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Play new furby boom games online at and download furby boom app to play many exciting games with your interactive furby toy collection.

Do you know that which was the last Christmas favorite toy of kids? It is cute, soft, lovely Furby! Before some years back, one cannot even think about furby kind of advanced toys that can interact with you in amazing ways. Furby Boom is very interesting game that not only loved by small kids but also admired by parents. All age group people love to play with Furby and Furblings! Now you can play new Furby Boom games at for free. You can dance with your furbies, collect the reward items in maze game, and also match your furby with different group of furbies!

Furby Boom game app for Android and iOS

Furby app and Furby toys are fun to play individually, but when both come together, you can unlock the complete coolest game experience. The new generation furbies and furby app is far advanced than its preceders. To give a name to your furby; select name from the Furbish Dictionary and amazingly it will remember it as it is powered by increased memory power. New generation furbies are more social and they also remember name of other furby friends they meet!

Some of the interesting things that you can do with the new generation furbies is like you can clean your furbies using the “Clean me” feature, or can do x-ray of your furby for health checkup! It is really amazing and interesting for kids to do lots of things with their furbies. Do you think your furby needs a refreshing bath? Then, go for the furby shower tab! Furby community is growing with expanding rate and so furbling does! Hatch all the eggs to increase the number of furblings in city and to get the chance to have golden egg. New app will also hatch eggs of your furby and you can play soccer with combination of furby and app.

You can also play different games online at You can hear great music while playing dancing game. Maze game is interesting in which you have to collect different vegetables, extra points, etc. Even Furby match game is fun to play! Make furby to jump in the manner that it goes to same colored group of Furbies to make you earn points. You can play these online games at any time on

New Furby Boom app is compatible with Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII, Google Nexus 7, and Tabeo devices. You can download it from “app” section for your Android and iOS powered devices by clicking on particular link. It can become a great Christmas gift for your kids and amazing game for your party. If you do not know how to make your furby off, then you can find out the step wise instructions in “faqs” section. In the “toy” section, you can easily get the details where you can buy Furby for your kids and family members.


  • Interactive
  • Affordable cost
  • Great interactive toy for all age people
  • Both app and toy are interconnected; still playable individually

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