I just went to my store that I work at in Las Vegas,NV and did the Health Testing and Assessment and tried to go to YouandWalgreens.com to answer the questions in order to register to get on the program. I could not find it or how to even start the process. Can you please advise me on how to do this?

    Thank You,
    Robin Williamson

  9. Patricia D Metcalf

    I want to do my Health Assessments Question was told to go to the Walgreens and you website and like everyone else could find no information on how to answer the questions and where.

  10. Judy Lou

    Everything of Walgreens web sites are too complicated for people like us to use. It should be easy and simple. It should not required a computer degree in order to use it. If you ask me what I think. I think the walgreens websites SUCK!!

  11. Lorraine

    I’m trying to do my health assignment.when I go to youandwalgreens,This is what I get back……There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it can not de displayed.Idid tried to do it at work,but I get the same respond.Can you give a step by step instructions.

  12. carlyn

    I can’t get logged in. And since I don’t have a pc at home its very hard to print forms that I need. How do I get answers???

  13. Emery

    I am getting frustrated trying to get to the youandwalgeens.com health area to record health data and receive health reimbursement. At work I am told to go to that site and when I put it in I get taken all over the web.

  14. Gladys Webb

    I have a letter saying to visit www.comcast.com/deviceupgrade and follow the instructions and you will mail me a new modem,but tthere are no instructions to follow so how can I do this? Gladys Webb

  15. Samantha

    I am trying to log into subject website to complete the healthy activities to earn 40k balance reward points. But I cannot find the log in info for me to complete this task. I have used this site before for periods 1 and 2. Please help… call me at 727-939-1451 if you can. Thanks

  16. Lucy Medina

    I am trying to enter my results from my health test under www.youandwalgreens.com. but I am having some difficulties. I don’t see a tab for ” I am “. Please help.

    Thank you,
    Lucy Medina

    1. helen gentis

      i have the same problem tells me to put user n password then says dont match have to start over need to put in to get credit but wont let me

  17. Bharat J Chokshi/Hemaxi B.Chokshi

    I have registered my a/c. in 2012 in above website.We have done our physical and would like to do health assessment ,so we can get extra H.R.A. in our flexible a./c.

  18. philip

    I’ve also tried to access the youandwalgreens.com site to login from home and have no luck,poorly designed,please help

  19. Cecile Madison

    I completed my health assessment form and faxed it over. It has been confirmed that you received it yet i keep getting emails telling me to complete my health assessment form. Also, I have not yet received my 40000 balance reward points. Please advise. Thanks, Cecile madison 1789240

  20. Jennifer

    I had a health test done on 12/16/2014. I was told that I had to go to “youandwalgreens.com to complete this process. I still have not been able to access this site, or do anything with it. Some of my co-workers are having the same issues.I do not want to miss out on the benefits of this. you can also contact me at(319)241-2319. I hope to hear from you soon.

  21. Pat Hittle

    I completed the health testing on 2/3/15 at the Dallas WIRS office. I was instructed to go to the web site and complete the questionnaire but only find links for 2014. Please notify me of how to complete the next step to this program. Thank you. Pat Hittle

  22. Navya

    Please show me where to find sign in on the youandwalgreen.com website to login. The tool’s bar on top showing only HOME, CONTACT US, and PRIVACY POLICY. Should there be a sign in tap and register tap on the tool’s bar menu?

  23. Amber fluckiger

    Am trying to find if I have life insurance with walgreens
    I work part time don’t have walgreen insurance.
    Thank you

  24. Tina Gancheff

    Trying to find health questions to receive the $150 HRA dollars please help?

  25. Jagdish

    Trying to log into site for assessment test , can you please help and guide us how to log in this confusing site, even supervisor at work don’t know how to get in to this mess


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