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PCH Giveaway No. 4900: Win a $7000 A-Week-For-Life

Enter PCH Giveaway No. 4900 everyday and grab your chance to win $7000 cash every single week for the rest of your life!

PCH Giveaway No. 4900PCH is looking someone to take home the prize that pays out $7000 checks week after week! Do you want to be that lucky person? Then don’t miss out! Enter today and everyday in this giveaway and you could soon become the next big winner of PCH.

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PCH Giveaway No.3080, 4650, 4749 & 4651: Enter to win Cash

Make your entry in PCH Giveaway No. 3080, 4650, 4749 & 4651 at PCH .com, and you could win lots of cash prizes, while one of them is win $5,000 per week for your life.

PCH is first and foremost a business of direct-marketing that frequently promotes discount on magazine subscriptions and household merchandise at pch.com and associate websites. Herein, everyone has the chance to enter the promotion sweepstakes to win the Jackpot. Its latest marketing promotions are Giveaway No.3080, 4650, 4749 & 4651. Among them, $5,000 A-Week “Forever” Prize (Giveaway No. 3080) would be jackpot for life, as here lucky winner will be rewarded with $5,000 a week for life… means if you win, you’d get $5,000 per week for your life, even after that the payment will be continued to your someone special (chosen by you) for his/her life. It’s really great! So, try luck to win lifetime gift for Loved One, Special One…

PCH Giveaway No.3080, 4650, 4749 & 4651

Limit: One online entry per day, per person, per e-mail address is allowed for each separate online promotion. Giveaway Nos. 3080, 4650, 4749, and 4651 are open to U.S., U.K., and Canadian residents, but online entry is only open to U.S. and U.K. residents. Continue reading

Collect Prizes from PCH Redemption Center on pch.com/redeem

Be more active on PCH website to earn more Tokens that can be redeemed for more chances to win any PRIZE of your choice from PCH Redemption Center (pch.com/redeem).

Who doesn’t want to win big prizes without spending a penny? We all love gifts and prizes…but now, no need to search here and there to find different ways to win different prizes as Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is here to help you fulfill your wish. PCH offers so many ways to win prizes including online games, amazing sweepstakes, daily cash prizes, and exciting offers. Refer the full list of offerings from PCH and you will surely find something you “Like”. Here is mentioned detailed description about how to win prizes from PCH Redemption Center. Start accumulating tokens today, and redeem it for Extra chances to win a Big Prize of your preference at their redemption center.

Collect Prizes from PCH Redemption Center

Publishers Clearing House is a marketing company founded in 1953 by Harold Mertz. The company is well-known for promoting exciting sweepstakes along with its offers to purchase magazine subscriptions and other items. Moreover, the company is very much popular for the Prize Patrol, which surprises sweepstakes winners at their homes, work or other places with cash prizes and captures the event on video. PCH has an increasing family of online properties that provide several ways for consumers to play and win such as pch.com, pchgames.com, pchlotto.com, pchcoupons.com, pchsearchandwin.com, pchtv.com and pchonlinesurveys.com. Continue reading

PCH $5000 per Week Giveaway on PCH.com/Free

Life today is full of uncertainties, so that individuals have to prepare for all unexpected situations. At present most of the people invest in insurance policy to take care of their family after their death and even enjoy good quality of life against any unforeseen event.Generally, to secure your life or your loved one life, individual have to pay quarterly, halfly and yearly premium to insurance company. But now you could win lifetime payment for your self, plus leave a financial legacy for a loved one by entering in to PCH $5000 A-Week “Forever” Prize giveaway. Hurry up as you can apply for this great opportunity until 22 august 2013.

www.PCH.com/Free: PCH $5000 per Week Giveaway

Enter today or everyday, because you never know which entry could become the big winner. You can get entry in to giveaway by submitting official entry form before deadline, for it you have to visit www.pch.com and hit begin tab. There is also chance to get additional entries by mailing your entry request at 101 Winners Circle, Port Washington, NY 11053-4016.

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Enter PCH Activate Now Code to win on PCH.com/actnow

Enter your PCH activation code which you received in email as W70 notice post card at www.PCH.com/actnow to enter in PCH Instant Win Sweepstakes.

Hurry up!!!! As, PCH’s great winning opportunity is waiting for you that can make you a millionaire just with blink of an eye. Just some days before, PCH (Publishers Clearing House) had sent postcard to many people for inviting them to enter the win 1 Million Plus $5,000 A-Week for Life Prize sweepstakes. If you are a lucky one for them, then you have a great opportunity to try your luck. No more difficult steps behind this great opportunity, you just need to enter Activation code on the given site www.PCH.com/actnow to acquire the chance to become one of the winners of the “Fast 50″ Sweepstakes.

www.PCH.com/actnow: Enter PCH Activate Now Code to win


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Pay You PCH bill and Manage PCH Account online on PCH.com/Pay

The Publishers Clearing House offers online bill pay service that is becoming popular day by day. This service allows users to pay their bills online without any hard work or difficulty. Its customers need not to stand in long queues for making payment as they can pay their bill at the comfort of their home or office. PCH offers better services and great benefits to its customers. At present, PCH is working as a multinational company for the intention of direct marketing. It connects with its consumers by mail or its online communication system. Its services are household products, magazine subscription on discounts and its other sweepstakes proposals.

PCH.com/Pay: Pay You PCH bill and Manage PCH Account online

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) guarantees that all products are exactly as publicized and to make sure the product’s accuracy by double checking of product information. PCH also asks for feedback to be in touch with its customers and to offer them topnotch services with the help of their feedback. It tries to satisfy its customers with superior quality products and services. However, if customers are not satisfied, then they may return the product within 120 days after the purchase of that product. PCH assured its customers about privacy of their personal information and it keeps its customers information severely confidential. Continue reading