[Solved] WhatsApp not showing ‘WhatsApp Web’ option in menu

After remaining in news for so many times, Whatsapp has finally announced in blog about news of Whatsapp Web (a desktop version) that you can use in Google Chrome browser. Millions of users are trying to access Whatsapp from their laptop or personal computer. The activation of WhatsApp Web in your desktop is very easy. However many users are having complaints about WhatsApp Web menu not showing in their whatsapp mobile app. Learn how to get ‘WhatsApp Web’ menu in your mobile to activate and use in computer.

The main reason is user has not updated version of whatsapp in mobile.

So many users are trying to access WhatsApp Web without getting updated version of Whatsapp in their mobile. First step is you must have WhatsApp 2.11.498 version or higher. If your device so not shows this version then first update it.

Follow these two tricks to see WhatsApp Web in the menu.

1. Official way from mobile: First of all check your WhatsApp version from Google Play Store. Play Store>>Whatsapp

The latest version of WhatsApp shows headlines of Introducing Whastsapp Web as shown in image below.

Whatsapp Latest Version

Whatsapp Latest Version

If your whatsapp is up to date and still not showing ‘WhatsApp Web’ Tab then uninstall whatsapp, reboot the device and reinstall the latest version again. After reinstalling you will get WhatsApp web menu displayed in your mobile.

2. Using Beta Version:  If first step do not work then download the beta version of the app from – http://www.whatsapp.com/android/beta/WhatsApp.apk.

Copy apk file in your phone from computer. Install this beta version to get WhatsApp web menu displayed in your mobile.

Whatsapp beta apkwhatsapp beta apk install

Now you can activate your WhatsApp Web and use with lots of advanced benefits and little functionality restrictions too.

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