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Toll-By-Plate program is offered in Florida to pay any type of toll through convenient, efficient, quick and secure way at

Fuel efficiency is the most concerned topic across the globe. In regards, Florida Department of Transportation implemented Toll-By-Plate program, which is an image based video billing system that has been developed to collect toll electronically in Florida. In this Electronic Toll Collection or ETC, accounts of registered car owners is electronically debited for collecting tolls, and let them pass through toll roads without stopping. So, this system is mainly designed to avoid traffic jams and to cut air pollution. It also save commuter’s time, as waiting time to pay toll at the toll collection facilities will be notably cut down. Best of all, the program has dedicated website, that offers many services to facilitate customer pay the toll and manage his toll payments online. Know more about the program and website here that helps any type of toll payments within a click. Pay unpaid toll violations online

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, a business unit of the Florida Department of Transportation offered the payment options for TOLL-BY-PLATE service. FTE was formed in 2002 and provides toll collection services for many companies.

In Toll-By-Plate program, an image processor takes a photograph of your vehicle’s license plate that crosses the toll collection facility and an invoice is generated for toll payment (total toll amount + administrative fee of $2.50) and sent over mail. Afterwards, the owner have to do log in to the account and use his invoice ID sent via mail to complete the payment. Users are allowed to pay Toll-By-Plate dues… online, by entering the ‘Invoice Id’ and ‘Account Number’ at

The website is very helpful in paying tolls owe to FDOT whether it is ‘Unpaid Toll Violation’ by entering the ‘Document Id’ and ‘License Plate’ or ‘Uniform Traffic Citation. All vehicle owners or renter of record (not necessarily the driver) of a vehicle that passes through a toll facility are liable for toll-payments. Failure to pay tolls is illegal also it results in a violation invoice and/or appointment to a collection firm. Toll violations also lead to issuance of a traffic citation, independent of an invoice, which carries a considerable fine in addition to court costs.

How to pay Unpaid Toll Violation at


Computer with internet access
Credit card or bank account to make payments online
You need to have your TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice document sent by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) handy
You must be the registered owner of the driving license plate which has been printed on the invoice

Step-By-Step Guide on how to pay at

  • Go to the homepage of TOLL-BY-PLATE at
  • Enter the ID of your document and your plate number to enroll into “Toll By Plate” program, click on “Create Account”
  • You can create two types of accounts depending upon your vehicle to be registered
  • Click on “Create Personal Account” for “two-axle” vehicle
  • Or Click on “Create Commercial Account” for “multi-axle” vehicle
  • For more help, click on “Helpful Info” on the home page to see the FAQs and know in detail about the programs and how toll payment works
  • Click on “Pay tolls and documents” on the home page to select any suitable document type to make the payment
  • Click on “Pay documents with cash” on the home page to find out a retailer for purchasing a transponder or activate it or pay your documents using cash

Note that SunPass customers can pay 25% less than cash customers on tolls with TOLL-BY-PLATE. If you want to register to “SunPass customer” program, click on “Sunpass customer” and it will taken you on a new webpage, allowing you to purchase a transponde, activate it and register it to your prepaid account.

Automatic replenishment option is also available here so that user can set a threshold amount and when the balance of his amount reaches that limit, the account is automatically recharged from the registered credit card.

Side-benefit of the system is that customers become conscious that they are responsible to pay tolls with the photographic images of their vehicles license plate identified. On receiving an unpaid toll violation, they get concerned to make the payment before the due time in case of additional fees.

Click on “Mobile” option available on the homepage if you want to pay your toll payments using mobile. This option squeezes the entire page content to fit to your mobile and provides different payment for TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice, Unpaid toll violation and Uniform traffic citation

If you are not sure whether you have received a toll violation invoice, checkout the samples at

For more details about TOLL-BY-PLATE, refer to the TOLL-BY-PLATE Guide at

Learn how to use website in simple steps video from youtube:

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