Using WhatsApp’s web-based chat client: An Idiot’s Guide is live offering all whatsapp mobile app features on desktop. Learn how to activate and use Whatsapp Web version.

WhatsApp is finally live on web with lots of extra features and limitations. Yes you heard right, now you do not need to use android, windows, blackberry or ios phone to write texts and silly time consuming methods to forward messages. You can now use all features that whatsapp mobile app offers on the desktop application. Remember that, Whatsapp Web is not another account but another way to use your same account, i.e. from phone and computer or laptop. Use Whatsapp from Computer online

Minimum requirements to access WhatsApp Web:

  • Active WhatsApp account on your phone
  • Stable internet connection on both your smartphone and computer or laptop
  • Must have Google Chrome
  • Rear camera of your smartphone must be in working condition

How to access Whatsapp on your computer’s web browser?

Be sure that you have latest version of WhatsApp in your mobile. If you have not updated to latest version, then first update it from Google Play Store to get access of WhatsApp Web. You will need to have 2.11.498 version or higher.

(HINT: “WhatsApp Web” navigation is not visible if you haven’t updated latest version of Whatsapp.)

1. Open Google Chrome and visit site It will take little time to configuration, so seat back and wait little.

Whatsapp web on Chrome

First look of Whatsapp web ( on Google Chrome configuration

2. Now the QR Code appears on your computer screen as mention below in image.

Whatsapp web QR Code

Whatsapp web QR Code

3. Open whatsapp app in your mobile. Open Menu > WhatsApp Web.

Android Users: Open WhatsApp -> Head over to menu -> Select WhatsApp Web
Windows OS (Mobile): Open WhatsApp -> Go to menu -> Select WhatsApp Web
BlackBerry (Old) : Open WhatsApp -> Chats -> Menu (key) -> Select WhatsApp Web
BlackBerry 10 : Open WhatsApp -> Swipe down from the top -> Select WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp Web in Mobile

Give Access to WhasApp Web version from smartphone

4. On your mobile screen QRCode Scanning screen appears when you choose WhatsApp Web option.

Whatsapp Web QR Scanning Screenshot of smartphone

Whatsapp Web QR Scanning Screenshot of smartphone

5. Now scan QR code of your computer via your mobile screen. Withing 2-3 seconds you will fill vibration mean your code. This mean your code is fetched successfully. If your QR Code doesn’t work then you have to refresh your computer screen to get new QR Code.

Now enjoy WhatApp Web application on from your computer.

Whatsapp web on Chrome

Screenshot of final configuration of Whatsapp Web on your Google Chrome

You must be connected to internet (WI-FI or Package data of service provider) from your mobile together while you are using WhastApp Web application from your computer or laptop. If your mobile is not connected with internet then WhastApp web app doesn’t work.

WhatsApp Web version has all essential security. You can check your login history and also logout from your mobile if you in doubt that someone is using your WhatsApp account from their computer.

Whatsapp web security

Whatsapp Web Security shows last login time and give access to logout anytime from PC or laptop

Whatsapp Web requires constant internet connection on mobile as well as computer. If your phone goes in idea mode then you will lose web connection. This way your battery drains too quick.

Money Saving Tips: If you are not using unlimited plan and want to reduce your phone data usage cost then use Wi-Fi in your smartphone.

WhatApp Web web-browser Compatibility: Google Chrome

WhastApp Web is currently available only for Android, Windows and Blackberry users. Right now it is not working smoothly in iOS or Mac.

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