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National Geographic channel….we are familiar with this American channel that gives information about all type of creatures, culture, science, nature, and history as well some reality programming. The channel entertains all age of people because it improves our knowledge about the world. Now, this channel has jumped in social water with its latest photography project. is a national Geographic’s official tumblr of rare photos. Here, you can see rare photos, which taken by many well-known personalities. If you would like to see photos of nature, science, creature, etc. then is perfect for you, it is recently created by national Geographic to celebrate its 125th anniversary. - National Geographic official tumblr of rare photos

National Geographic has introduced “” to showcase the collection of singular photos which has brought from national geographic archive. The appearance of the site is very clear and intuitive; you can view each photo from front page. The several photos of NatGeoFound have never been published and they were rarely seen by the public till date. The aim behind the creation of the sites is to bring new life to these images by sharing them with audience far and wide. Many images of the site are missing their original date or place.

With this new launch or creation, National Geographic is expected that this digitizing a repository will also assistance brand a strange date or place. Not require any registration or login for accessing Photos of the site as it can be accessed just with click of mouse. Each photo is presented with its brief introduction and photographer. One best thing about the site is that it allows viewers to share any information about a picture by emailing National Geographic. Each photo of the site is so attractive as well it gives details about notes (Comments) given by other members. By becoming a member of the site, you can also comment on it.

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  1. Charles D. Gillespie

    I’m interested in obtaining a enlarged color copy of the photo on “the Found ” page of the Dec 2013 edition of the National Geographic . This photo shows a Pan Am Boeing 377 on the taxiway bridge across Van Wyck Expressway at the entrance to JFK in 1963. I believe that the photo is credited to Anthony B. Stewart . I lived in Ozone Park,Queens then and on numerous occasions ( during my late teens and early college years ) while crusing around the airport with the gang we witnessed similar scenes. But this particular photo is significant because a close friend ( who crused with the gang ) worked a full career for Pan Am (including the 1960 s ) and I know that he would treasure a blow up of this photo as part of the mini museum of Pan Am treasures in his home . So if it is at all possible to purchase a color copy with a width of atleast 12″ I’d be interested in the price and info on how to purchase the copy.

    Very truly yours.
    Charles D. Gillespie
    216 Franklin St.
    Massapequa Park,NY,11762



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