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DeltaDebitCard.com: Sign up for Delta Debit Card and Earn extra Rewards

You can earn miles per $1 spent with the Suntrust Delta debit card. You need to open Suntrust checking account such as a personal Suntrust checking account and/or a business Suntrust checking account to earn Delta miles. When you open personal Suntrust checking account, you will receive SkyMiles World Debit Card for your personal use. You will earn miles on daily purchases like groceries, gas, and more with SkyMiles World Debit Card. You can get 5,000 bonus miles for your first qualifying purchase by using the Delta SkyMiles World Debit Card. After that, you can get miles on both PIN Point of Sale and signature-based purchases such as earn 1 mile for use of each $1 on daily purchases. You can get 2 miles for every $1 spent on direct Delta purchases such as Delta Sky Club access, flights, and in-flight snacks and movies. You need to pay $75 annual fee for the use of Delta SkyMiles World Debit Card.

DeltaDebitCard.com: Sign up for Delta Debit Card and Earn extra Rewards

When you open a business Suntrust checking account, you will receive SkyMiles Business Debit Card for your business use. You can earn miles for your business purchases with SkyMiles Business Debit Card and get the rewards you deserve. You can earn 5,000 bonus miles to promote your business for your first qualifying purchase by using the Delta SkyMiles Business Debit Card. After that, you can get miles on both PIN Point of Sale and signature-based purchases as you can earn 1 mile for use of each $2 on daily purchases. You can get 1 mile for each $1 spent on direct Delta purchases such as Delta Sky Club access, flights, and in-flight snacks and movies. You need to pay $120 annual fee for the use of Delta SkyMiles Business Debit Card. Continue reading

Sony.com/productregistration: Register your Sony Products Online

Sony is one of the world’s leading consumer brands. It is the popular name in offering wide range of attractive consumer electronic gadgets and IT products, content and services to fit customers’ every day and professional needs. Every time, it provides digital revolution through innovation and its continuous improvement helps Sony to maintain its respected position even in the 21st century. Across the world, there are millions …billions… (Now may be trillions) people have been at Sony for 30 years even they trust Sony to make a GREAT! Good news for all Sony product-owners, as this consumer brand offers great services and exclusive offers through My Sony program. Simply register your product at this program and get e-newsletters about product-related software updates, usage tips, FAQs, video tutorials and many more insights right in your inbox!

Sony.com/productregistration: Register your Sony Products Online

No doubt that purchasing Sony product is usually a good experience for customers, but now, Sony attempts to make it BETTER…. for this it offers My Sony program. After purchasing any of Sony products, just register it on My Sony program for the enhanced support from the company. It’s very simple to become a member of My Sony and it requires few clicks only. Continue reading

Officedepotservices.com: Register for Office Depot Protection Plan

Office Depot is the 2nd largest provider of office products and services in the United States. It is a one stop shop for products like office furniture; PCS; computer software; machines like printer, fax machine, etc; stationery and accessories. The company serves consumers and businesses of all sizes under different brand names such as 4Sure.com, Office Depot, Viking Office Products and Viking Direct. It is recognized for stocking different types of quality office products. If you have recently purchased your office supplies from Office Depot Store, then you can register for the product easily at Officedepotservices.com and get various benefits.

Officedepotservices.com: Register for Office Depot Protection Plan

Www.Officedepotservices.com is the official website of Office Depot Performance Protection Plan (PPP). Users can register and manage their Performance Protection Plan through this portal. A Performance Protection Plan is free to join and offers service and protection to your new products beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Products like printers and scanners, office equipment, notebooks, luggage, desktop computers, flat panel TVs, fax machines, cameras, small appliances, furniture, shredders, lighting, portable electronics and backpacks are covered under the plan. Continue reading

Dmv.ca.gov- Registration for Online Services like Appointment, Renewal & Forms

Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) – the government entity, just like RTA (Roads & Traffic Authority) in NSW Australia, registers vehicles in California as well issues licenses to the drivers. If you reside in the State of California and desire to renew your Vehicle Registration or Driver License, then no need to go in-person at DMV office. Now, you can do this online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – just head over to the official website of California Department of Motor Vehicles (www.DMV.ca.gov). On this website, read the news regarding the safety of Motor Vehicles, and utilize the online services and resources for registering your vehicle and manage your driver license.

Dmv.ca.gov- Registration for Online Services like Appointment, Renewal & Forms

DMV wants to keep all drivers licensed for as long as it is secure to do so also help to boost highway safety by escalating driver competency. DMV identifies that the independence and mobility that driving gives are significant aspects in the quality of life for most Californians. During the whole examination procedure, you can anticipate to be treated with respect, fairness and courtesy. You are free to contact the office manager if you are not treated in this way. The DMV examiner will ride with you just to ensure that you can drive securely and follow traffic laws.

Make an advance appointment online

The Online Appointment System delivers a supplementary method to schedule an appointment before you go to a California DMV office. At all DMV offices appointments are accessible and can be scheduled up to 45 days earlier for identification card, driver license, and vehicle registration services. In this section, 3 boxes are highlighted to start the appointment procedure, to see or to cancel an existing appointment, so hit the one that is most suitable for you. No need of login or registration to get this online service.

1, Behind the wheel driving test appointment: Driving tests Appointment(s) for non-commercial class C and motorcycle are offered online while for other driving test appointments, please call 1-800-777-0133 on their timings to talk with an agent for scheduling a commercial behind-the-wheel driving test or to converse substitute methods for completing the driver license written examination. For behind-the-wheel driving test, you have to mention details like select office, type of test, safety course completed, first and last name, permit/driver’s License, birth date and telephone number. Nearly all vehicle registration items will be processed through Internet or the mail. Appointments should not be made for Registration Renewal Notices as it will be done through just mail-in, Internet or telephone.

2, Office visit appointment: From here, one can make appointments for up to 3 customers and/or 3 items. You need to give info such as select the office, number and type of items, and customer details.

3, View or cancel existing appointments: Only first and last name, and birth date are required to view or cancel an existing appointment or you can call at the above mentioned number. Remember that, the details given should match the details used to schedule the original appointment.

Driver Record Request

To get a copy of your driver record online, you should be a certified user. The record given online is not considered as an official document, so the charges vary for online – $2.00 and mail/in a field office – $5.00. There are 3 different payment options available including eCheck, credit cards or ATM/debit card with a VISA or MC logo. In order to request an official document, fill up the form INF1125 and mail to the DMV Headquarters displayed address on the form. Don’t forget to write on the top of the form that you would like to request a “certified driver record”. Be ready with your printer in order to print the driver record printout as you will simply get one chance to print your record after paying your fee. If you have any query while using their online services, then you can reach them by telephone at 1-877-563-5213. The Online Technical Support Call Center business hours are: Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm, Pacific time, except Wednesday 9 am – 5 pm, Pacific time.

Vehicle Registration Renewal Online

To renew your registration on the Internet, you should have access to the Internet, a valid credit/debit card or checking account, Smog certification on file at DMV, last 5 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the vessel Hull Identification Number (HIN), and insurance with one of the participating insurance companies or renewing a vehicle not needing confirmation of insurance (like a trailer). The present DMV website has been tested with the web browsers like Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8 (in Compatibility View), Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (versions 3.5.7, 3.6.3, and 3.6.6) and Safari, so use any one of these browsers to access the online vehicle registration renewal application. There is no extra fee to renew your registration online. Just follow 4 easy steps for renewing your registration. First of all provide vehicle or vessel/boat details, confirm record details and choose/enter payment option, read and accept the E-Checking payment terms and at last get confirmation of your transaction. During the next renewal year, if you plan to not operate your vehicle and store, then there is an option to apply for the Planned Non-Operation (PNO) online with a small fee.

Driver License / Identification Card Renewal

You could renew your driver license 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online and for driver license renewal you must be named on the renewal notice, and not changed address. For your security and protection, a change of address is not accepted as part of the driver license renewal through internet procedure; but if you have a change of address, then mention your current address on your renewal notice and renew your driver license via mail. Renewal Identification Number (RIN) is not needed to renew your driver’s license online, however you should register as a certified user with the DMV to process your renewal. When renewing by Internet, no changes can be done in the info about your address, date of birth, physical description or class of license for security purposes. One good thing is that renew by mail option is also obtainable. Don’t worry if your driving license expires, as it can be renewed through Internet if you are eligible. It will be issued within 60 days of receipt. Currently, a person cannot replace a lost or stolen license through Internet. You can renew just your own driver license. The cost to renew your Driver License over the Internet is the amount disclosed on your renewal by mail notice.

There is also provided DMV Change of Address System to change your home or mailing address for your California Driver License, Identification Card, Vehicle or Vessel. Moreover, there is option for buying a license plate on the Internet. Select a special background and obtain a random or custom license plate number.


  • Renew your Vehicle Registration or Driver License online
  • Online service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available
  • Read latest news about the safety of Motor Vehicles on website
  • Schedule an appointment before visiting a California DMV office
  • Different payment options offered
  • DMV Change of Address System to change your residence or mailing address
  • Purchase a license plate on the Internet