Dinegift25.com: Register Dine Gift card and get free $25 gift certificate

Free gifts always bring a million dollar smile on our faces…many sites are available on the web that offer free sample service to advertise their products & service. Now, there is good news for a customer of Restaurant.com as now they can get free $25 Gift certificate by registering their gifts card at Dinegift25.com. Only those people, who have received gift card from Restaurant.com, get free $25 gift certificate advantage that they can use at any restaurant and enjoy meal. The free gift certificate service is not limited for particular one or two restaurant but it is offered to over 18000 restaurants by restaurant.com.

Dinegift25.com: Register Dine Gift card and get free $25 gift certificate

No need to wonder any other place to find domestic, international restaurant, restaurant menu, best restaurant, restaurant location because you have a great option as restaurant.com, wherein you can get everything with click of mouse. The free $25 gift certificate service is very famous web coupon service of resturnat.com that is offered for only $10 to over 18,000 restaurants in their database. The customer of restaurant can also get promotion coupon through email address.

You don’t need to follow more complicated or difficult process to register your card, because the registration process is just set in the one step. If you have received dine gift card from participate restaurant, then you can sign up at Dinegift25.com by entering your personal information and promotion code which is located inside the right panel of your card in the area specified by the red circle.

How to register at Register Dine Gift?

To register dine Gift card, visit www.dinegift25.com

Enter your first name, last name, email address, promotion code, and submit it

Once you have registered, you will get code that you can use at Restaurant.com to choose a restaurant

After selecting your restaurant, printout your gift certificate to enjoy free meal through free coupon

4 thoughts on “Dinegift25.com: Register Dine Gift card and get free $25 gift certificate

  1. Deborah Frank

    I’m having difficulty getting this card registered and cleared. The promotional number isN7Q59X4U6VC2. Once I did this I was given this number to enter. 1043715655. I double checked it several times to make sure I had the correct number. Iy always said there was an error . Now what do I do? There is a restaurant that I would like the $25.00 certificate to. It was listed. Hull Street Blues. Located on Hull Street in Locust Point 21230. Please advise as I have nothing now but this piece of cardboard.

  2. kim

    I have registered mine too and picked my restaurant but didnt print. When I came back to it, it said my e-mail was invalid tried several times with no luck


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