Kleenex.com/Softness: Get Free Kleenex Share Pack in Softness Worth Sharing Program

Any kind of relationship, whether it is with family members, friends or a lover, it is essential to show how much you care/love them. Showing love with verbal expressions is important and necessary but they cannot match up to the actions that express the same feelings. If you want to show someone that you care about them, then gifting them Kleenex Brand Share Pack is something like a caring touch in an hour of need. By entering Softness Worth Sharing Program, you can gift them Kleenex Brand Share Pack without spending any money. Kleenex is offering this program for the second consecutive year on Kleenex.com.

Kleenex.com/Softness: Get Free Kleenex Share Pack in Softness Worth Sharing Program

Softness Worth Sharing Program allows the legal residents of the US and Canada (above 18 years) to send a free Kleenex Brand Care Pack to their friend or loved one. The Kleenex Care Pack includes a coupon booklet, lip balm, 1 oz. hand sanitizer, Kleenex Brand Share Pack, Kleenex Brand Slim Pack, and card that can be redeemed to download 4 songs from up and coming Universal Music Artists (Andy Grammer, Avi Avital, Miloš Karadaglić and Rebecca Pidgeon). All goodies filled in the pack help your dear ones in cold and flu season.

The program has been already started from 17th September, 2012 that ends on 30th April, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM CT. To enter the program, buy specially-marked participating Kleenex product (Kleenex Brand tissue) to get a twelve letter code. Go to www.kleenex.com/softness and get registered with the site by entering necessary details. Then, enter your code and agree to the terms and conditions. Your friend or loved one will get the delivery of a Kleenex Brand Care Pack or Kleenex Brand Share Pack within two weeks.

There is no limit of sending Premium Items per person/email address. All the persons who send a Share Pack with someone special will get Kleenex Cool Touch tissues as a free sample. They can also view the chain of sharing through an interactive map. Along with entering your code, you can read stories of sharing at the website. You can also share your story that focus on sharing.

29 thoughts on “Kleenex.com/Softness: Get Free Kleenex Share Pack in Softness Worth Sharing Program

  1. Anna Bailey

    Please send me a kleenex care pack. 420 W. Arlington Ave St Paul, MN 55117
    I LOVE KLEENEX!! your the best! Anna

    1. Lucy Ruland

      I have used Kleenex all my life. My mother used it,tm too. It has been and will be handed down through the years.

  2. Michelle Harrison

    I love Kleenex and have used it’s products for years and I would love and appreciate a care package of any kind, Thank You in advance for your consideration!! 229 Compress Road ; Opelousas , Louisiana 70570

  3. Josephine Rose

    I am eighty something years young and raised 6 kids and needless to say we went through hundreds of boxes of tissues year round. Love 2 recieve a share package from Kleenex no one does comfort better!!
    1738 caddo street Opelousas ,Louisiana 70570

  4. Sandy Hinterberg

    Please send my pregnant daughter a care package….Kelly Weiler …N16564 Bass Lake Road…Butternut Wi 54514

    Thank you….she has algeries and would like it!

  5. Elisha Martinez

    Please send my poor hubby a care pack he goes thru so much kleenex@ home and when he travels a small box would help him out,he never likes those cheappee packs that you get in the airports. Please help.Mrs Carl and thank you 🙂

  6. Marge Stieler

    Kleenex is the best tissue, I’ve been buying yours forever, since my children were small. I love yours because it has not changed. It still is the same product from years years ago, like some products, the companys cheapen their products. Thank you. Please never change.

  7. Gloria R.

    I love Klennex brand that is all I but. The others are to rough on my nose and the cool touch is the best and soft to the touch….

  8. Jan Dollar

    kleenex is the only brand I been buying for several years I get a 3 box pk once a month it is a must in my budget also have been trying to get a care pack last two years never seems to be available

  9. Helen Villareal

    Would love a Kleenex Tissue Sample Gift Box… Please! I keep trying all these web site that say free products, and samples. I never receive anything! That’s not nice!!


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