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Are you among those who really worry about their loved ones after they will die? Then is the best for you. Here you can earn the karma’s points and reserve your place in heaven. This social networking site is for those people who want to go to heaven and those who are religious person. According to this site, the best idea to reserve place in heaven is to do good deeds. This site was established around 6 years back. A person with maximum Karma points may have the chance to become closer to “GOD”. Social Network To live like Heaven
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Before knowing anything else, it is necessary to know some important things regarding karma points and many more. Karma points are the source to measure the person’s praise worthiness. The person with a large amount of karma points is more likely to closer to GOD. There are many different ways to earn karma points; you can add your karma points if you are blessed by other people on the site, confess your sins, spreading karma, start a cause, instant karma and many other ways.

Another activity of Line for Heaven includes “The Blessing Game” in which you see two people’s pictures along with brief description regarding why they are worthy and you have to bless any one of them. You will get one karma point for each blessing. Now talking about heaven, it is the most worthy position as it is considered as a position next to God. Every Sunday is called Judgment Day, as the first person in Line for Heaven will become an “Angel” and get introduced into Heaven and One Degree from God. While other users have to earn karma points to get Heaven touch. In this, the first seven next to the “GOD” spot are the GOD angle by their karma points and other seven will be succeed to become next angle.

The free sign up process is really easy and take very less time. During the registration, you have to enter your basic details like name, date of birth, your location, and religion. You have to upload your photo and have to admit that why you’re creditable enough to go in Heaven. This site is open to every person and every religion.

Another way to earn karma point is to play “Blessing Game” in which, you will get one karma point for each blessing. For any sin confession, you will get 5 karma points; for starting any cause, you will get 20 karma points. While spreading the karma by inviting friends, you will get 50 karma points. You will get 5 karma points for each temptation you clicked on. You can earn more karma points easily by answering some fun questions.

This site makes you realize the goodness of doing good karma and give the power to confess your sins and forgiving other’s sins. With, you will learn about religious tolerance and religion. This is the best way to meet and talk with like minded people and thus your spiritual journey will be fun full and memorable.

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