Register Panera Card for Rewards

Free items or gifts always make people happy! Are you fond of Panera Bread foods or are you regular customer of Panera bread? If yes, then you have a great opportunity to join the MyPanera Rewards Program, at which you can get extra bonuses and special gifts by using your Panera Card. People can make their shopping at Panera Bread bakery-cafes more conveniently with MyPanera card. Generally, rewards program are based on shopping points, but Mypanera is little bit different because there are no points to track or coupons to clip. The more you visit Panera Bread bakery-cafes, the more surprises you can receive. Register Panera Card for Rewards

With My Panera rewards program, you can receive exclusive invitations for in cafe events and get special birthday bonuses. The Panera rewards program is totally free, you just need to activate and register your My Panera card at its official webpage, or visit a participating bakery-café and ask an associate for a MyPanera card. Panera card is accessible with online service, so you can refill the amount of money on your card online anytime, anywhere as well as set up automatically service to reload your card.

Card registration process of the site is so simple because you do not require more things for registration; you just need to enter MyPanera Card number and registration code – both are available on the backside of your MyPanera Card. Users can use their card to make purchases at Panera and enjoy their rewards like discount offers, coupons and more. As a rewards site, it also offers admiring bakery-cafe items, special previews and tastings or cooking and baking tips. You can get even some surprises by shopping with Panera card like special events invitations, ideas for entertaining, recipe books and more. You are able to check your rewards anytime online at Each Reward is set with 60-Day expiration, so take benefit of it before its ending.

20 thoughts on “ Register Panera Card for Rewards

  1. Barbara J. Corver

    I had trouble finding the correct referral to register my card…it sure does not make it easy to become an “official member”…although I love their food and especially their “asiago bagels”…they really are special…I have tried other bakeries…they do not touch them…so I will make the trip to the U.S. from Canada to enjoy them whenever I can…

  2. T. J. Miller

    Have card number and Reg Code located on the card but but no idea where to enter them in order to get the card register. Reg process is definitely not smooth.

  3. Cora de Castro

    I still don’t know where to go and fill up to register this card. Try a dozen times already..
    Almost everyweek we are at Panera Bakery,This card #2032 4751 9853
    Red. code: 3274
    Need your reply

  4. Colleen Pierce

    can’t figure out how to register this card, should have done it at the store. Oh well, just won’t go as often I guess. Too bad, love the place.

  5. lorraine leyendecker

    Why do you make it so difficult to register online. I’ve tried so many links and I’m getting very frustrated and thinking I may never go to one of your cafes again. This card is a fraud when the company makes it impossible to register.

  6. martha yarbrough

    I simply cannot figure out how to register my card. This is not easy. I am wasting a lot of time. Love your food though.

  7. Dottie Echols

    My old card was lost, got a new card months ago and just found out that I wasn’t getting any points. I was told that i had to regester this nuumber but it woun’t let me. I’m also trying to get points for todays visit. cars number is 103098289860
    so why didn’t someone tell me this months age??????? And because my name is already regestered, I wasn’t able to tell it that I had a new card. Please take care of this as the computer isn’t doing it.

  8. Jerry&Judy Metsker

    I, like many others I have read on line have been trying to Register My Panera Card and your site will not accept the card. It keeps telling me I am already registered, which I am not. You do really make it very difficult to participate in your program. Looks like a good program but many of us need your HELP!!

  9. mary mcgee

    I’ve been trying to register this card for 2 days….like the other commenter…it makes you not want to go to the store anymore!!!

  10. Janet Daingerfield

    Tell me exactly what to do to register this card. Why would you make it so arcane? After I get this card registered, I will treat my daughter to lunch. Until then I will no longer patronize your business.
    My card is number 5033 1282 2821

    Janet Daingerfield


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