Hallmarkbusiness.com/redeem: Redeem Premiere Choice Award Program

Are you in search of a reward, recognition or incentive tool that is flexible, easy to manage and provides variety of choices to the recipients? Look no further as the Premiere Choice Award from the Gift Certificate Center Company lets the recipients select exactly what they want. The Gift Certificate Center is a Hallmark Company that provides gift certificates to the business markets of the United States. It is a unique gift certificate based award, which can be redeemed from more than 400 leading catalogs, travel providers, restaurants, entertainment companies, Dayton-Hudson Department Stores, Macy’s, JCPenney, Home Depot, etc.

Hallmarkbusiness.com/redeem: Redeem Premiere Choice Award Program

There are two types of Premiere Choice Awards – email awards and paper awards. The awards can be redeemed and ordered online or by mail-in redemption. The easy-to-use online ordering system lets the customer to personalize the awards with the name of the recipient along with an individual message and company logo. The gift certificates are a useful tool for rewarding and incenting employees. According to the recent studies, around 73% of people found gift certificates more useful as a reward than cash. People also ranked the gift certificates as one of their top three merchandise award choices.

The company gives their customers with the chance to donate a part or their entire Premiere Choice Award to the charity. The customers can donate charities in the categories like Disaster Relief, Hunger & Poverty, Animals, Environment and Children & Youth. Each category comprises of several individual charities. When you choose the category of your choice, your share will be equally divided among the charities in that particular category. The charitable donations will not be refunded, returned or exchanged. Hallmark Insights (member of the Hallmark team) in partnership with the JustGive.org connects the people with the charities and causes to increase overall giving.

The customers can redeem unlimited awards at once. If you redeem more than one award at the same time, you just need to go through the redemption process only once. The company prefers ACH/direct deposit electronic transfer method of payment, permitting you to deposit your payment into the Hallmark Insights account. This method is cheaper, convenient and the best way to pay for your order than the paper checks. The delivery method will be based on the options that you select during the ordering process (US Mail, FedEx or e-mail). Orders up to 5000 awards, submitted by 2pm (Central Time) will be shipped on the same day and the rest will be shipped the next day after 2 pm.

To become a member of the Hallmark Business Company, visit the site www.hallmarkbusiness.com. Hit on the ‘New Account’ link. A new page will appear and you need to provide details like your name, address, company name, city, state, email, phone number, zip code and create a password. Then, hit on ‘Save’. Now, you can start ordering for the Premiere Choice Awards.

How to redeem the Premiere Choice Award?

  • Visit the site, hallmarkbusiness.com/redemption and enter your award number in the Award Number box without any dashes, tabs or spaces. Then, enter the award dollar value in the Dollar Value field. Hit on the ‘Enter Award’ to start the redemption process.
  • Click on the View Merchants tab under the Award list and choose a category by hitting on the name/picture category.
  • A new page appears where the certificate dollar amount and a quantity will be shown. If the amount and quantity displayed are correct then you can hit on the Add to Cart link.
  • Then, provide your personal details for shipping information and press the ‘Continue’ button. Read the terms and conditions, and hit on the ‘Place Order’ button. You will get the confirmation number.

To redeem your award through mail, you just need to complete the form that was attached to your award and mail it to: Hallmark Business Connections, Redemptions Dept. 7th Floor, 121 S. Eighth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402. You can even contact the customer care service consultants from Monday – Friday at 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (Central time) just by dialing the number 1-888-275-1205.

2 thoughts on “Hallmarkbusiness.com/redeem: Redeem Premiere Choice Award Program

  1. Lisa and Kevin woodyer

    We redeemed a gift reward on Nov 30th, from Target for $25. I haven’t received anything in the mail as yet, but did get a text saying my confirmation # 46436048 is being processed. Can you tell me if the gift add is to be mailed to our address, I thought we had it emailed but haven’t seen anything yet.

    Thank you so much!
    Lisa W.


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