Protect your T-mobile Handset from loss, theft and damage is the place where T-mobile phone subscribers can file or track claims against loss, theft, spills, malfunction and accidental damage.

For most of us, our Smartphone is the connection to the world. But unfortunately, everyday people lose access to this lifeline due to some perils like loss, theft, mechanical/electrical breakdown, or accidental damage. Manufacturer’s warranties normally cover just the mechanical or electrical breakdown and that too only for a year. This is where Assurant Solutions comes to the rescue. They’re the global leader in providing protection plans for mobile devices, protecting them from all kinds of unforeseen events for a handful of years above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Their offerings also include Premium Handset Protection to T-Mobile Subscribers, wherein they can get their devices repaired or replaced without having to pay significantly for it.

Assurant Solutions website, Assurant solutions t-mobile, assurant solutions for tmobile, t mobile Assurant solutions, t mobile Premium Handset Protection, t mobile premium handset protection claim is the official website of T-Mobile’s Premium Handset Protection Plan. It serves as a one stop access to all the info you require to file or track a device protection claim. It has answers to all queries you may have about your handset insurance. Whether you need to file a claim or you want to review your plan documents, you can easily do so online at this site. Continue reading Login, Manage and Pay Direct Student Loan Account

Now apply and manage any of your federal student loans, directly at offering access to the host of financial aid sites run by the federal government with detailed guidance of loan process.

Many students borrow to help pay for their college education, and majority of these students borrow from government student loan programs. Because, such loans usually have lower interest rates also offer more flexible repayment options than most private loans. Only problem is that student borrowers who are utilizing the federal loan program have to use a whole host of federal sites to manage their loans. They access one particular site for requesting and managing their PIN, one for entrance and exit counseling, and another one for loan consolidation. Such a sheer number of specific sites confuse the student borrowers. However to simplify the loan process, the Department of Education has done a great job of merging access to the many of student loan sites with one convenient student loan portal page— This is fully trusted loan service portal operated by the Federal Student Aid (FSA) Office within the U.S. Department of Education. So, get your access at one-stop shop to apply and manage federal student loans… hassle free. Login, Manage and Pay Direct Student Loan Account

Over the years, is the most important website for the borrower of federal student loans. It allows student and parent borrowers to view their loan documents, complete entrance counseling, sign their Master Promissory Note (MPN), request a loan, find information about student aid programs, read an overview of the loan program, find information about loan repayment plans, loan discharge, and loan forgiveness programs.

The most exciting feature of the site is the ability to apply for a loan directly online. No more lengthy process of collecting and processing paper applications for applying loans. The newly online process modernizes the loan application process so that funds to be disbursed faster and with fewer problems. Continue reading

Save in your shopping with Walmart on

Save extra dollars in Wal-Mart’s Savings Catcher program at At Wal-Mart’s Savings Catcher, shoppers can get back difference amount if they find out lower price from elsewhere for things purchased at Walmart stores.

Online programs that help shoppers save money and time are in full demand, even they are must-have for retailers to attract more and more customers. Already, Wal-Mart is well-known as a low-price leader, but in recent years, its reputation faded because dollar stores and other online competitors became more insistent. So to gear up, Wal-Mart also launched the new savings option – Savings Catcher – to make extra good on its “everyday low price” guarantee. This program allows its cost-conscious shoppers to save a bunch of money just with price comparing! Herein shoppers have to find a lower deal elsewhere (from any of its competitors nationwide), and then on finding the lowest price and providing the proof of the cheaper price they can get an eGift Card for the difference amount. It’s really, really great!!! Walmart is the first retailer to offer such an innovative way of saving… all-in-one price-finding as well as price-matching service of this type. Know about this great saving tool in details here and use it for getting full benefits in this HOLIDAY season. Save in your shopping with Walmart Savings Catcher

Save in your shopping with Walmart Savings Catcher

This new online tool helps shoppers get the lowest price on grocery and household items. If you found a lower price at local competitor on an item you purchased at Walmart. Under this Savings Catcher program, you will get back the difference on a Walmart Rewards eGift Card. Note that basically you get a rebate for the cost difference via store credit.

To start, find out the lowest prices on an item you purchased at Walmart. Then, you must have to submit your receipt to the Savings Catcher within seven days of purchase. On making purchase at a Walmart store, shoppers will be given a receipt with a printed code at the bottom. You are allowed to submit receipts in any of the following three different ways. Continue reading

How to Activate Device to watch FoxNow shows?

Learn how to activate your device at to watch full episodes of Fox Now shows on a wide range of connected devices at anytime, anywhere.

Fox viewers who missed their favorite FOX shows can now watch them the day after they air thanks to Fox Now app. The Fox Now app lets you to enjoy full episodes of FOX shows right on your Smartphone, Samsung Smart TV and other digital platforms. But before watching Fox Now shows, you have to activate your device at

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The Fox Now app not only provides full episode streaming but also lets you to watch interviews, performances, behind-the-scenes videos and show clips from Fox programming. Episodes showing a lock on the thumbnail can be unlocked by logging with your TV provider account. The locked episode from most shows unlock on its own 8 days after airing.

The first year FOX primetime shows and short-form content such as performances, interviews and more are available to view without sign in. Smartphone users don’t require activate their devices. They can just download the Fox Now app from the Windows & iOS App Store or Google play store and connect with their TV provider. Continue reading

PCH Giveaway No.3080, 4650, 4749 & 4651: Enter to win Cash

Make your entry in PCH Giveaway No. 3080, 4650, 4749 & 4651 at PCH .com, and you could win lots of cash prizes, while one of them is win $5,000 per week for your life.

PCH is first and foremost a business of direct-marketing that frequently promotes discount on magazine subscriptions and household merchandise at and associate websites. Herein, everyone has the chance to enter the promotion sweepstakes to win the Jackpot. Its latest marketing promotions are Giveaway No.3080, 4650, 4749 & 4651. Among them, $5,000 A-Week “Forever” Prize (Giveaway No. 3080) would be jackpot for life, as here lucky winner will be rewarded with $5,000 a week for life… means if you win, you’d get $5,000 per week for your life, even after that the payment will be continued to your someone special (chosen by you) for his/her life. It’s really great! So, try luck to win lifetime gift for Loved One, Special One…

PCH Giveaway No.3080, 4650, 4749 & 4651

Limit: One online entry per day, per person, per e-mail address is allowed for each separate online promotion. Giveaway Nos. 3080, 4650, 4749, and 4651 are open to U.S., U.K., and Canadian residents, but online entry is only open to U.S. and U.K. residents. Continue reading – Great Online Shopping Festival by Google India

You just forget the boring way of online shopping, if once you make visit at and explore Great Online Shopping Festival for big discounts and great deals from 400+ shopping websites at single platform.

Once again, the biggest online shopping festival in India, GOSF 2014, is here! The dates have been announced, plans are being laid, and customers are all excited. Every year in December month, “GOOGLE” – World’s Giant search bar – hosts the Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) for Indians, where it offers great discount deals on different categories like Accessories, Electronics to Footwear and more. The countdown has started for its BIG shopping festival, so visit its online webpage ( that features the country’s well known e-commerce brands at single platform. GOSF was successfully introduced in 2012, and after its overwhelming response for 2013 when online customers doubled to almost two millions…we can expect something bigger, something better for 2014. Let’s see what’s new in the bag! india online shopping discount

We all are familiar with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other such days when products/services are sold with huge discount. During such deal days, online and even offline retail stores witness unbelievable rush. In India, people do not have any special days for shopping yet, so that Google has brought this concept in India to boost online shopping and understand how popular this kind of deal days.

Google will host Great Online Shopping Festival on its official webpage,, wherein you can get list of all partner sites that are offering you the best deals ever. Earlier, hoards of E-Commerce sites have introduced in India, but only few of them became popular….through this concept Google will indirectly advertising E-Commerce sites and save the biggest amount of online partner that they spend on advertising. Continue reading

Starbucks Play to win Starbucks For Life Giveaway

Play everyday for It’s A Wonderful Card Ultimate Giveaway at, and win millions of instant prizes or the joy of Starbucks for LIFE!!!

All you coffee lovers…now you can rush off to your favorite fast-food joint – Starbucks – every day, with no need of any excuse. Just make your entry in It’s A Wonderful Card Ultimate Giveaway, play instant games, and win so many exciting prizes daily. Even, not for a month, not for a year, but you could win free food or beverage item at participating Starbucks stores for 30 years. So, keep on playing to enjoy Starbucks for LIFE. Starbucks Play and win Starbucks For Life Giveaway

The entire sweepstakes period starts on December 2, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. PT and ends on January 5, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. PT. There are total 5 weekly entry periods in the sweepstakes. Visit official rules page to get exact date and time. All residents of the 50 United States (including District of Columbia), who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry, can enter the sweepstakes.

Limit: All participants are allowed to enter/play 2 times per day, per person during the Promotion Period by any combination of entry methods. Continue reading Order Free Boxes and Free Pickup from USPS in Holidays

Double your fun for holidays, as USPS offers – a complete resource with excellent features to make mailing and shipping better, quicker and easier for holidays.

Holidays are special time of the year, when loads of gifts and wishes are given and received to all those near and dear. With November ending, we count down to the holidays… have you sent or posted your packages? In America, every household trusts on U.S. Postal Service to get their packages delivered on time, even during that full of rush – holiday season. What’s really important, USPS does whatever it takes to deliver packages on time. During this holiday season, it adds on package delivery on Sundays to prepare for the heavy shipping season. It’s really great!!! Next big news is that USPS holds special holiday site –, which allows its millions of users to get delivered boxes free also they can schedule pick up free at their post office as per the time convenience. There are so many other helpful features offered to remove all those hassles of packaging. Just make your visit at and enjoy HOLIDAYS at their fullest!!!

There is a special season for cricket, football matches, etc. similarly…holidays are special season for USPS. It feels pride for spreading holiday cheer by delivering billions of holiday greetings and packages to millions of homes and businesses across the nation. Today, more and more people prefer online shopping, so demand for package service has grown to ship products. Rush is obvious due to the give and take gifts tradition in holiday season. Continue reading

Non-logical Things Indians do because others are doing same

Check out here some weird and ridiculous things that Indian people do, only and only because everyone else is doing them!

In India, people do a lot of things just for the sake of doing, or simply because everyone else is doing. They mindlessly imitate others without even thinking why they are doing it. They ignore or override their own beliefs while copying others. In fact, these people don’t mind doing wrong things like throwing garbage anywhere, jumping traffic signals, etc. by using the non-sense excuse of others doing the same. Given below are a few such strange things that are being done by Indians – only because everybody around is doing so. Have a look.

Honking relentlessly in heavy traffic jams: Drivers in India are actually addicted to horn-honking. They keep on horning loudly and continuously, even when they know that the vehicle in front of them has no chance of moving an inch.

jumbo traffic jams

Dumping garbage anywhere and everywhere except dustbins. These people don’t do it when they are in a foreign country but in India they do. Why? Because everyone here is doing! Continue reading Sweepstakes to win Wine Trips

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For wine enthusiasts, wine tasting and trips are one of the best ways to explore the world of vines. They allow you really get into the culture, taste all the best foods, and also let you taste wines the way they were meant to be experienced. If you and your wine enthusiast’s friends are looking for a place to go to satisfy your wine cravings, then you should visit It offers several on-going sweepstakes to enjoy wine trips with your friends at France, Miami, San Francisco, and many other places. Money doesn’t matter here, because you can win wine country trip just by trying your chance in to the sweepstakes. So be ready to enjoy a selection of great tasting wines and food in one of the most comfortable environments. Sweepstakes to win Wine Trips

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