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Get important details of CoverOregon – a best place for Oregonians to compare, enroll and purchase health insurance plans according to their needs here.

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but at some point we all need medical treatment to cure some health problems. Health insurance is important for several reasons; it helps you get timely medical care and pay medical expenses, and improves your life and health. Generally, uninsured people have worse access to care than insured people because they often face unaffordable medical bills when they do seek care. So it is good to invest in health insurance to keep away and save you and your family from unwanted medical crisis. If you are uninsured and live in Oregon, then you can find and purchase health insurance through a new online marketplace, “”. From this online marketplace, you can find and purchase health insurance for yourself and small business with 50 or fewer eligible employees. You are also able to compare plans with other offerings to find out best coverage for you and your family.

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Cover Oregon was founded by Oregonians for Oregonians. This is the first state which created own health insurance marketplace. It is best way to compare and register in health insurance plan that best suit your requirements and budget. They are improving the health of all Oregonians by providing health coverage options, increasing surf to detail and developing quality and value in the health care system. It also provides help online, over the phone and in person to discover the best plan for them. Both Oregon individuals & families and employers with 1 to 50 employees can use CoverOregon. It offers only health insurance – both medical and dental, so don’t waste your time on to search other insurances like auto or home insurance.

If you don’t get affordable coverage at work, then you can use Cover Oregon to do comparison of health insurance plans and costs. With simple application process, individuals can register in commercial insurance plans or programs like Healthy kids and Oregon health plan. They can also find out whether they are qualified for financial assistance to help them pay for coverage. Small business with 50 or fewer employees can get best health insurance coverage for their employees.

Cover Oregon offers health insurance from several private insurance carriers and coverage through Oregon health plan and Healthy kids. Cover Oregon health insurance is available with many benefits like doctor visits, hospital stays, maternity care, emergency room care, prescriptions, preventive care, mental health services, vision coverage for kids, and more. On this online marketplace, one can check their eligibility and apply for health insurance plan online.

Generally, company does not give a plan choice to their employees if they are purchasing health insurance policy directly through insurance company. But with CoverOregon, small employers provide their employees with more plan choices. Small employers can also take the advantage of Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. Nothing is better than Cover Oregon for Oregonians to purchase quality insurance at the most affordable price. The plans of the site are rated on the basis of the quality of customer service. Customers can compare aspects and prices of plans offered by opposing health insurance companies.

It is structured with straightforward and user-friendly interface. Consumers and small businesses can access plans easily and quickly. You can browse both Individual policy and a plan for business directly through the homepage of the site. To browse policy, individual has to enter zip code, county name, total number of family members, combined annual income of everyone in your household, age, etc. You don’t need to provide any information to browse employer plans. For it, you just need to click on browse employer plans. On the page of employer plans, you can filter employer plans by plan level, quality rating, insurance company, plan type, etc.

No hassle… for finding certified insurance agent or community partner to help you apply for health insurance and financial help through Cover Oregon. The certified insurance agent offer insurance through Cover Oregon, and give guidance about carriers and plans. All certified insurance agents are trained that becomes helpful to apply and register. Once you enter the information, you will get list of certified agents at the bottom of the page.

Complete process to apply insurance online

For individuals and family:

Online registration for insurance plan is not available yet, so register now to receive an email notification when it will be available.

If you are new user of Cover Oregon, then you have to create an account for getting username and password. Both agents and community partners can help you create an account.

Once you register, it will ask a question regarding people who live in your household, their birth date and important details.

For obtaining financial help from an agent, you have to enter some basic details also.

After that, you can compare plans and get all the details that you require to discover the best medical and dental plan for you. You can even choose a different plan for each member of your household.

After all process is being completed, review your application, confirm your selection, and provide an e-signature to complete the process.

For employers:

If your company is new to Cover Oregon, then you have to create an account with an agent. After that you and any other authorized users can access the same account.

It offers only medical and dental coverage, but for your employees, you can offer employee-only coverage or employee and dependent coverage. After that you have to set up the premium amount that you can afford.

To get quotes, employers have to submit their employee census. It offers two simple ways to submit a census like enter data online or upload it at once using their templates. Once you do it, it will give quotes from all available insurance companies.

Then select your plan and set up your contribution. Employers can offer their employees the reference plan or give more coverage choices. No matter what is your level of choice, because monthly cost per employee remains the same and you will get a single monthly statement.

At last, you have to select your open enrollment period and allow your employees to register in the plan through website.

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