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Nowadays, a lot of products and services are being launched daily in Indian market. From pin to piano, there are so many choices available for customers. But, which product is the best or is good to use can’t be determined if it has not been tried once. There is no use of spending money on new products without having the knowledge of its trustworthiness. For this, company provides samples for attracting customers and marketing their products. If customers likes product, then he/she can purchase it for use. Nowadays there are so many websites available in India, which provide FREE samples of different products to the interested customers.

order free sample of products in india

As you search in Google about Free Product Samples in India, several such types of websites will come out. Some of the good websites for free samples in India are as follows:

SampleAndTry (S&T) is said to be the first online free sampling platform in India, based on the concept of ‘tryvertising’. Tryvertising means the consumers get idea about the product and its quality before its usage. It is a unique platform for consumers to help them in decision making process of purchasing any products. It delivers free samples of requested products to consumers at their home, so that consumers can try products before the actual purchase. The site has tied up with well known brands like Ariel, Bournvita, Colgate, Maggi Masala, Dabur Red, Dabur Homemade, Pepsodent, Scotch Brite, Lux, Ponds, Head & Shoulders, Fair & Lovely, Vim, Zandu Balm, etc. It provides samples in four categories of products – foods and beverages, personal care, health care and home care.

The working of the is very simple and effective. The interested consumer can register on the site by providing detailed information asked, verify mobile number and complete the registration. After registration, consumer has to log into the account and search for desired samples from the provided samples on the site. The product will reach to the consumer, through courier service, with which SampleAndTry has tied up. The SampleAndTry will provide your requested sample at your doorsteps absolutely free. According to the terms of SampleAndTry, delivery of samples will take around 7-10 days after order placement date. After trying samples, consumer can post review of the product on in order to try for new sample. The service of SampleAndTry is available in India and UAE only. is an Indian website providing free samples of the renowned products. The placed their kiosks at famous malls, where people can easily register and request for sample on the spot. The GoTry team wants to break the traditional way of providing sample and open a new horizon for consumers to provide samples at prominent locations like Malls, MTOs, Air-ports, etc. The customer has to visit the GoTry kiosk and complete the registration process. Then, login to from own mobile, select desired product sample, show the product list to the GoTry buddy and get product on the spot.

GoTry is the multiple brands sampling stage and also a Brand neutral as it provides products which are not competitive with each other. The GoTry focuses to provide appropriate products to the targeted customers and also get the appropriate feedback. The GoTry provides samples in various categories like cosmetics, food, soap, detergents, etc. and gives samples of the products of renowned brands like Pond’s, Nivea, Veet, Vaseline, Vanish, Knorr, Horlicks, Mother Dairy, Real Juice, etc. Up till now GoTry have approximately registered 45,000 customers who have tried about 1.2 lakh samples of over 35 brands that also only in two GoTry Kiosks located at Pacific Mall, Delhi and Oberoi Mall, Mumbai.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is one of the emerging consumer goods firm in India. The company tries to make consumer’s life a little better with their products of various ranges like beauty, home, health, etc. That’s why P&G has launched an online platform ‘’, a free sample providing site in India. The ‘’ is an initiative of P&G, which provide samples to consumers online to try before they purchase any P&G product. Their main goal is to market their products and take a chance to attract consumers to buy their products, by providing samples. It is multi-brand website which has multiple categories like beauty, food, health and well being, etc. Brands associated with are Ambi Pure, Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Pantene ProV, Olay, Whisper, Old Spice, Braun, Duracell, Pampers, Oral B, Gillette, etc. The website also provides information about P&G Offers, Products Reviews by Users, Tips & Tricks, and more!

The ‘’ is very simple, attractive and user-friendly website. The interested person has to just register on with the required information and then verify by entering the given code on mobile by the site while registration, to activate the account. After activation of account, user has to select his/her desired products from the given samples list, confirm the order and provide residential address. User cannot order the sample, which has already been ordered once. As per the terms and conditions of the, it will take around 8-10 weeks for P&G to process the sample request.

Home Tester Club is an online community, where the Indian consumers share their views and rates on the products. It is not just a Free Sampling Website, in fact it is an online community promoted by Brand Power and owned by Buchanan Group, which provide platform to review and rate various consumer products, services and online surveys. Home Tester Club is a unique way of promoting and testing the newly launched products. The Home Tester Club provides a wide range of products of renowned brands for review like hair & beauty products, food products, washing & cleaning products, etc.

The interested person has to become member on Home Tester Club and get free products at home for testing, reviewing and rating. In Home Tester Club, lucky winners will get free gift hampers every month. For one product (campaign boxes) or group of products (syndicated boxes), member will be asked to register and randomly members will be selected who will get a FREE product for trial, testing, reviewing and rating purpose. In response, members have to fill up the survey form. And also can post their reviews at its official website/Facebook page. If a member is selected for a free product, then he/she will get it through Dawn Wing couriers and it will take couple of days to deliver. is an online free sampling website in India, which uses the modern concept of ‘Tryvertising’ to let consumers to try free sample of product, collect feedback and at the same time promote & advertise the name of companies. It helps to make consumers aware about the product options and collect feedback from them, which will help the companies in product improvement and market research. It provides samples in various categories like personal care, home care, food products, health care products, etc. has a user-friendly interface. The interested person can easily create an account to become a member of it. And after activating the account by email address verification, member can explore the sample products provided on the site to try. Select desired product and get it free on your doorsteps for trial. Member must give review of his/her experience to be eligible for future products sample trial. It will take about 3-4 weeks to deliver products, but duration may vary as per the distance. To get all the updates of the site, you can subscribe for Newsletter, SMS Alerts, and follow them on Facebook. is a sampling website with a whole new concept of Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) marketing. It comes with modern and amazing idea of WOM marketing initiated by Charismax Systems. It wants to be a connection between the consumers and brands by establishing word to mouth through online and/or offline mode. It provides services for free of cost and is reliable also. They organize campaigns to attract consumers to try branded products and share their reviews to influence purchase.

The consumer has to become a member on by providing all the required details and activate the account. Then consumer has to login to their account and participate in the campaigns available on the site. For campaign invitation, it is recommended to member to take questionnaire or survey. As and when campaign will arrive, the consumer will be invited by email to visit the place and try the respective product. Then, member can share his/her reviews with family, friends and colleagues. And can also submit the Surebzz Reports in related to the products trial experience.

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