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WhatsApp Web Pros & Cons: Do you know these Limitations?

Most used messenging app whatsapp has officialy announced web version of it with its own benefits. But cons or problems are still there as it is first beta version of the software. Let me walkthrough them.

Launch of WhatsApp Web application can boost the usage of WhatsApp defiantly and also WhatsApp gets millions of view from desktop from rightnow. WhatsApp Web is the best application for those who spend more time in front of a computer or laptop. Now with WhatsApp Web, it is possible to use WhatsApp from multiple device If you have configured once.

Whatsapp Web

We have reviewed WhatsApp Web and tested to find out all possible pros and cons. Continue reading

Parlor Social Talking network App – Talk with likeminded anonymous user

Let’s talk on social network site! No mistake, you heard it right; now the first social talking network – Parlor – is here. It connects like-minded people to enjoy talking on common interested topic. So, don’t text…just talk!!!

Today, social networks are everywhere. It becomes possible to connect with friends, family members, colleagues, business partners, neighbors, etc. in a one, single string on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. But, something is missing yet! Every time, text is not capable to deliver exact meaning of your emotions and feelings. In fact, verbal communication is the best medium to have meaningful conversations. No doubt, texting is the new communication world, but it is task-oriented and makes things more complicated. However, teens-to-young adults respond it heavily, there are many still not comfortable with texting. They just love to talk instead of that boring texting! Talking with person is the clear, direct, fast and better way of communication. If you love to talk, then enjoy talking with Parlor…the first social talking network app. Social networks are used to spread information and innovation across the world. Combining this excellent feature of social networking; Parlor makes brilliant use of voice power to facilitate the meaningful communication between friends, business contacts, and Parlor users with common interest.

Parlor Social Talking network App

Parlor is a new kind of social network, where you can enjoy talking to communicate, share ideas and discuss topics of mutual interest! In reality, majority of social networks just focus on text-based communication. But, talking with person on other hand is required for meaningful conversations. That’s why, millions of people are using Skype. Now change your way of communicating at Parlor, the first social talking network. It uses amazing power of voice…just not for talking, but the main purpose of this social talking network app is to connect likeminded people for discussing common interested topics, without any restriction. Continue reading

Top 3 Lock Screen Replacement Apps

Not happy with your current lock screen style? Change the look of your lock screen with the excellent and top lockscreen replacements given below. Check out all, and go with the best one!

Many times in a day, we see lock screen of our smartphone or tablet. It would be really irritating to look at the same one, every day and night. How’s that if you have the cool phone but the same, boring, outdated lock-screen on your phone? So ridiculous!!! Be smart, you can have solution of lockscreen replacements. There are so many lockscreen replacements available on the net, but outer shell is not the only thing you matter. It should include smart features that helps to make the lockscreen replacement app… best one, also perfect one. Here, we have enlisted top, selected lockscreen replacements so you can lock your phone in your own style! Go through the list, it surely helps you for selecting the favorite one.

change lock screen of your phone

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Tizenstore.com: Download Samsung Tizen Mobile Apps

Tizen store is opening soon with a large number of apps. If you want to download Tizen Mobile Apps, then just head over to Tizenstore.com.

The hot topic these days – Tizen, is the open-source OS for all device areas. Tizen OS is a mobile operating system developed by Samsung and Intel. To serve different industry needs, the Tizen operating system comes in various profiles including Tizen IVI (in-vehicle infotainment), Tizen TV, Tizen Mobile, and Tizen Wearable. Tizen OS may become a great alternative to Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone. Developers have already started using their resources to create apps for Tizen, since it has a high chances of becoming a top OS for smartphone in upcoming years as Tizen implies ‘Win a Brighter Future With Tizen Store”. Tizenstore is the place to download Tizen Mobile Apps, and currently, the Tizen store is inviting you to experience a new world. The features of Tizen Stores include discounted apps, In-app purchase, application port from Android and other platform.

Tizen Mobile Apps

Samsung had already announced the Tizen powered smartwatches – Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, and now the company launched the world’s first Tizen OS smartphone in Russia – the Samsung Z. Until now, most Samsung phones like Galaxy smartphones and tablets use Google’s open source Android platform, and several other rivals like Sony, LG, HTC, and Huawei also use the same operating system to power up their devices. The competition in the smartphone market is increasing day by day, so Samsung is looking for ways to maintain its lead over rivals and so tried first with a new operating system Tizen for its gadgets. Continue reading

Foogi App lets you schedule a meeting in seconds

Want to schedule a meeting in seconds by knowing available times of any person from any company in one glance? Then, catch hold of a free calendar scheduler app – Foogi.

Sometimes scheduling a meeting becomes painful and time consuming process as digital calendars often fail due to various platforms and IT policies outcome in the failure of sharing availabilities outside one’s domain. Now forget phone calls or emails trying to organize a time for business meetings as a new calendar scheduler app – Foogi instantly shows you the availabilities of anybody from any company in order to schedule a meeting in less than 30 seconds. Foogi app assures to match up invitees’ calendars to see the free/available times in which you can schedule your meeting. So next time, when anyone asks you – When are you available? Simply give the answer – “Just Foogi Me”.

Scheduling meetings with Foogi

Foogi has been founded by Amit Jaiswal. Foogi went from a 1-man startup to a solid team of 8, which includes 4 interns, 2 partners and 1 employee. The vision of Foogi app is to revolutionize the way availabilities are shared and calendar events are formed. Don’t consider Foogi as a calendar replacement. Based on how much details you share within the app, it will compare schedules and present times within the accessible calendar app, accordingly you can create an event. Continue reading

How to check Canadian citizenship application status online?

Visiting the Canadian citizenship office could be a headache to know about the status of the application and what if you can know about your application at home only. Now no need to visit the Canadian citizenship office, as you can check the status of your application online itself. Before proceeding how to check the status online, it is necessary to know about the rules. It allows you to check the status any time 24×7 with an internet access.

How to check Canadian citizenship application status online?

Now, the question is that who can apply? So, the following are the person who can check Canadian citizenship application status online: Continue reading

Rockasap.com – Pocket Mobile shopping mall

Carry SHOPPING MALL in Pocket with India’s first M-Commerce application “Rockasap.com,” which enables users to enjoy shopping anytime, anywhere through smartphone, tablet and all GPRS enabled mobile handsets. Rockasap.com is a one stop destination that offers attractive discounts, deals and offers on gadgets, lifestyle trends, adventure and events. The products and services can be searched and ordered by downloading Rockasap on your mobile phone. No need to worry about exposing your personal and account information online because it gives both cash on delivery mode and online payment getaway option. No need of any special skills to order products and services through mobile phone as the process is similar like online shopping service.

Rockasap.com - Pocket Mobile shopping mall

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Apptopia.com helps broker to sale mobile apps

Not only latest mobiles but also the mobile apps are emerging as a successful business these days. Most of the applications in the market are developed by experimental developers instead of the well-established businesses. These apps can even accumulate a big user following for those developers who don’t have the skills to build a business around their applications. Apptopia is a website that will help the broker for the sale of mobile applications. It aims to create an exit strategy for the developers and a real investment opportunity for the entrepreneurs.

Apptopia.com helps broker to sale mobile apps

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Speed up your website with zbugs.com

Websites load time is among the most important factors that affect the number of visitors and website’s page ranking. Lower website loading time will increase search engine ranking and thereby increase traffic. Every webmaster wants that their site should take minimum loading time but due to various reasons, the website takes more loading time. Webmasters can easily speed up their website loading time with the help of an online tool like zbugs.com. The web-based application, zbugs compresses the CSS and JavaScript files of the site and thereby speeds up the loading time in just a click.

Oakha.org helps to own quality housing for low-income people in Oakland

A great help is offered by the Oakland Housing Authority to the low-income residents of the City of Oakland as they can own quality housing. The Oakland Housing Authority persists to introduce pioneering solutions that address the rising necessitate for housing assistance. The mission of OHA is to assure the accessibility of quality housing for low-income people and to uphold the civic participation and economic self-reliance of residents as well as to further the extension of reasonable housing within Oakland. Interested people living in Oakland must complete the online application at oakha.org. The waiting of applicant will depend upon the inclinations they meet the criteria for, plus the date of their application. Normally an applicant’s wait for assisted housing could be months to some years. Numbers on the waiting list are not allotted by OHA, just because your place changes as soon as new applicants are inserted and others are taken off the waiting lists.

Oakha.org helps to own quality housing for low-income people in Oakland

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