Creating Photo Collage using Facebook Photos made easy

Now socialize through facebook in more interesting way by bringing some innovation. Instead of uploading simple pics, try to create some appealing collages. An online tool called will help you out in this task. It takes only few seconds to shape your photos as you like. You can create collages directly using your favorite facebook pics. If you want to add some nice pics from your facebook buddy’s album, don’t worry. This web app will pull out those photos which you like from your friend’s album that are visible to you. It provides you various features like manual photo dragging, customized selection and lots more. With these useful features, you will surely find the ‘getloupe’ to be a fruitful tool. You can also add photos from Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and more. Creating Photo Collage using Facebook Photos made easy

Selection of photos is made very user friendly. You can select all, the ones you like or none as you prefer and shape them. Besides having options like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, you can also search nice photos from any of your favorite blog or photo gallery. Just by typing or pasting a url, you will see all photos from that blog, thus select your favorite ones and make collage. Once you have selected all the photos that you want in your collage, select the shape from bunch of different designs already given, and it’s done. Move around the collage to get clear view of individual photo as they zoom in. Then directly share it with your friends on facebook. You can also individually arrange the photos in particular shape that you want or drag around to place them in specific position. To move individual photos, just click on them. So, visit and enjoy making collage.

The main drawback of the getloupe is the resolution of the image. Loupe creates a comparatively smaller image of collage, which will not be very attractive in a big display of PC. The other drawback is that you cannot create collage with Loupe using any of your confidential photos as there is no option to keep your collage private, it will be visible to public through search engine.

Facebook Photo Collage video from youtube:

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