iPadURL.com: Send Short URL to iPad for Easy Access

Have you ever faced problems when you send long URL to iPad? Have you ever tried any apps or set up to reduce this problem? If yes, then now you have a chance to solve this problem online by shortening your long URL. No need to download any apps or setup to use this service. It is one of the best ways to send a URL to your iPad. With the help of iPadURL, you can shorten any URLs for your smartphone devices. Now, people can open any webpage on their iPad quickly and easily. The service turns any website in simple code, which is made by numeric.

iPadURL.com: Send Short URL to iPad for Easy Access

The site is available with a bookmarklet to put in to your bookmark toolbar. No need any registration or login to send short URL to iPad for easy access. You just need to click on the bookmarklet, whenever you are on a long-URL page. When you click on the bookmarklet, it will create shorten URL in the format of 4-digit number followed by the site’s own domain. Just opening this shortened URL on your device, you will get original webpage of your entered URL.

The shortened URLs are available for 30 minutes or up until the first visit only. You can open the “iPad URL”, on any device including Smartphone or smart device. You can also use this URL as a regular URL shortening tool. You must keep in mind one important things that created URLs are only good for singular visits. It expires shorten URL quickly for security reason.

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