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Holidays are a time for generosity, giving, and sharing. People make lots of plans for holidays to spend best time with their family, friends and loved ones. How you feel when you get chance to win some prizes in holidays? Obviously, it will increase your pleasure and make your holidays more enjoyable. It’s the season for winning so many gifts. In the spirit of the season, list of companies are sponsored sweepstakes, contests, and surveys to provide winning chances to their valued customers. Now, BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation) comes again to give you second chance to win home theater, 3D TVS, tablets, and gift card through its Tech the Halls Internet Contest from October 22, 2012 to January 13, 2013.

www.BCLC.com/tech: BCLC's Tech the Halls Internet Contest

BCLC’s Tech the Hall internet contest is available only for 19 years of age or older British Columbia legal resident. So many days of contest are gone, so visit its official site as soon as possible to get entry and obtain the winning chances. Generally, purchase is not necessary for getting entry in to the sweepstakes contest, but here it is necessary. You must obtain the 11 digital contest code by purchasing any ticket bearing the Tech the Halls Internet Contest logo. There are total eight tickets are eligible for contest including:

  • A Gift for You (Top Prize: $10,000)
  • Holiday Treats (Top Prize: $10,000)
  • Holiday Treasures (Top Prize: $20,000)
  • Nutcracker Cash (Top Prize: $20,000)
  • Holly Jolly Jackpot (Top Prize: $50,000)
  • Home for the Holidays (Top Prize: $50,000)
  • Merry Money (Top Prize: $75,000)
  • Holiday Riches (Top Prize: $100,000)

Once you get the 11-digit contest code, visit www.techthehalls.ca or www.BCLC.com/tech and register in the site, after then you will be able to enter eligible Tech the Halls Contest Code found on your ticket to get chance to win technical gift and gifts card. During the registration, you also have to enter the details about the email address, password, personal information, etc. After getting registration, enter 11-digfit code and get entry in to the contest.

Entrant will obtain one entry for each dollar value of registered Ticket as well get one bonus entry for every multiple of $5 worth of registered Tickets.

At the end of the contest, BCLC will select one first prize, five second prize, 15 third prizes, and 20 fourth prize winners through random drawing process which will be conducted on 14th January, 2013.


First Prize: One Home theater including Game console and tablet (APV: $9,500)

Second Prize: Five (5) 3D 55” TVs (APV: $2,800 each)

Third Prize: Fifteen (15) Tablets (APV: $700 each)

Fourth prize: Twenty (20) $200 Gift cards

Instant prize: $50 gift card. Instant prize will be awarded whenever you enter the contest. Moreover, you are also able to win more than one instant prize.

28 thoughts on “BCLC.com/tech: BCLC’s Tech the Halls Internet Contest

  1. Cristine lightheart

    I very upset I bought oh Christmas tree scratch tickets and I can’t enter the tech contest what’s going on????

  2. Christina Oldfield

    I have probably tried 150 times to get the website for the contest!!!!! So frustrating !!!!! Hope u can help me!!!! Thanks

  3. Gary

    Hello I have tried to enter my tickets today I have pushed the enter tickets now and it went back to the same old thing it showed previous winners I would like to enter my tickets or I’ll just stop buying those type of tickets thank you

  4. Barbara

    I can’t enter the contest. Every time I try to login, the page comes up blank. This is not going to be a very popular contest if a person can’t get into the website to enter. FIX IT!!!

  5. Joan

    I bought a $20 Holiday Gift Pack and I tried for three days to enter in the contest but I can’t log in. Every time I log in the page is blank. Fix the dam problem.

  6. Donna Krane

    I think that your web page is now working right you need to made it so we can have a longer time to enter this contest and email all so back we you get it fix thanks

  7. Mike

    Isn’t this typical of anything run by the BC Government? The heads of the lottery corp have been on winter break since September from their summer break back in May. You can’t expect the poor over worked servants to the people to get everything they need to to get done for the year in a couple of months!! Wait till they get back after the closing date for the contest to figure it out. Maybe next year CHUMPS!! Isn’t that Spring break they see on the horizon? What a joke.

  8. david rhodes

    Since October there have been comments about the inability to access the site and yet no comment or correction. Still no access! Is this BC Lottery Corporations ” Obama care access issues?”

  9. Herb Schumacher

    Hi I am sending ticket number code to you for the contest
    Hope to win some prize and the contest too thank you

  10. Lori Caviglia

    Oh, this is so typical of this Governments policy to ripped off the people of this province. They did it to and are still doing it, to all the pub workers in the province that make their money for them by operating the keno machine during their bar jobs, that has nothing to do with running a bar, and the only ones that come ahead are the bar owners and government. The workers get nothing.
    No BIG SURPRISE that I cannot get to enter this damn contest, after paying for the damn scratchy that advertises and states to enter before Jan. 22 2016. If any other gambling establishment of any kind did this to the ticket buyers I wonder what would happen to them.
    BCLC you are the robbers of this province.


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