Enter Code and Win Until the Christmas

Christmas takes big place every year; filled with friends, fun, carols, lots of good food, decorating of Christmas tree with colorful and shinning lights & things, and shopping of gifts & cards for the loved ones. End of the jubilee and Olympic summer just mean one thing—Christmas is coming!

Preparation is a key to enjoy festive days with more delights. By considering this, people make plans, decorate houses, write cards, and shop gifts, clothes, decoration materials, etc. right during the weeks leading up to the Christmas. As now, there are only few weeks till Christmas; well decorated malls  with lots of discounts are at the central attraction, but it is hard to drive out to them because of heavy rush in the shopping centers prior to Christmas. But don’t worry, you can carry on with your happiness of sharing and decorating home at This webpage would be your Santa Clause for celebrating this Christmas. It helps you to win more than 20 million gifts for FREE every day until this Christmas Evening of 2012. You just need to get the buttons from the store, directly enter the code of the button at this webpage and you can win prizes everyday for everyone special to you…so have a Merry and Winning Christmas!

Enter JCP Christmas Giveaway/Sweepstakes on via just entering your proper jcpenney Christmas button code.

J.C. Penney is one of the world’s most widely available retail stores having more than 1,000 locations across the USA and many other foreign countries, and is its online presence. It offers great advantages for purchasing clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, furniture, and more online. is the page which is specially designed for celebrating the Christmas with more pleasures, more happiness and more sharing. Great American vacations, jcp merchandise, gift cards as well as $10 and $5 holiday certificates…..any of these or all could be yours! Just you need to collect your lucky button from participating jcpenney store during the Promotion Period (November 23, 2012 to December 24, 2012).

Things become easier at, as point to point guidance is provided to the people who are interested in this Christmas promotion. Scroll Down Homepage to know how to enter, how to win and all about JCP Christmas 2012 Promotion. Clicking on Gifts icon ends your curiosity about the prizes that you might won for your Christmas. Here, you can get view for the long list of gifts made available for your winning.

Get direct access to the page, at where, you just need to mention your email id or login with your face book account to enter the code of your button. It means fast you enter the code, fast you know whether your button is winner or not. It is not for the sake of guidance only, as it is Christmas focused webpage, there is fun to play games at Button Blizzard. Add some more fun by sending beautiful e-cards to your friends and relatives from the website. It is very easy; just click on the favorite card. Here, you can upload a photo, add a message as well get its zoomed-in view within few clicks only.

In the case your list goes on and on and you want to shop more gifts, just click on the direct link of shop It will take you on the page, where you can get endless choices in merchandises like women, men and kids clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys and home decor. But remember that it is not kind of messy; however you can easily find exactly what you want. For example, clothing items fall into different subgroups like clothes for girls of different ages, suits for tall and big men, maternity dresses for women, etc.

Another best thing about the is that it offers the ability to see a larger view and to zoom in (features typical in other clothing sites) along with the ability to see alternative views. This is good because it lets the consumer see the clothing from a different angle, in result making it easier to make a buying decision.

Don’t overlook the bottom of the welcome screen, there you can find rules about this promotion. Also, you can get fully guidance through FAQs link along with the useful and smarty tool of the store locator. If you are loyal customer of JCpenny stores and have jcp credit card then you can know details about your rewards from the given jcpreward link along with its

The promotion is surely enticing but the simple and convenient layout of the adds more liveliness to this Christmas promotion, even there is no fees, no membership and no registration to access the site. Just get your button and simply hit the site to win the Merry prizes for your Merry Christmas.


  • It provides simple, easy and convenient layout to get benefited with the promotion at the fullest
  • Get direct access to the page to enter the code of your button
  • Gifts icon views long list of gifts made available for your winning
  • Simply enter the code of the button and know about your winning
  • Homepage highlights the latest and existing prize schemes of the promotion
  • It has fun to play games at Button Blizzard
  • You can send beautiful e-cards to your friends and relatives from the website
  • You can also upload a photo, add a message as well get its zoomed-in view on selecting e-cards
  • Get direct link of shop to shop more gifts
  • Detailed knowledge about the promotion can be accessed through the direct link for Rules, FAQs at bottom
  • No fees, no membership and no registration to access the site


  • You have to mention your email id or login with your face book account to enter the code of your button


Lots of people are confused about how and where to enter the button code. So, please the process explained below.

1. Get Free button from JCP store.
2. Visit (
3. Click on red button named “enter the button code” or “enter code” navigation menu.
4. Login with your Email ID or Facebook Id and get access.

372 thoughts on “ Enter Code and Win Until the Christmas

  1. Wendy Hanner

    mdhzbwu, 2r33arx, stc5uxa, 2squ55t, g2m33yw, 2et3nxs
    these are my button numbers, my facebook login is, how do i know if i won?

  2. Flora Emerson

    I put in the code from the button, but the 2 words that normally comes up that you have to type in the block is not appearing. The block to type in the word is not appearing as well.

      1. carole toms

        as of yet I have been unable to enter the code/ I would think a store as large your stores would have better way of customer enter the button codes that you are promoting. This appears to be poor customer service. I will remember this long after the holiday season.

  3. bobbie sharp

    i enjoy jcp lower prices wish that you would would hire more people and do coupons like you use to i was in our mall today and the mall was packed but still very few customers in jcp.

  4. norma rosa

    Jcp is one of my best store and the personal have a good attention… I like this kind of people… The best of all is the special products…. I GIVE YOU AND “A”
    God Bless You

  5. Priscilla Hebert


  6. Neomi Carrizales

    Ok Jcp sell all types of products from shoes to dresses, kids clothes, dishware, blankets, towels, swimsuits, baby clothes, t-shirts, winter coats, suits, ties and much, much more.

  7. katherine evans

    I have no idea what I’m to coment on,unless it is my exprence at the store today. The store was very well laid out and the displaies are pleasing. The staff was ready to assist and answer any of our needs. Katherine

  8. Richard W. Wilson

    The little buttons BIG GIFTS is a big mystery!! I’ve followed the directions and it seems I’ve run out of ways to try and enter the 7-digit code. This is definitely a problem that shouldn’t be happening. I’ve noticed many others are having the same issue with the same questions. So how do you find a box or place to enter the code?????

  9. denise jacobs

    I won! I was able to purchase sheets for my daughter and her husband for Christmas! Great marketing took! Thank you!

  10. desiree smith

    where do I enter button codes? this is very frustrating…look at all the other people saying the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. desiree smith

    if I win…do u send it to my e-mail? better yet, can can someone send me instructions how to enter my button codes

  12. Geraldine Bortko

    Love shopping at JCPenny. It’s convenient to get to the store.
    I love their merchandise and shop their whenever I can.

  13. Judy Broussard

    I shop JC Penny because it has the latest fashions for the entire family. Your sales personel are very friendly and professional.

  14. Lillian Etheridge

    I loved shopping at Pennys however, I do not like the new changes in attire– cannot find the nice things as i did before where do I post code?????

  15. Elizabeth Martinez

    I’m hoping to win something, as this is the time to be jolly…. I could use some cheering up this season…..

  16. Anne Lewis

    Here are my numbers. But, like so many others, I don’t know where you are supposed to list them. vwaksm5, -gkmzgv, – pehp2jj, – tgq3vwr. The lady at yourJCP store in Rio Grande, NJ was terrific. Her name was Betty and she went beyond nice to help me get my polyanna gifts.

  17. Barbara Wilson

    Get a new CEO. He doesn’t understand women. We want sales, coupons & catalogs. The new catalogs are terrible. I’m now shopping at competitor stores where there are sales, coupons & catalogs and after my shopping trip today, I noticed that most of the women shopping are shopping at the same stores I do. The JC Penney store was almost empty. So sad. I think most uf us women still like Penney’s and their merchandise; we just don’t like the changes.

  18. bk

    Finally, found where to enter the codes, but no help from the little card of instructions, as it wasn’t where you indicated.
    Go to: Now, what to do w/all those buttons????

  19. grant lipe

    where do i enter my buttons code??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. Barbara Weiler

    Hum….this isn’t as easy as you proclaim in your store….just another promotional stunt to bring in the unsuspecting consumer…someone spent a lot of money researching what works to get people to spend their money. Why not just keep lower prices and forget the glitz and glamor….and the intelligence of the average human being is kept in tact.

  21. Neomi Carrizales

    This is the worst contest ever. I think it is a con job just to get the e-mails. I will tell friends not to get on.

  22. JQ History

    I’ve got one of your little buttons and trying to figure out how to inter the code ? I need help understanding how to do it.


  23. jane

    Very hard to find the right place to enter.
    I think this is a joke.I code numbers & letters are too small and close together.
    I’m going to find a spy-glass and keep trying!!!

  24. Diana Peacock

    I received a winning button but cannot get information as how to identify my gift or collect it. The sales person said that I was supposed to have a printable page come up on my email…it did not happen. Please help!

  25. Barbara Ann

    JCP can’t compare with what it was like…Their clothing is garbage…They took away so many of their good brands…St. Johns Bay, Cabin Creek, etc..Sure, their prices went down but so did the quality….I really don’t know why you are all making such a big fuss how great JCP is….The store went down hill and so did their products….I won’t spend my money there…And the Button gift giveaway??? Sounds like you are all getting the run around…Why bother??? Good luck suckers…I really hope somebody wins something…

  26. ken stouffer

    this seems be a farse. red button click does never load thru. ?????????????????????? explain via direct email to us.

    we seem be wasting our time and cheer here………..

    code: a3frmvg 3fgvtca

    how about these #’s?? what do we win? how do we get it?

    is it HOHOHOHO or is it BAHHUMBUG!!!

  27. D E Scholze

    What a joke on your customers! This contest wasn’t well thought out.
    My code is 5mr2hab. When do we hear from JCP about the winners?

  28. mary jane bellanca

    Pennys is my favorite store but I don’t like the changes.

    My code numbers are
    gmzczgp and gecwedr

    Thank you and let me know if I won anything

  29. Barbara Bolin

    Do not like the new store concept. Do not like the way the pricing is done. Just haven’t shopped in their as much as before. I have shopped in Penny’s since I was a little girl with my mother. Ok why is this so hard. I can not find the red icon. HELP

  30. L. Strickler

    I was in the store today. It has really changed. I had trouble finding someone who would wait on me. But when I did, first thing she did was give me a button with a code on it. Said to go on the computer. WHERE DO YOU PUT THE CODE?
    se3tt3t Hope I did this right.

  31. admin Post author

    I don’t know why people are so confused and misleaded in entering the code at website. follow below step to enter code and win.
    1. Visit by entering this URL into your address bar.
    2. Then click on Red button of “ENTER A BUTTON CODE” (in the center of page). OR click on “ENTER CODE” navigation.
    NOTE: For people who can not see the button or navigation menu must clear cookies or change browser. I prefer Firefox or Google Chrome.
    3. Then Do login to enter code. you can login with your email id or facebook id.

    Please comment below if you are still finding difficulties in entering code. I promise to help you.

    Wish you all Merry and Happy Christmas.

  32. admin Post author

    Please do no enter code here on this website. We just provide you information and guide to enter code. Please comment here if you find any difficulties to enter code for Jcp Christmas 2012 promotion. For any kind of information please comment we will assist you best.

  33. Debbie Badgley

    I had fun with my Mom and Grandson shopping at JCPennys and looking for these buttons .. I am confused on how to reply here ! I love you Ellen and your show !!! Knowing you are behind all this , you are gonna really make us work for this !!!

  34. Stan Cartwright

    We like, JCP. You have a nice assortment to pick from. I have read some of the comments others have made. Some good, others not so good. We can’t please everyone all the time, no matter how we try. You can’t say the right thing to every one no matter how we try as well. “Success is always under construction” The lady that helped us with the watch that I bought was enthusiastic, and exemplified what I would want as an employee.. Hopefully, I can figure out how to input the seven digit codes on the back of the buttons. My eyes are not doing that well these day’s.

  35. Renee'

    1. Go to JC Penney normal web page
    2. Enter in their search bar
    3. When at new page enter e-mail address & red button appears to enter codes!
    This has worked for me repeatedly and we have won twice! Best Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season!

    Ta Ta

  36. michael k. maginness

    I can remember seeing Mr. Penny at the Hamilton Mo. store in 1957 or 58 when I was a kid. I looked at the picture on the back of the store up high on the wall and there he was standing not to far under it. J.C. Penney’s has been a stable part of my life for knowing they have good products and stand behind them. An American store developed by a hard working man.

  37. Odilia Bakstein

    I/ve been trying to enter my BUTTON CODE sinc e I got home from shopping….can’t find your Button Entry Board. Just in case someone from the Contest happens to read this my number is

  38. Thomas J.McBride

    We cant get into your program. This was set up an odd way Maybe if you sent out alist of the winning numbers then it would have been better Put an e mail to all the people who send this request and we can reply if they have that number or send a list to all your stores and we can bring the buttons back to the store to check the numbers.

  39. charlie clink

    I find no pleasure in spending more than a half hour trying to find some site to enter the numbers I was given at your store today. In trying to locate the site I have been put on sites that say I have won a $1000 card at Walmart and an I Pad and a few other things but noplace is there an area to enter the codes I was given. Is this some kind of Christmas joke? I have received 4 phone calls from colleges or universities asking when I want to enroll. This is at best a poor joke and I am sure that JC Penney’s will suffer from this kind of advertising.

  40. Mrs. Doris J. Funchess

    Just walk in on a fantastic sale today at JCP. The items on the racks had been mark down to $2.00. Name brand items like Afred Dunner, Liz Taylor, Worthington etc. It was great to see a company appealing to its customers during this economic time. Also bought toys at a reasonble price as well.



  42. Julie

    I just want to say that I love the JC Penney Button game and I won more than once. It helped me to save money and I was able to buy some pants and sweaters from JC Penney. I do not know why everyone else had a problem. The game was extremely simple and straightforward. No problem whatsoever.

    For all the people that had trouble with entering the game, didn’t you read the little card you were given with the rules?? If you did, you would not have had a problem.

    So, everyone that works in JC Penney, just ignore the beligerent comments that some of these people made. You were a great store, you are a great store, and you will always be a great store! I love the products, and I enjoy shopping there. It is my favorite store to shop in. I love the clothes and the prices are reasonable.

    I hope that you do the button game again for Christmas 2013 and maybe even a Summer one for this year. You could put different pictures on for the summer buttons such as: sunglasses, bikinis, beachball, glass of lemonade, etc. Anyway, you helped me with my winter wardrobe. I am from north Florida, but it does get cold here during the winter.

    Thanks JC Penney!


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