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WhatsApp Web Pros & Cons: Do you know these Limitations?

Most used messenging app whatsapp has officialy announced web version of it with its own benefits. But cons or problems are still there as it is first beta version of the software. Let me walkthrough them.

Launch of WhatsApp Web application can boost the usage of WhatsApp defiantly and also WhatsApp gets millions of view from desktop from rightnow. WhatsApp Web is the best application for those who spend more time in front of a computer or laptop. Now with WhatsApp Web, it is possible to use WhatsApp from multiple device If you have configured once.

Whatsapp Web

We have reviewed WhatsApp Web and tested to find out all possible pros and cons. Continue reading

Parlor Social Talking network App – Talk with likeminded anonymous user

Let’s talk on social network site! No mistake, you heard it right; now the first social talking network – Parlor – is here. It connects like-minded people to enjoy talking on common interested topic. So, don’t text…just talk!!!

Today, social networks are everywhere. It becomes possible to connect with friends, family members, colleagues, business partners, neighbors, etc. in a one, single string on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. But, something is missing yet! Every time, text is not capable to deliver exact meaning of your emotions and feelings. In fact, verbal communication is the best medium to have meaningful conversations. No doubt, texting is the new communication world, but it is task-oriented and makes things more complicated. However, teens-to-young adults respond it heavily, there are many still not comfortable with texting. They just love to talk instead of that boring texting! Talking with person is the clear, direct, fast and better way of communication. If you love to talk, then enjoy talking with Parlor…the first social talking network app. Social networks are used to spread information and innovation across the world. Combining this excellent feature of social networking; Parlor makes brilliant use of voice power to facilitate the meaningful communication between friends, business contacts, and Parlor users with common interest.

Parlor Social Talking network App

Parlor is a new kind of social network, where you can enjoy talking to communicate, share ideas and discuss topics of mutual interest! In reality, majority of social networks just focus on text-based communication. But, talking with person on other hand is required for meaningful conversations. That’s why, millions of people are using Skype. Now change your way of communicating at Parlor, the first social talking network. It uses amazing power of voice…just not for talking, but the main purpose of this social talking network app is to connect likeminded people for discussing common interested topics, without any restriction. Continue reading

Hardreset.info: Information Portal to Hard Reset Any Device

Whatever the type of your device; you can do safe, secure and trouble-free hard reset at Hardreset.info with complete guidance and instructions. Just have a look!

Keep your safe side with Hardreset.info! Most irritating task – whenever you think about selling your smart phone or giving it for repairing to wipe out data completely. Lots of personal things, private photos or logged-on to the social accounts are stored in your device. If this important information is not deleted at the right time, then it may be used wrongly. Performing a hard reset is the easiest and simplest solution to remove all of your confidential data from the device. Care should be taken that hard reset procedure is different from one device to another. But don’t worry, just visit Hardreset.info. With large database of over 6,885 devices, this would be your one stop solution to hard reset from old featured phones to the new smartphones. What’s more, you are provided with complete step by step guidance and detailed instructions on how to hard reset device, effectively?

delete data from your device

Hardreset.info, as the name itself suggests, it provides all about hard reset procedure. No doubt, there are many other ways, but Hardreset.info is the best, easy, and simple way to hard reset your device. Here, procedure of hard reset is just a matter of few clicks! Continue reading

Verizon.com/FreeDevices: Get Free Devices from Verizon

Get free device in this LOVE SEASON because Verizon offers free phones and tablets on Verizon.com/FreeDevices for their valuable customers with 2 year contract.

Free stuff is always in the center of attention, that’s why online shopping sites offer free deals in festive season for attracting more traffic. In this love season, if you are planning to purchase new device for your best one but no money in your pocket, then make a visit at Verizon.com/FreeDevices to get free device. At present, Verizon has launched free devices offer to their “loyal” customers. Under this free devices offer, it has included 11 high-end phones and tablets. It’s really a good opportunity for all people to get their favorite device at free of cost, with 2 year contract. However, this opportunity is available online till 17th February, 2014….so visit the site or store as soon as possible and grab this great opportunity.

Verizon.com/FreeDevices: Get Free Devices from VerizonVerizon is an American broadband and telecommunications company that constantly offers best online deals to widen its online business and attract more customers. Usually, online source focus on festive season to offer best deals, because in this time, maximum customers surf web to get best discount offers. This is the main reason for Verizon why it chooses the love season for offering free devices. Continue reading

How to access Koodo Mobile Self Service online?

Learn to access and manage Koodo Mobile Self Service account online at www.koodomobile.com/selfserve to call on your queries related to Koodo Mobile.

Now internet has made life so much easy that it also help you handle any problem in your mobile. Koodo Mobile is one of the leading mobile brands in Canada. It was started on March 17, 2008. It is a subsidiary of Telus. The main feature of Koodo Mobile is that there is no need of a fixed term contract. It offers good network coverage and a strong presence. Presently, it carries 16 different mobile devices, which includes certain Smartphones also. The word Koodo in Greek means praise, renown, glory. The call cost of the company is lower and much affordable as compared to others.

customer getting an access to Koodo self serve service

The main purpose of the Self Serve service is to provide customers with easy manageable services, and it becomes easy for them to manage their account online. Even for this amendable service, they don’t charge anything as it is free of cost. With its Self Serve service, you can get access to your account 24X7. To avail the benefits of Self Serve, you need to get your name registered on koodomobile.com. In order to get access to this service, you must have an access to internet and have a valid email ID, Koodo mobile number, etc.

The mobile app for online Self Serve is also available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Continue reading

SMSSpark.com: Send 260 Character Free SMS and Earn Money

The trend of sending SMS is increasing day by day. SMS makes the approach of people easy as they can converse upon many topics by using their mobile phones or Internet without any problem at the comfort of their home/office. SMS Marketing is very cost effective and lets people to send a text message to anybody, anywhere, at any time. Sending SMS is the best way to be contacted with friends, family or loved ones, when you are far from them. Usually when you send SMS, you need to pay some amount but many companies offer free SMS services. Do you know you can earn money by sending free SMS? SMSSpark.com is one of the websites that allows you to send 260 characters free SMS and earn money too.

SMSSpark.com: Send 260 Character Free SMS and Earn Money Continue reading

Pantel.in: Buy BSNL tablet Online, PreBooking Open Now

There is good news for Indian people as they can now buy BSNL product online from Pantel.in, which is the official web page of PANTEL, the latest Information Technology and Communication devices Hardware Company offering ICT products under the brand name of PENTA in Indian market. Recently, government telecommunication company, BSNL has hit the Indian tablet market by introducing its first three new tablets- BSNL Panta Tpad IS 701r tablet, Tpad_ws704c tablet and Tpad WS802C tablet PCs at the affordable price. With the launch of these three new tablets, BSNL has also opened pre-booking and buying service for it at Pantel.in. The online pre-booking service is only available for the latest tablets of BSNL, so if you want to buy other BSNL product you must visit BSNL stores.

Pantel.in: Buy BSNL tablet Online, PreBooking Opens

BSNL latest tablet has been manufactured by Pantel Technologies. Pantel.in is specially created for offering online buying and pre-booking service for these latest releases. BSNL has offered these tablets by keeping mind needs of middle class people that’s why they set the price of it between Rs 3,499 and Rs 13,500. The 7-inch tablet is available at the price of Rs 3250, while other 7-8 inch tablet is available at the price of Rs. 10999 and Rs 13500 respectively.  All three tablets run on Android 2.3 operating system. BSNL Penta IS701R is offered with data plan of 5 GB for 60 days, 1 GHz processor and 256 MB RAM. It is only Wi-Fi tablet comes with HDMI port, a 3000 mAh battery and 2 GB internal memory. Continue reading

Irctc.co.in/mobile – IRCTC’s Mobile Ticketing Portal

Get train ticket on mobile phone!!! Now-a-days, travel booking has turned on the web with online booking service. Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has recently introduced its mobile website that permits users to book train ticket on their mobile phone by using credit cards, debit cards and bank account. Now, people can make their train journey more convenient and easier by taking a help of mobile version of the IRCTC. Don’t need to use any Android phone, iPhone and higher end feature mobile phone to book train ticket by phone, because IRCTC mobile site (Irctc.co.in/mobile) can be opened by any GPRS supported mobile phone.

Irctc.co.in/mobile - IRCTC's Mobile Ticketing Portal

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Find out who calls you on Whocallsme.com

Are you suffering from prank call or wrong numbers? If yes, then what have you done when unknown number called you many time and hanged up when you answer or ask unrelated questions? If you are suffering from these situations, then whocallsme.com is just for you. With the help of whocallsme.com, users can get information about unknown callers as comments. It allows users to comment on strange number and share their experiences. These callers can be anybody from fraud artists and telemarketers to legal companies.

Find out who calls you on Whocallsme.com

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Myxertones.com: Download Cool Mobile Ringtones & Wallpapers

Personalize your mobile phone with cool mobile ring tones and wallpapers. Don’t waste your time for surfing internet to get free website for downloading mobile ringtones, wallpapers, theme and games, because you have great choice as “Myxertones” which gives you wallpapers and ring tones and other things for your mobile phone at free of charge. It also offers toolset to make and share your own mobile phones ringtones and wallpapers from computer files. By sharing your own creation with the site, you can earn money when someone purchases your original content.

Myxertones.com: Download Cool Mobile Ringtones & Wallpapers

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