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WhatsApp Web Pros & Cons: Do you know these Limitations?

Most used messenging app whatsapp has officialy announced web version of it with its own benefits. But cons or problems are still there as it is first beta version of the software. Let me walkthrough them.

Launch of WhatsApp Web application can boost the usage of WhatsApp defiantly and also WhatsApp gets millions of view from desktop from rightnow. WhatsApp Web is the best application for those who spend more time in front of a computer or laptop. Now with WhatsApp Web, it is possible to use WhatsApp from multiple device If you have configured once.

Whatsapp Web

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Using WhatsApp’s web-based chat client: An Idiot’s Guide

Web.whatsapp.com is live offering all whatsapp mobile app features on desktop. Learn how to activate and use Whatsapp Web version.

WhatsApp is finally live on web with lots of extra features and limitations. Yes you heard right, now you do not need to use android, windows, blackberry or ios phone to write texts and silly time consuming methods to forward messages. You can now use all features that whatsapp mobile app offers on the desktop application. Remember that, Whatsapp Web is not another account but another way to use your same account, i.e. from phone and computer or laptop.

Web.whatsapp.com: Use Whatsapp from Computer online

Minimum requirements to access WhatsApp Web:

  • Active WhatsApp account on your phone
  • Stable internet connection on both your smartphone and computer or laptop
  • Must have Google Chrome
  • Rear camera of your smartphone must be in working condition

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