Collect Prizes from PCH Redemption Center on

Be more active on PCH website to earn more Tokens that can be redeemed for more chances to win any PRIZE of your choice from PCH Redemption Center (

Who doesn’t want to win big prizes without spending a penny? We all love gifts and prizes…but now, no need to search here and there to find different ways to win different prizes as Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is here to help you fulfill your wish. PCH offers so many ways to win prizes including online games, amazing sweepstakes, daily cash prizes, and exciting offers. Refer the full list of offerings from PCH and you will surely find something you “Like”. Here is mentioned detailed description about how to win prizes from PCH Redemption Center. Start accumulating tokens today, and redeem it for Extra chances to win a Big Prize of your preference at their redemption center.

Collect Prizes from PCH Redemption Center

Publishers Clearing House is a marketing company founded in 1953 by Harold Mertz. The company is well-known for promoting exciting sweepstakes along with its offers to purchase magazine subscriptions and other items. Moreover, the company is very much popular for the Prize Patrol, which surprises sweepstakes winners at their homes, work or other places with cash prizes and captures the event on video. PCH has an increasing family of online properties that provide several ways for consumers to play and win such as,,,,, and

How to collect prizes from PCH Redemption Center?

Just head over to, and register on the site by providing few necessary details like name, birth date, address, email, etc. Once you fill up and submit the registration form, you will automatically earn 1,000 tokens into your account. As well, every time you enter the PCH Sweepstakes, you can earn more tokens! Then, get ready to go for all the grand “loot” they will extremely give away often like $500.00 Cash, Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot gift cards, a Sony Vaio laptop, a Samsung Galaxy Tab “2” tablet, a Kindle Fire HD Tablet with cover, and many more terrific prizes.

redeem tokens to win prizes from PCH Redemption Center

You may think that what is the use of these tokens and how can tokens be useful? Well, tokens are like virtual currency that can be redeemed for entering to win some great prizes from redemption center, which is full of valuable items. Go to the Instant Win section of and play to win a whole swing of fast-paced, enjoyable games – while you collect tokens every time you play. Numerous fun, action-packed games are offered that will amuse you for hours.

You can reach the redemption center from the “My Account” section in the top navigation bar or through the link “Redeem Tokens” below your token total in “Today’s Checklist”. Check out the record of all token transactions under the “Token History” section of “My Account”. Remember, the more you are active on, the more you Bank (tokens).

On the website, take a look at the prize items listed with image, the number of tokens required and the deadline date for your entry. Currently, tokens are divided into three categories – 10-500, 500-1000, and 1000 and more. Popular items are mentioned on the bottom of the page.

Good points:

  • Get registered and automatically earn 1,000 tokens into your account
  • More you are active on, more you earn tokens
  • Enter the PCH Sweepstakes, and earn tokens
  • Redeem tokens and get awarded big prizes

45 thoughts on “Collect Prizes from PCH Redemption Center on

    1. Rachell Webster

      I did try buy some gifts from Redemption center. I stll didn’t get nothing so what should I do about that now?????? I want all the gifts that I use mt tokens on sent me my gifts asap!!!!!!

    2. Carol S Davids

      I have redeemed 5,715,000 tokens in an effort to win $150 towards the purchase of a grill.
      How many billion in tokens must one have to redeem some of the more costly gifts?
      Can’t seem to win.

    3. Karen Ponder

      Have I ever won a prize? I’ve tried unsuccessfully for years, yet Ive never gotten a prize for lots of tokens I entered. Is this site just not operable? Why do I keep being prompted to redeem my tokens? Just wondering! Thanks, your loyal VIP & fan… KAREN PONDER

  1. michael walczak

    hello pch and yes i would like to win 10,000.00 a week for life plus 2 million cash plus 50,000.00 bonus cash

  2. Debra Garner

    To whom it may concern I redem some of my tokens does thbat means that I
    will recieve my gifts I thought I would have recieved a responce on today

    Debra Garner
    Leesville La
    Oct 14 2014

  3. stacey

    Pch, i have an issue with you all not redeeming my 110,850 tokens it may not be alot to you but i spent alot of time earning these tokens.there is always some problem in getting it done and from what i see i am not the only one having trouble redeeming my what is pch not trust worthy anymore either?have some dignity and give people what you owe us you are not broke come on now,also by doing this type of thing YOU WILL LOOSE business!!!STACEY

  4. stacey

    Please reply do not be cowardly,i try not to let little things bother me but,i have tried all types of ways to redeem

    1. Leora

      I agree 100% I have played these games for 15 years and not once have I ever recieved anything from publishers clearing house. I quit!! It’s a waist of 15 years of my life. And they make money off off every single person that falls for their B S.
      wetoddidone@gmail.Com ps. I have spent over 4 million tokens for nothing! Not even a thank you.

  5. Todd Nimmo

    The PCH web site said I won the $777.00 lump sum cash prize. The site instructed me with a smiley face to press the claim you prize. I got shifted to another web site and it said I won a $500.00 Walmart gift card. I tried to collect, but the web site would not respond to anything.
    I got a in email saying that I won a lump sum of cash $1000.00. Tried to redeem and the samething happened. But this time the PCH web site said I was the 100th something a rather and I won an instant $100.00. And I got another $500.00 Walmart gift card. But the web site just keep shuffling me around. I think this is nothing but a BIG SCAM. Someone needs to cut a lot of thoats

  6. Forrest Wood

    Dearest Mr.&Ms. Publishers Clearing House. I just stopped bye to say hi.✋. I believe these numbers are for claims AR2015..W33….15NP291WOOD…. To be activated

  7. John Boudreaux

    Please give me specific directions to redeem my pch tokens. I don’t know how to access your redemption center. Thank you,

  8. Bertie N.

    I cannot even get into the redeeming part of the redeemtion center it says about being to big I have done it before anyway you can help me redeem my tokens

  9. P Deatherage

    If I redeem tokens, how do I know if my request was drawn/honored? How do I receive this prize and how do I use it? I tried once, but could never figure out if drawn or notified!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Robert

      How can I redeem a PCH REWARDS CASH gift card? I see my name listed as winning $50, but have not received any email from PCH. The site states winning 7/19/16.

  10. Joan Lusaka

    I think the word redeem is misleading to some people who seem to think they are buying the items with their tokens, but it seems to mean entering for a prize the way P.C.H. uses it.
    I would like to know how the decision is made. Is it who redeems first or who redeems most tokens?
    I would love to get a reply!

  11. Sonya Harris

    It seems to me that PCH is really a huge rip off they nag you constandly to buy magazines, they use phases to force you in entering sweepstakes daily with threats of being disqualified. I have order some much and cannot afford to pay the bill.

  12. darlene dyer

    I have been playing games and token buildup is huge. In redeeming tokens for gifts I choose multiple items each…like 5 gift cards…5 t.v’s etc just to lower my token amount. Each month or whenever I redeem I never get lucky enough to win. I too wonder how individuals are chosen to win.

    1. sandra kawashima

      I also would like to redeem my tokens for prizes but have no idea how to find out how to this task.
      Can you help me using very, very simple instructions.

  13. A J grasso

    I was told I won a third place prize. No further word on what it was or how to obtain it. PCH please respond. I used millions of tokens only to be entered into more contests. I feel I should have received something than more entries for my many tokens!!

    1. Carolyn

      IV redeemed so many of my tokens. But can never win a thing.How do I know if IV won anything.IV been so faithful every day since March 16 2016.Please don’t keep me in limbo.😭

  14. A. J

    I have literally spent millions of tokens trying to receive a REWARD.

    You play
    Many games to
    Achieve such a large amount of tokens..

    One should receive some prize or reward for millions of tokens!!!

    The games are fun, but it is very deceptive to believe you will WIN anything for playing them.

  15. Ron D'Ambrosio

    I j won 100.00 playing Rolling for Cash on the PCH play and win app in November 2016 and received the $100.00 check after about 5 weeks this past December 2016. I’ve been playing these games for about 2 years and already accumulated over 138 million tokens. I also won 10.00 over a year ago. I do love playing these games and am really trying to reach the 200 million token plateau.I do try to win prizes by using my tokens, I have over 33 million tokens available to use, but like everyone else on this blog, I still have not won any prizes.

  16. Bettyboop

    Yes I want to win and claim and activate all, so please do what got to please come to my door, so I can live the way I want to everyone don’t live the way yourself want to, maybe my OCD getting to me..

  17. Irene Trevino

    I just noticed I won an APPLE TV by redeeming 1 million tokens to that drawing. Am I to get notified by mail or phone or the item mailed to me?


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