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Obeying traffic rules is the most important part of driving. This increases your safety and the safety of the people around you. But these days, people are always in hurry, as a result, they violate the traffic rules. They are charged for committing a violation with a traffic citation. Red-light running is the most common traffic violation for which traffic citation is issued. There was a time, when cops located at the cite issue a traffic ticket for you and you even don’t know why you were awarded with the traffic ticket. But now, all that troubles has put to end as you can find cameras installed at all the busy intersections. These high-tech cameras capture a short video of violation and police officers send you a photo notice using that video as evidence. with the help of, you can even view this video and pay for your notice of violation online from the comfort of your home. Site for Photo Notice Online Payment is a part of the Redflex Traffic System that offers Vehicle Camera Monitoring and traffic law enforcement services to police departments in the United States. The mailed photo notice includes only photographs of the violation. So, people who got a mailed photo red-light enforcement citation notice can access to watch their red light camera violation videotape on-line with a click of a mouse. The video helps the recipient understand that he/she has received the citation. You can also watch the photographs of the violation. You are required to click the “Play” button twice, to watch the video and images.

At the site, you cannot find the videos after 60 days but they are available at the Newark Police Traffic Unit. The site is a safe, secure and easy to use website. You can not only watch video at the site but also pay the violation charge. Citation recipient required to pay the fine within the time limit stated in the notice in order to avoid late fees. The process to pay the fine online at is very simple and easy. Payments can be made only through Mastercard or Visa debit cards. All you need to pay the bill is your traffic citation number, license plate number and Visa or Mastercard card.

Step By Step Guide To Pay Your Photo Notice Payment Online

  • Go to, enter the required information such as Citation Number, License Plate Number & City Code and hit the “Login” button.
  • Now, enter the security code and press the “Login” button. After entering the code, you are able to access the notice information.
  • Click on “Make Payment” button located on the right side of the screen.
  • After that, provide details like name, address and credit card information.
  • Finally, hit the “Submit” button to pay your fine.

23 thoughts on “ Site for Photo Notice Online Payment


    I made an on line payment for my citation of notice of violation mobile speed on November 9, 2013
    I have not received a receipt on my e-mail.
    Please let me know what happen through my e-mail if possible.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    Nastassia a. Kee
    notice number:SNT132005148 DATE OF INCIDENT SEPTEMBER 25, 20113 @ 05-15PM

  2. Guillermo Ramirez

    I received a citation for a red light traffic violation. Can I pay cash? How can I do it? I don’t want to pay by credit card or check or money order, I want to pay cash.

    1. Thomas roy passley

      I am trying pay an on lin e payment and it not trying to get me over to the card so I can pay fine my e-mail is ok

    1. Lynda Pflugradt

      My grandson was driving and he states the light turned yellow before he was able to stop and feels he did not run a red light. Since we live in Florida and I am in extreme pain and duress I feel unable to fight this ticket. I also live on a fixed income and this will seriously compromise my budget. He had gone up there to escape the hurricane that was headed this way or he would not have been in your town in the first place. I have paid this fine to protect my license,etc. but still feel it was an inappropriate citation. Lynda Pflugradt

  3. Joshua Cordova

    Having a hard time. The system will not take my Notice # online, for my redlight traffic violation

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  5. shavonda hill

    I paid my red light ticket today November 2,2015…. I was wondering if I can get a trying to get my if u could please send me a receipt to you..shavonda hill

  6. Geoffrey Roa

    Sir,Madaam good morning I just follow up up my payment the amount of 100.00 dollors violation of Red light photo in fox lake, is post thru, my telephone no. 773 240 4165

  7. Remedios Atkins

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