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In the past decade, the augment of Internet and personal computing has spiked with broadband Internet connections currently outnumbering dial-up connections. You will find out while making the upgrade to cable Internet service offered by Comcast that unlike dial-up, a unique piece of equipment known as a cable modem that is necessary to connect to the Internet. If you are accessing XFINITY Internet by using an old modem, then you can’t benefited of their new speed plans so think about upgrading your modem. Comcast XFINITY Internet Customers should visit the website to request their new cable modem online.

Upgrade your Comcast Device Onlinevia

Have you ever received any letter recently from Comcast that offer to replace your current modem? If yes, then complete and submit the form available at and Comcast will proceed your request for an alternate modem. It is very easy to upgrade your Comcast Device Online – simply visit the site and fill up the necessary details like your Comcast Account Number, other personal info and more. Your work ends here – you will get a new modem within 4 to 6 weeks from Comcast. Please note that you have to return your old modem within 30 days of installing your new modem, otherwise you will have to pay charge if you fail to return your existing modem.

Moreover, you will get a self-installation kit with your new cable modem in order that you can install it by yourself. But if you want that Comcast personnel will install your modem, then you have to pay an installation fee.

Good points:

  • Request new Comcast cable modem online at
  • Process is very easy and simple to follow
  • Receive a new modem within 4 to 6 weeks

Bad points:

  • Pay charge if you fail to return your present modem within specified limit

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