Photocabin to capture Pic from webcam

Are you fond of having different types of photos? Then check out the groovy little photo website ( at least once. It’s a French website which means “the photo booth” in French. La Photocabine is a free app with completely no ads. The use of the site is very simple and process can be easily followed by everyone. The only thing you require is a webcam, and you could have your own photocabin at your fingertips! Turn your pics into real Photocabine postcard, enter a cute message and automatically send it by mailing to anyone you wish whether friends, family or else. Photocabin to capture Pic from webcam

First take a webcam and the site will allow you get into the booth. It will take images of you from your computer and then produce a photo strip for you – just similar to you observe at the mall, amusement park, or boardwalk. You will be surprised with the 4 flashes and obtain vintage photos given in colored or black & white, set in a strip or in a square. Then you can download the strip, share photos on facebook and twitter, or send them by email. As well, print them out for decorating your new locker and notebooks. Note that the application won’t work without webcam. Don’t worry if you don’t have it, find a friend who has one and then acquire your funny faces prepared to create all the photo strips you desire.


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