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Top 10 Chinese Websites for International Shopping

Global e-commerce shopping and sales has been growing rapidly, a vast number of customers and companies are enjoying advantages of online shopping.

top chinese shopping sites

According to expert’s analysis, the growth of e-commerce sales in Asian market will topple US and very soon Asia-Pacific market will be known as the largest market by sales revenue. Continue reading

Ebay.com/valet: Ebay Apps – Sells stuff and get paid without worry

Turn your extra stuff into cash with a new app called eBay Valet that helps to sell your stuff on eBay also in return you get 70% of the proceeds of that sold out stuff.

So many unused items in your house like electronics or sporting goods haven’t been used for ages; probably, they are still worth some cash. Now, it’s possible to make money by selling that outdated junk with the help of eBay’s new iOS app, eBay Valet. Online marketplace, eBay has expanded its lesser-known “eBay Sell For Me” service by bringing it to a mobile platform “eBay Valet”, making it easy for eBay newbies and people with less time to sell their stuff. eBay Valet app connects eBay sellers to experts, otherwise called Valets, to follow a system of few simple steps to make sure a profitable and fast sale. Just head over to ebay.com/valetand get started now – it takes care at every step of the selling procedure – from determining an item’s worth, listing it online to shipping it when sold – everything.

eBay Valet app screenshot

The IIC (Israel Innovation Center) has designed and developed the Valet app. The eBay Valet app is compatible with all Apple devices running on iOS 6.1 and above. The new app’s goal is to target new or less regular sellers at the right moment. The app can sell a number of items for you including antiques & collectibles, electronics, new or like-new designer shoes and handbags, high-end kitchen appliances, car parts, musical instruments, and sporting goods. However, Valet doesn’t accept clothes unlike other online consignment e-commerce shops that have just become famous such as Poshmark. Furthermore, bulky items heavier than 25 lbs, those in poor condition worth below $40, media like DVDs and CDs, and high-end valuables are not accepted through the program too. Check out the full list of product restrictions for eBay Valet service at the Sell For Me page. Continue reading

Websites to Buy and Sell Used Items Online in India

Don’t throw your trashes or used stuff out without knowing its actual value. As now, you can turn your trash into cash by selling it online as well as save money by purchasing used items through several renowned Indian Websites.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasures….we all know this famous quote very well. So don’t throw your trash out because it could be useful to other people. Still, if you are using a traditional way to sell your used items, you have to go to each and every retailer to discover who can give you the best price. In addition, shop owner does not offer you much margin as they would like to resell the items for a higher price. So, it is always better to sell your secondhand stuff online. Purchasing old stuff or second hand items online is the recent trend. One doesn’t need to wander his/her region to find out potential buyer or seller to buy and sell used stuffs because it becomes so easier with online classified ads site. Selling used items online is much more profitable; it saves your valuable time and money. You just need to post your items on the website, upload some nice price, describe something about the working condition and then you will definitely find out that selling online is as easy as cutting a cake. Be truthful while describing details about items to catch maximum buyers and earn maximum profit. Still, Indian consumers have some doubts about the potential of online selling, that’s why they avoid online shopping. But no need to worry because now we are presenting some of the best website that is more trust-able and secure to get good money out of your old stuff.

Websites to Buy and Sell Second hand item in India

There is a long list of Indian websites that allow users selling used products online and offer buying second hand things there itself. Purchasing secondhand items is also a good way to discover stuffs that you can’t practically expect to find on the shelves of any store. Sometimes, old goods are more reliable and long-lasting than new ones, that’s reason our grand parents never changes her toaster, oven, and her eggbeater because they know that old is gold. Continue reading

Gobol.in: Buy Refurbished & Factory Seconds Mobile, TV and Laptops

Save big on branded electronic products by buying refurbished, surplus and factory seconds electronic products at Gobol.in.

Indian people always look for good deals. They are budget conscious, but don’t compromise on quality. So to bring the best value for their money, Gobol.in is providing branded refurbished, surplus and factory seconds electronic products with assured warranty at very attractive prices. Forget eBay and other auction websites for buying old/used products or Flipkart or Snapdeal for buying new ones, and try this new model of e-commerce market. You can find best deals and discounts on electronics at Gobol.in.

Gobol online shopping website

The E-Commerce company, Gobol (Go Big On Life) was founded in January, 2013. It is the first click and mortar surplus online electronics store in India. The site has user-friendly interface. You can search the entire store directly from the homepage. It sells electronic products in six different categories: Mobile & Accessories; Computers; Home and Kitchen Appliances; TV, Audio and Video; Personal and Healthcare as well as Cameras. Continue reading

WorldCraze.com – Foreign products brought to you by travellers

International stuff at low prices sounds odd, but possible at worldcraze.com, wherein you can now purchase those stuffs and products that are not available in your own country at the lowest prices.

Craze of international stuffs is more than domestic stuffs, but everyone can’t fulfill this desire because of high price. How you feel when we say you purchase international stuff at low prices? First, you may not believe in it, but it’s 100% true. WorldCraze.com is the first international crowd-shopping platform where you can purchase those products and stuffs that are not available in your own country. No need to worry about stuff price, because everything available at very affordable price. It connects travelers, buyers and latest crazes from around the world. As well, you don’t need to worry about too much delivery cost and risk of breakage because your purchase is brought to you by WorldCraze travelers.

enjoying shopping at worldcraze

No matter, whether you live in India, United States, Moscow or San Francisco, because here anyone can do shopping through all over the world. At this online platform, you can buy brand new product in shop of your choice and obtain a bonus on delivery. It connects buyers in touch with people, who are planning or preparing to go on trip and agreed to pay for conveyors. It’s a really good place to purchase overseas products with security. Now, you don’t need to wait for ordering cheese, jeans and latest Smartphone, because WorldCraze delivers products on time. Continue reading

Cazbak.in: Earn Cash back reward on your Online Shopping in India

Most of us shop online, but if you purchase things via Cazbak.in then you will get a single platform to shop with hundreds of top online stores of India, and what’s more, a part of your spending back every time of purchase. So be little smart, and save more at Cazbak.in!

Comforts… time saving…home delivery…and most important one – lower price tags, all such pros finally change the mind of Indians. Today, online shopping in India is becoming more acceptable than ever before. There is a fierce competition among the online retailers, so they always try new ways, new ideas, and new techniques to satisfy customers. If you shop online regularly, then why not double your benefits at Cazbak.in.! At the site, shoppers can scroll over hundreds of top online stores in India to make their purchase at one convenient place. This way, they can have lots of choices for making the best picks. Best of all, it returns back part of your payment…every time you shop on it. So forget all your monthly budget limits… just shop at Cazbak.in and enjoy your cash backs for more purchases, more shopping.

Cazbak.in: Earn Cash back reward on your Online Shopping in India

At first look, Cazbak.in founds little messy but it’s all about users’ ease and direct approaches. Five main steps are given right on the home page. So, even first time visitors can find the exact way to the site, hassle-free. Here you noted that all 5 steps are systematically arranged, so you can do them one by one…without any confusion.

1. Sign-in @ Cazbak

For making purchase, it is must to get registered on the site. Don’t worry, it is totally free and takes only 20 seconds time. At the best, you will also get sign up bonus of Rs. 20. You are asked to enter your name, email ID, password and phone number, that’s it! Once you got registered, dashboard will be open with current details about your transactions and earnings. Thus, Your Cazbak account helps the site in tracking earnings. Continue reading

Zipcash.in: Mobile Wallet service in India

Scared of shopping online in India? Don’t be, now ZipCash makes you pay for products and services by simply sending an SMS…without disclosing credit card or bank account numbers.

Indian consumers are highly attracted to the lowest prices, best deals, festival discounts, percentage off, frequent discounts & coupons, offered for buying things online…but they hesitant to use their credit cards online as they are scared of credit card number theft, online phishing and other safety issues ; so SECURITY is the main concern. Here, ZipCash changes the whole scenario. As credit cards are not trusted more in Indian society, ZipCash – a mobile money kind of service, would be the best and smartest mode of payment. We know that banking sector has already facilitated its customers with notable mobile phone services for banking purposes like check account balance, get updates about your transactions, and more. One step ahead… as now you can make payments using your mobile phone instead of carrying cash or cards. If you talk about India, Airtel, Obopay, Vodafone and Nokia Money are already there… but you can surely trust ZipCash; as it is authorized by RBI. Even, it is very easy and simple to use. Here, consumers just need to open ZipCash Account, and get ready to pay for products and services just by sending an SMS command from mobile. No need of new SIM card, no extra charges … just recharge and start making payments using mobile recharge coupons.

 a lady paying bill on mobile

ZipCash is so convenient to use; even you need not to go online. Just put the ZipCash Wallet linked to your mobile, and get access to it on the go. So, escape all long queues by getting ZipCash on your mobile and you can directly pay for shopping online, utility bills, buying prepaid mobile talktime/DTH recharges, buying mVouchers for Retailers, also for different exciting deals & offers via SMS. It’s that simple! Continue reading

How to Buy St. Louis Cardinals fan photos online?

Customize your memorable St. Louis Cardinals game moments online at cardinals.com/fanphotos and purchase your photo at reasonable price.

Baseball craze is unbeatable and if you are true fan of St. Louis Cardinals, then you will never miss any of the baseball matches. To create deeper connection with all the St. Louis Cardinals fans, Cardinals team has launched the site cardinals.com/fanphotos. Here you can find out your photo using Photo Pass Card or by searching online for photos that are taken at the stadium. You can also purchase your customized photo with online purchase facility. Once you place your order online, you will get home delivery of your photo with totally customizable size and frame.

St. Louis Cardinals fan photo online on cardinals.com/fanphotos

If you were also present at Busch Stadium to see the match of St. Louis Cardinals, then get your New match photo when you were on the ground. You can easily get copy of your photo online by just following simple steps given at its official site cardinals.com/fanphotos. You can use your Photo Pass Card to easily find out your pic and customize it with frame and type of pic you want. Continue reading

Try CustomInk.com to Design group t-shirts online

Design your own group t-shirts online in various size and color, plus get on-time free shipping at budget friendly price only on customink.com.

If anyone asks you to find out the particular group from the crowd, then what will be the most common hint that becomes your clue to find all the personnel of group? Yes of course, theirs’ look alike clothes! Same color and printed t-shirts are the identity of any group. If you want to form your own group and have a great idea to design your own group t-shirt, then you must visit customink.com. On customink, you can add text, pictures etc. in your group t-shirt. Moreover, you can also choose color of your t-shirt, design based on theme of your group at very budget friendly price.

Screenshot of customink.com Design Lab

About customink.com:

CustomInk was started by three former college classmates in the year of 1999. It is Virginia based online retail company that makes you design as well as order t-shirt and sweatshirts as per your choices and needs. They do not allow customizing of t-shirts or sweatshirts only; but also allow customizing of hats, drinkware, pen and supplies, fun stuff, bags etc. You can order t-shirts or any other items for your reunion party, small get together, new year party, your local football team, music band etc. Continue reading

Bablarakhi.com: Send Rakhi to Anywhere online

India is a diverse country and Indians celebrate different festivals with great respects and joy. One of the festivals that celebrate the joy, respect and love of brother and sister’s beautiful relation is Rakshabandhan. On the day of Rakshabandhan, no matter how far brother and sister lives from each other or how long they have not contacted to each other; they will definitely meet each other to celebrate their beautiful brother and sister relationship.

Bablarakhi.com: Send Rakhi to Anywhere online

But in today’s life, it has become a common that many brothers and sisters live in different countries for study or to build a great career. It becomes difficult for them to meet on the day of Rakshabandhan. Those sisters who live in other countries can send their love for their brothers in the form of “Rakhi” with the help of many online sites. Bablarakhi.com is one of the online Rakhi stores to send “Rakhi” to your brother without any shipping charges! Continue reading