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E-Payment….e-banking….e-filing…. it save our most valuable time as it can be accessed anytime, anywhere with internet connected PC. The real value of online service is only understood at that time when only a few hours are left for filling income tax returns or paying bills. In this case, e-service is become more obliging for person as it works 24×7 days a week. is offering e-Filing service, which welcomes users at the last minute of deadline for filing income tax returns. No need to stand in long queue at income tax office, to approach a tax consultant or CA for filling income tax returns, as it can be done with click of a mouse. With the e-Filing service, you can file your returns at any convenient time or place. Users can use for number of services like file income tax returns, view tax credit (Form 26AS), check status of tax refunds as well as CPC refund failure, know their PAN and TAN, etc. Login for eFiling Income Tax in India

The structure and layout of the site is not too much attractive, but it is completely text-based. It is very simple and easy to access, so it will be helpful for everyone and even who have not used internet service. is a very safe and secure place to file tax online, as well as it is offered with many services regarding the income tax. It is one of the easiest ways to file income tax returns without worrying about opening time of income tax office. It enables users to download various forms. View tax credit (Form 26AS) is the latest feature of this official webpage and it is added after introducing view tax credit service by income tax department.

Filing of income tax returns is legal responsibility of all individual/HUF, whose total income for the prior year is more than non-chargeable amount of income tax. Process of filing income tax, downloading forms, opening some useful links, etc. is intuitive and simple to understand for all Indians. Just like some other online services, registration is the first and very important step for using e-Filing service through Registration requires some important details such as PAN card number, contact details, etc. There are total three ways offered for filing returns electronically i.e. with digital signature, without digital signature and file through an e-return intermediary.

Types of Filing Income Tax Returns Online:

1, E-Filing income tax returns with digital signature: This is the first method of filling income tax online, which does not require submitting physical copy of ITR-V (Verification) form. You can do it directly from the official webpage of Government income tax website (

2, E-Filing income tax returns without digital signature: If you are worried about online theft of your signature, then you can file income tax returns with manual signature. In this method, you have to fill out your income tax returns form (ITR-V form) online at official webpage, then take print out of it. After receiving a print out of ITR-V form, send it to the Income Tax Office with physical signature.

3, E-filing income tax returns through mediators: Several mediators like Taxsmile or Tax Spanner are working for filing income tax on behalf of taxpayers. If you have no time as well as lack of knowledge of e-filing service, then you can file your income tax return online by taking help of these intermediaries, who are able to e-file your income tax returns with or without digital signature.

Must have below documents before filing Income Tax return:

  • Current bank statement
  • Copy of previous year’s income tax returns
  • TDS certificates Form 16A from Bank or against other deduction of Income Tax and Form 16 from employer
  • Interest statements that shows you have completely paid interest throughout the year
  • Form 26AS that view tax credit paid by taxpayer
  • Savings certificates/Deductions Details to be claimed

Business related taxpayers must also have following documents:

  • P&L (Profit and loss) account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Appropriate audit report

Taxpayers are not able to use any ITR FORM for filing Income tax, so you should check out the form details before going for e-filing. If you have decided to file income tax returns manually, then download ITR-1 Sahaj, ITR_@, ITR-3, ITR-4, ITR-4S form in PDF format. For e-filing with digital signature, Individual/HUF has to fill up ITR-4 form, firm has to fill up ITR-5, and company has to fill up ITR-6 form.

Guide for e-Filing income tax at

1) Visit and select e-filing section, which is situated under download option

2) For getting the page of Form, select category either individual/HUF or firms/AOPS/Bol/LLP

3) Select return form which is suitable for you, and download Return Preparation Software for preferred return form

4) After downloading E-filing excel form, fill up offline and generate XML file. You are also able to print out excel form for manual submission.

5) In the next step, you have to create an account at, if you have not registered on the site. However, registered users can hit login section and enter their user ID and password for next process.

6) Login to the site and select appropriate financial year from left side panel

7) Afterward, select form name which is applicable in your case as well as select digital signature

8) In the next screen, upload XML file that is prepared by you

9) On prosperous upload acknowledgement details would be shown. Take a print out of ITR-V Form by just clicking on “Print” button.

10) If you have filed the Income tax return with digital signature, then the process of E-Filing gets completed and printout of Acknowledgement works as record of income return filing.

11) In case of hand signature, taxpayers have to send printout of Acknowledgement cum verification form with physical signature at Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Bag No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru – 560100, Karnataka. Taxpayer must send their ITR-V by Registered Post.

No need to worry about whether your sent ITR-V has been received in CPC or not, as here you can know ITR-V receipt status, refund status, CPC processing status, CPC refund failure status, etc. either with PAN number and Assessment Year or eFiling Acknowledgement Number. You are able to know your PAN number by providing details like first name, last name, surname and date of birth. You are also able to know your TAN by selecting category of Deductor, state, search section either TAN or name and entering name/TAN. List of useful links are also provided by the site that becomes helpful to file income tax, view tax credit, etc.

Good Points:

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Enables users to file income tax returns online
  • Access all income tax returns form with click of mouse
  • Access Form 26AS (View tax credit)
  • Find out your PAN card number and TAN
  • Check the ITR-V receipt status, refund status, CPC processing status, CPC refund failure status
  • Lets users to e-File income tax returns either with digital signature or without digital signature

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  1. Obaleshappa N

    Please help me to file rectification application. my IT for ass.yr 2013-14 paid fully ,(TDS salary) .even then demand notice u/s 143(1) was sent tome to pay IT with interest. Failed to file rectification appln.

    Obaleshappa N

  2. Col Radhakrishnan Pattath (Retd)

    Forms 26a (TDS and other details) once obtained from you is still Not available as it is coded and openwith difficulty inspite of correct pass word.

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    Please specify under which description the “COMPLIANCE->CASHTRANSACTIONS2016″ appears to enable me to respond in connection with cash deposits made between Nov 9 to Dec 16, 2016. Thanks in anticipation for an early reply from you over my e-mail ””.


    its very difficult for me to obtain 26 AS{TDS)information inspite of repeated efforts. please guide me what to do & how to obtain information, as i tryied hard for last 15 Days, but not possible because of that , i cant fil d IT return IR_! in time,

  6. Dr. Atul Chandra Buragohain

    I am trying this 31st July 2017 whole day till 6PM but no return could be submitted. Either the site is busy, surver is not working or the CAPsa is not coming. It is not a minute try but long 10 hrs try. I am a senior citizen and paing more than lakh Income-tax.


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