Enter PCH Activate Now Code to win on PCH.com/actnow

Enter your PCH activation code which you received in email as W70 notice post card at www.PCH.com/actnow to enter in PCH Instant Win Sweepstakes.

Hurry up!!!! As, PCH’s great winning opportunity is waiting for you that can make you a millionaire just with blink of an eye. Just some days before, PCH (Publishers Clearing House) had sent postcard to many people for inviting them to enter the win 1 Million Plus $5,000 A-Week for Life Prize sweepstakes. If you are a lucky one for them, then you have a great opportunity to try your luck. No more difficult steps behind this great opportunity, you just need to enter Activation code on the given site www.PCH.com/actnow to acquire the chance to become one of the winners of the “Fast 50″ Sweepstakes.

www.PCH.com/actnow: Enter PCH Activate Now Code to win

Really, it’s a wonderful opportunity to be millionaire without investing any money as not one or two, but 50 fast cash winning opportunities are waiting for you. If you have received secure pack from PCH, then visit www.PCH.com/actnow as soon as possible. Once you reach there, it will ask unique Activation code – printed on secure pack. It takes just few seconds to claim your entry, so don’t put it off. The PCH Act Now is limited time winning opportunity, so don’t miss it.

No need to be sad, if you have not obtained the PCH secure pack, as there are still lots of other sweepstakes running that welcomes everyone. For it, you just need to head over to PCH.com, where you can win $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” by submitting simple entry form. A Week “Forever” promotion has just one day left to close, so get entry as soon as possible.

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The winning opportunity not ends with just A Week “Forever” promotion, but there is also PCHSearch&Win and PCH Fan Page on Facebook that both offer you to win instant prizes. Through PCHSearch&Win, you can win instant prizes just for searching the Web, while through the fan page you can get chance for one Spin of the Lucky Loot Wheel that can win you an instant prize or more sweepstakes entries.

Enter now: PCH $7000 A-Week-For-Life Giveaway (No. 4900)


Thanks for visiting our website and giving huge response. By reading your comments, we have found that many people still get confused about how to enter their PCH postcard activation code in to the website to grab opportunity of one of the 50 fast cash prizes. No need to worry now because we are going to explain step by step guide about how to enter your PCH Activate Now Code.

1. Open www.pch.com/actnow (http://cdn.pch.com/SpectrumMedia/PresentationPackage/1046/2/actNow_codeEntry/actNow.html) link in to your browser

2. As soon as you opened the website, it will ask your activation code which is located on the bottom right corner of your post card.

Enter PCH Activate Now Code on PCH.com/actnow

PCH Post card with activation code to activate on PCH.com/actnow

3. Enter your activation code given in your PCH Postcard into the white box that says “enter code here”.

Enter PCH Activate Now Code to win on PCH.com/actnow

Screenshot of PCH.com/actnow where you can enter activation code

4. Press button “Submit the code”.

5. After that, you will get registration form, submit it with all required details and complete the process. If you entered wrong number or if your PCH Postcard number has been used previously then you can not reuse it.

No need to be upset, if you don’t get post card from PCH; because they offer numerous winning opportunities. So enter today and everyday at pch.com. Have you ever tried its PCHSearch&Win? It is really good way of PCH, where you can win instant prizes just by logging in and searching!

How to activate using Activation Code on www.pch.com/actnow: Video Guide

10,227 thoughts on “Enter PCH Activate Now Code to win on PCH.com/actnow

  1. Alameda Haynish

    Your site won’t even let me put my code in. I guess I have to buy something. Not going to happen!

  2. Hope Barrasa

    Well after seeing all the comments it’s obvious this is just a cruel joke by pch I have tried and tried to enter the code PC344 with no success. In one of the other sites another lady had the same activation code as I did. you all must be really getting a kick out of us trying and trying and getting no where

    thank you??????

    1. B.Sharp

      Unable to enter activation code.

      Why do you waste my time and everyone else with such a prank?

      Why do you waste the paper these jokes are printed on?

  3. Mary Chasing Hawk

    Why don’t it let me enter my code, PC356, is this a joke, I sure hope not, please fix the problem and Thank You.

  4. Jeanette Swift

    Your marked places that you have marked are filled in with the correct information.

    What now? Is there someone I can call?

  5. Vivian Murphy

    I really enjoy P.C.H. I will not give up trying to Win! Who Knows I might just be the next Winner! Why not! Play! Vivian Murphy will keep playing to Win P.C.H

  6. d perez


  7. William Mincey

    PCH Your site is bogus. It will not allow you to enter the ACTIVATION CODE: . I tried on 3 different computers. It will not allow me to enter my code. Since you will read this email please enter my code.
    PC351 Ha Ha.
    PCH is a big rip off. You have no intentions of awarding any prizes to anyone. You keep extending the date for the selection of the winner whom you probably already selected. Order forms keep coming with instructions on what I need to do to make sure I am qualified. Well this is the last you will hear from me.
    I do not plan to order anything else EVER.

  8. charline dunn

    whats up????? U cant even put in ur code this is a joke why waste everybody time this is false advertisement

    1. Judy Rice

      Seems everyone is having the same problem. I pray every day that the good Lord will let me win to help us out since my husband has had a stroke and I am also disabled. We are hanging on by our finger nails to get thru this mess. Why can’t anyone enter their code? Including me. my code is SW347

  9. Judith Mitchell

    Same as all above !!
    PCH is a scam to get people to purchase junk.
    I’ve never heard of anyone wining. I think the people they show on TV are all actors.

  10. Angela Proctor

    I have been entering every day. I expect that I’m not wasting my time. I get emails but they lead to games that I play everyday hopefully I’m not wasting my time. Single mom with cancer. Please email me back .

  11. Joyce Oleksy

    looks like I’m not even going to try since at least 2 other people have the same activation code as me. What a big joke.

  12. Marion Mickens

    Well, looks like I am not the only one you tricked into looking at your website. Once again, I fell for your trick, but not anymore. PLEASE TAKE NECESSARY ACTION TO REMOVE MY NAME AND ANY REFERENCE TO ME FROM YOUR RECORDS . I WILL MARK ALL CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESSED TO ME ‘REFUSED. RETURN TO SENDER’ which will ensure that I no longer waste money on the postage.

  13. Joline P Reaves

    Why do PCH send these postcards every year to people knowing that the code cannot be activated? It
    makes me wonder if PCH is not a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sharon Renteria

    After reading all the post I won’t even bother to try
    you all know the saying if it sounds to good to be true IT’S NOT TRUE !!!!!

  15. Toni Marie Rodriguez

    On july 19 you sent me a card in the mail. But I tried to put my code in . But it doesn’t let me. My actiivation code is pc335. Notice W71.

  16. james newman

    This is a joke cannot enter code. Why do you keep sending me this postcard if you are not going to honor what you say you are going to do?

  17. one

    PCH is the largest scam artist in the world feeding on the psychological and economical short comings of many people in this country.


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