Login Guide to access KLP RM Learning Platform Online

Education is a very important aspect of our life. It helps a person to get independent and live a quality life. As a parent, all of us have similar dreams for the kids. So we want them to get well educated as education is very important to get success in life. All the parents get their children admitted to the best schools as per their capacity and arrange tuitions for them so that they could learn well. Are you also a parent worried about the education of your kid? Relax, you do not need to. Now RM Learning Platform is here to help you out. It gives you a personalized view of information and resources related to you and your children. In this way, it helps improving communication to and from the school.

Login Guide to access KLP RM Learning Platform Online

RM Learning Platform is an initiative by RM Education. This company has been helping teachers to teach and learners to learn for nearly 40 years. This British company provides products and services to educational organizations including schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions. The RM learning platform helps people to cooperate more effectively using ‘Interest Spaces’ to share ideas and documents in a group. This platform was formerly known as KLP or Kaleidos Learning Platform. As a parent or guardian, the RM Learning Platform allows you to access news about the schools of your children along with an up-to-date picture of the children’s progress, whenever and wherever required. Klp.rm.com is an online portal where you can login to access RM Learning Platform.

This educational company operates globally through the portal www.klp.rm.com. The company enables learners to learn and teachers to teach. It carries out its goals through strategic partnerships with schools, colleges, local government agencies and other educational institutions. It also creates innovative products, influences the revision of school activities and provides testing services. All these help improving the lives of young, talented and ambitious children. The computerized teaching solutions are incorporated with the existing curriculum in order to learn and teach in a better way.

With the RM Learning Platform, users can use the advanced technology to improve every aspect of the way the schools work. It offers a feature-rich environment, which enables and empowers every member of the community to help the schools work in the best way possible. It provides students with creative ways for contributing discussions, blogs and surveys through comprehensive media tools integrating text, audio and video. Users may integrate with the school management system to automatically create user accounts. Parents may involve in the child’s learning through enhanced transparency. This tool keeps the parent informed about work due, markbooks and individual learning plans of the school.

The RM Learning Platform has an easy to use interface with a great range of themes including Meerkats to Bunnies and other High Contrast Accessible themes. It sports a user-friendly, search based resource library helpful for the ICT-savvy researchers. Once you log in, you will get personal feeds with targeted news, assignment information and updates. On this site, you will get new built-in options with accessibility needs like Widgit Point and Insite, and an all new interface called MyZone. MyZone has been designed specifically to meet the requisites of users having special educational needs. Once you have logged into your account, you will see the home page. The home page is the Feeds page under the Home tab. You will get all the latest news and information that is relevant to you. The students and the parents will have different types of accounts and different functionalities as well.

For Students:

On the home page of a student, there will be news and notifications, new blog postings or comments, new targets or progress data entered by the teachers. Also there will be a list of assignments set by the teachers. The timetable for that day will be displayed on this page. There are many tabs on the home page to make your learning process easy. The home page is the Feeds page under the Home tab. My Space feature allows the students to share content with friends, teachers, parents and others. The learning dashboard feature shows a variety of information about the student including the attendance, results and much more. Interest Spaces feature enable sharing knowledge, information and issues and having discussions online. Learning Spaces allows sharing anything related to a particular learning project or activity with the teachers and other students. The students can complete their assignment using the ‘resources’ provided by teachers and ‘hand in’ to the website itself.

For Parents:

On the home page of a parent, there will be news and notifications, new blog postings or comments, changes in attendance of the child or behavior details, the marked assignments, and so on. Also there will be a list of assignments and timetable set by the teachers. Similar to the students, the parents will have Interest Spaces feature that enables the parents to share knowledge, information and issues, and can discuss online.

You can access the RM Learning Platform from your mobile, PDAs and tablets as well. You do not need to carry out any special setup on your device. On mobile devices with smaller screens, you can use a special mobile mode. For such devices, mobile mode is a more suitable way to access the Learning Platform. In this mode, you can log into a specific space in the portal and see a simple text view of the lists and libraries on the page.

Login Guide to access RM Learning Platform Online:

Either you are a parent or a student, you may get advantage of this amazing learning platform. You must be a registered user to use the online service. In case you are not a registered user consult the school in which you are studying or your kid is studying. For login to your online RM Learning Platform account, follow the steps below.

  • Enter your username and password on the home page.
  • Tick ‘Keep me signed in,’ if you are using a personal computer.
  • Click on ‘Sign In’.
  • Now you can see your home page and use the service.

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