Spotify Alternative to Download & Browse High Quality MP3

No doubts, internet is the clearly best source for finding music….but alas, it is tough to find great tracks online for download and listen to them on your PC faster. In this digital era, you also have several applications choice, which allow user to discover, download & browse High Quality MP3, completely free. One such application is MP3jam, wherein you can search, download and save your favorite music or music albums with one click only. MP3jam is not an online source; it is software that you must need to install for browsing and downloading MP3 tracks. It is window programs works like a music search engine, enabling users to easily discover songs and download them on the hard disk as regular MP3 files. No need to sacrifice in quality feature, as here you can download music in high quality (up to 320kbps). is the webpage, presents with the features of Mp3jam and gives download buttons for this software. Spotify Alternative to Download & Browse High Quality MP3

Your favorite MP3 is just one click far away from you now…because you can download and listen it direct through MP3Jam application, which is founded on October 2012. There are not unwanted captchas or marketing hassles at all. It opens with simple interface, so anyone can use it very easily. Not required any special skills to use this software. With this software, you can get many features like Smart Music Search, Fast MP3 Download, Handy Music Playback, Download full albums, Browse download history, Control your music downloads, Download music at record speed, etc. It is the free and safe Mp3 downloader.

The webpage of Mp3jam is extremely beautiful and explains functionality of MP3jam very well. Not require registration to download Mp3jam from its webpage, you must need to hit download button to install the (free) application quickly and easily. Where other websites make the download process long and exhausting, makes it very brief and takes just 2 to 5 minutes. The application is just 3.5 MB in size and constructed with simple interface, in order that it takes less time for installing.

Once you installed this program on your desktop, you can search tracks just by entering the artist’s name, the name of the track, the name of album. No matter, which type of tracks or album you would like to download, because it offers both Bollywood and Hollywood track for downloading. It’s not simple keyword searching only, as it works like Google on your desktop, so you can look for albums, tracks or artist just by typing a letter or two and get all popular matching searches. Once you have elected whatever you want, it will showcase a complete set of matches along with album art, release date and track times.

After finding the album or the song, one will be able to download it with one click only. Here one can download the album, either separately (each track) or the entire album. Each track and album is available with the separate Download button, thus you can download full album with one click. Each track will be copied mechanically, when you select to download a full album.

One of the best points of the Mp3jam is that it enables users to preview a song before downloading it….you may not believe in it, because there are only few applications available that provides this type of functionality. Mp3jam is little more than others and it allows users listen to song directly from the program, without downloading them first.

The audio quality of MP3 is extremely high that you can compare with any audio CD. Users are also able to customize the download folder as well alter the language of the interface. Thanks to multithread download technology, it save mp3s at record speed and takes just few seconds to download a song, several minutes to save a whole album! You can access your downloaded tracks through the user-specified folder or Downloads tab within the application itself.

The functionality of software is not limited to downloading or listening track; you can also discover top tracks by your favorite singers and bands which can be filtered by the newest and most popular categories. It provides two social network buttons – twitter and facebook to share your favorite track or album straight from the app. The main drawback of the software is that you can not discover new songs or albums using application.

Features of

  • Download Mp3jam software come application within few minutes
  • Features complete functionality to Mp3jam
  • Do not require registration

Pros of Mp3jam apps:

  • Simple, intuitive and free & safe for use
  • Search music by song, artist, or album
  • Works like a Google search
  • Download full albums or single track with one click
  • Offers only high-quality MP3s
  • Download music at record speed- takes few seconds to download song or few minutes to download full album
  • Control your music downloads as well access downloads history
  • Finds best tracks by singer and bangs
  • Sort out tracks by the newest and most popular categories
  • Share favorite track on facebook and twitter straight from the apps
  • Each track and album offers with separate download button
  • Play tracks direct from the application without downloading


  • You can not access newer songs or albums using the application.

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