Enter PCH Activate Now Code to win on PCH.com/actnow

Enter your PCH activation code which you received in email as W70 notice post card at www.PCH.com/actnow to enter in PCH Instant Win Sweepstakes.

Hurry up!!!! As, PCH’s great winning opportunity is waiting for you that can make you a millionaire just with blink of an eye. Just some days before, PCH (Publishers Clearing House) had sent postcard to many people for inviting them to enter the win 1 Million Plus $5,000 A-Week for Life Prize sweepstakes. If you are a lucky one for them, then you have a great opportunity to try your luck. No more difficult steps behind this great opportunity, you just need to enter Activation code on the given site www.PCH.com/actnow to acquire the chance to become one of the winners of the “Fast 50″ Sweepstakes.

www.PCH.com/actnow: Enter PCH Activate Now Code to win

Really, it’s a wonderful opportunity to be millionaire without investing any money as not one or two, but 50 fast cash winning opportunities are waiting for you. If you have received secure pack from PCH, then visit www.PCH.com/actnow as soon as possible. Once you reach there, it will ask unique Activation code – printed on secure pack. It takes just few seconds to claim your entry, so don’t put it off. The PCH Act Now is limited time winning opportunity, so don’t miss it.

No need to be sad, if you have not obtained the PCH secure pack, as there are still lots of other sweepstakes running that welcomes everyone. For it, you just need to head over to PCH.com, where you can win $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” by submitting simple entry form. A Week “Forever” promotion has just one day left to close, so get entry as soon as possible.

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The winning opportunity not ends with just A Week “Forever” promotion, but there is also PCHSearch&Win and PCH Fan Page on Facebook that both offer you to win instant prizes. Through PCHSearch&Win, you can win instant prizes just for searching the Web, while through the fan page you can get chance for one Spin of the Lucky Loot Wheel that can win you an instant prize or more sweepstakes entries.

Enter now: PCH $7000 A-Week-For-Life Giveaway (No. 4900)


Thanks for visiting our website and giving huge response. By reading your comments, we have found that many people still get confused about how to enter their PCH postcard activation code in to the website to grab opportunity of one of the 50 fast cash prizes. No need to worry now because we are going to explain step by step guide about how to enter your PCH Activate Now Code.

1. Open www.pch.com/actnow (http://cdn.pch.com/SpectrumMedia/PresentationPackage/1046/2/actNow_codeEntry/actNow.html) link in to your browser

2. As soon as you opened the website, it will ask your activation code which is located on the bottom right corner of your post card.

Enter PCH Activate Now Code on PCH.com/actnow

PCH Post card with activation code to activate on PCH.com/actnow

3. Enter your activation code given in your PCH Postcard into the white box that says “enter code here”.

Enter PCH Activate Now Code to win on PCH.com/actnow

Screenshot of PCH.com/actnow where you can enter activation code

4. Press button “Submit the code”.

5. After that, you will get registration form, submit it with all required details and complete the process. If you entered wrong number or if your PCH Postcard number has been used previously then you can not reuse it.

No need to be upset, if you don’t get post card from PCH; because they offer numerous winning opportunities. So enter today and everyday at pch.com. Have you ever tried its PCHSearch&Win? It is really good way of PCH, where you can win instant prizes just by logging in and searching!

How to activate using Activation Code on www.pch.com/actnow: Video Guide

11,548 thoughts on “Enter PCH Activate Now Code to win on PCH.com/actnow

  1. Jamesetta Putnam

    Tried to enter without success from w714 notice why.#9609 activation code pc437. Please help me. Thank you.

  2. Jack Bable

    Please quit sending these cards to me because it has never works, and i have been getting these forever and you can not put in the code, your just playing games with peoples heads and i don’t want to see this in my mail box ever again.

  3. Judith Weaver

    Cannot enter code so here it is: PC441

    I notice several other people have the same code. Are we ALL going to win????????

  4. Joanne mcdaniel

    Why do you have to download? Not necessary at all. You should have a simple way to just enter the code and that’s it! Sounds like a scam.

  5. Betty Taylor

    Tried to enter without success!
    Notice W714 gwy no. 104925 activation code PC440
    Thank you.

    Betty Taylor

  6. Beverly DeBusk

    Tried to enter without success
    Notice # W714 give away no9609 activation code PC441
    Please help, and Thank You

  7. Glenn Kingsolver

    Tried 3 time to enter code but it won’t let me enter it. Nothing happened. My code is PC440. How do I enter it?

  8. L. Riles

    Damn, wont take code PC440.
    BUT..I see it was given to someone else!
    What a shame.
    PCH..you are scamming us.

  9. Beverly DeBusk

    Could not enter my code number from the notice W714. The box would not take my information.
    Please help: my number is PC441 on give away # 9609. Just letting you know about the problem.
    today is 8/11/17. At 4:12 PM.

    My name is Beverly DeBusk

  10. george land

    My entering code is pc440. None of the forms worked for me. Hope this doesn’t invalidate my forms. I tried. You have all my information. thanks.

  11. sue farrar

    Tried to enter my activation code but it would not take it
    . Please enter for me
    . It is PC442. Thank you in advance.
    Sue Farrar

  12. James E. Page

    Well! Super easy huh! I went to the center of the screen actually several times before and after listening to the instructions. When I “clicked” on where to put the code it sent to a screen which just had the block with the area for the code by itself in the upper left hand corner of the screen and though try as I may and I might I was not able TO INPUT MY ACCTIVATION CODE nor was I able to receive the so-called “help” which is underneath this block for people like me who apparently aren’t able to follow simple and EASY instructions. Fascination! Anyway my activation code is PC440.

  13. James E. Page

    Oh, oh! Most every comment I have just viewed has said virtually the same thing. None of us seem to be able to submit our activation codes and at least one person has code 441 same as at least one other person. So yeah I am starting to wonder able PHC too! Our you guys actually full of shit?


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