Comcast Modem Device Upgrade Guide

New Comcast Modem for XFINITY Services

New Comcast Modem for XFINITY Services

All Comcast users who are using XFINITY Internet with an old modem are mostly loosing high end features and speed. They must need to upgrade Comcast new modem at

Comcast has finally announced to give a free modem device upgrade for all its XFINITY Internet users. If you are accessing XFINITY Internet by using an old modem, then you can’t benefited of their new speed plans (Blast Internet plan) so you need to upgrade your modem.

Why should you upgrade new Comcast modem?

Here some benefits of upgrading new Comcast modem you shouldn’t miss to read.

  • Eligible to get download speeds of up to 105 Mbps
  • Now it is more convenient to surf web, download HD movies, upload photos or stream TV shows
  • Decide level of Internet you want from modems to wireless routers or wireless gateways.
  • Make unlimited local and long distance calls in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • You can use 12 great calling features, including Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling, and voicemail.

All above mentioned features are not new for you if you upgrade your old Comcast modem. Get fastest Internet speeds, and Extreme 105 services by upgrading a DOCSIS 3.0 modem from Comcast.

If you have leased a modem through Comcast, then check your email ID to find out Comcast modem upgrade notification email. Lots of Comcast users get email from Comcast to get their modem upgraded. Here is attached sample of Comcast modem upgrade letter.

comcast modem upgrade letter

Comcast modem upgrade letter

How to request for New Comcast modem update and install using self installation kit?

1. Visit website: Visit the web URL or and login with your email id and password.

Screenshot of

2. Request for New Modem Upgrade: Follow instructions and fill the form using data like Comcast Account Number and your personal information to confirm Comcast modem update request.

3. Wait for Device to arrive: Once you complete the confirmation of Comcast device update process, you new will receive a new modem within 4-6 weeks.

comcast docsis 3.0 modem upgrade4. UN-boxing: New Comcast Modem box also comes with DOCSIS modem, wireless gateway, self installation kit by which using user can install at home without help of any technician. Self Installation Kit comes with (1) Fold-over red cover with overview instructions,  (2)  QR code to learn more about installation videos, activation page & FAQs, (3) Environmentally-friendly materials and (4) Quick Start Guide.

5. Collect all Equipments: Wait for few days (4-5 days) if you do not get all related equipments (i.e. HDMI cables or Pins) in the new modem box. If user doesn’t get addition equipments then he will get them 4-5 days after the modem is delivered.

6. Set up connection: Now connect all equipments and ensure that all device connections are finger tight before starting. If you are configure for HD TV and HD set-top boxes, make sure that TV input is set to “HDMI” or “Component”.

7. Power ON: Switch ON the power plug, and make sure that your TV or PC, Modem and all device are ON. Remember to place batteries in your remote.

8. Activation and Configuration: Activate your new Comcast modem device by visitng website:

To configure of new modem, read startup kit’s guideline to install new modem and experiencing entertainment like never before.

Those who do not get self-installation kit can order online at by just clicking on “how to order” link and follow the instructions to order it online or pick one up at your local Comcast service center.

If you do not want to install new Comcast modem by yourself then you have to pay extra charges to technician. Technical will come to your home activate your new Comcast modem services quickly and hassle free.

You do not need to pay any extra charges* for Comcast modem update process if you are returning old modem within 30days from the date of installation of new modem.

To activate your equipment over phone just call 1-855-OK-BEGIN (1-855-652-3446).

Note: Keep information before call like (I) Phone number associated with your account, (II) last 4 digits of the equipment serial number and (III) Location of the equipment (living room, bedroom, etc.).

XFINITY TV User Guide: Download this PDF

Video for how to set up, connect and activate and install new Comcast Set-Top Box

Video guide for Self-Installing Your XFINITY Internet


  • Request new Comcast cable modem online at your finger tip
  • No charge for modem upgrade
  • Receive a new modem within 4 to 6 weeks


  • Pay charge if you fail to return your present modem within specified limit

Final Word: The rent of Comcast modem is nearly about $8 to $10. If you are planning to use for long term (1 year or long) then you should buy your own instead of renting. It’s very easy to find out new compatible modem using Comcast’s Approved Device List.

Please write back us on comment below if you have any query regarding Comcast modem device update…..

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    I received mail that indicated, that I need a new modem to upgrade from my old modem.
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    Please send me a free modem upgrade as per your notification that I need to upgrade.
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    I am Jack Jordan , please send me the free modem as per your letter to me. Address P.O. Box 479
    Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477

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    The new modem is not any better than the old. READ- can get up to. I pay for fastest speed and they cant even brake 5mbps. I left them once and as soon as another company comes to my new place, i ll leave them again.

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    I need a Wireless Gateway, as per your letter. I don’t remember my Comcast user ID. I want to install device myself.



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