WhatsApp Web Pros & Cons: Do you know these Limitations?

Most used messenging app whatsapp has officialy announced web version of it with its own benefits. But cons or problems are still there as it is first beta version of the software. Let me walkthrough them.

Launch of WhatsApp Web application can boost the usage of WhatsApp defiantly and also WhatsApp gets millions of view from desktop from rightnow. WhatsApp Web is the best application for those who spend more time in front of a computer or laptop. Now with WhatsApp Web, it is possible to use WhatsApp from multiple device If you have configured once.

Whatsapp Web

We have reviewed WhatsApp Web and tested to find out all possible pros and cons.


  1. Texting is now become more easy than your touchpad of smartphone.
  2. Copy-Paste function can speed up message forwarding task.
  3. High speed and hanging problems solved in Whatsapp Web
  4. Access data of any person or group from Whatsapp Web is fast and easy.
  5. One time configuration process. Do not need to configure every time.
  6. Chat history like texts and media can now also be saved in your Computer or laptop altogether mobile.


  1. User can not forward picture image by just selecting it.
  2. User can not Change profile data like Profile Picture, Profile status.
  3. Normal group user can not Leave group. Even admin can not add member or modify any group data.
  4. You can not create new broadcast list of your choice.
  5. You can not create New group.
  6. Can not share Contact and Map
  7. Can not delete or clear chat history.
  8. Can not block unwanted contact
  9. Can not edit WhatsApp Settings (Profile, Account, Chat Settings, Contacts) which you can easily do on your smartphone.
  10. Can not Track who has seen your message in group.
  11. In a group, you can not directly contact group user by just clicking on profile name.
  12. iOS devices are not smoothly supported
  13. Constant internet is required in your phone to stay connected with web so your mobile battery drains fast.

If you are facing any problems in using whatsapp web version other than listed here, please share in the comments below.

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    I,m steel here, hopping, an hoping…..this is the first time in my LIFE I even have a reason to hope, I did all I should have down for this time, nothing more other then MIRICAL left……GOD bless all of US and good luck AGGIE H.


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